WWE RAW Report – 8/9/2021

Aug 9, 2021 - by Staff

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens live from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida as Jimmy Smith welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.

– We go right to the ring and out comes Randy Orton to a pop, making his first appearance since late June. Orton is all smiles as he heads to the ring.

Orton says this is where he’s supposed to welcome us to RAW. The music quickly interrupts and out comes Riddle. He does some comedy and says he missed Orton. Riddle says now that Orton is back, they can team together again. Orton asks what in the hell makes Riddle think he’d want to team with Riddle again. Orton says they had some matches, sold some t-shirts, got some buzz (on social media), and that was it. Orton says he works better by himself, and he’s been watching from home and saw Riddle has done just fine by himself also, and doesn’t need Orton’s help. Orton says they were a team. They go on until the music interrupts and out come RAW Tag Team Champion AJ Styles and Omos.

AJ says this is so embarrassing, so much that you can almost taste it… and it’s just “too sweet!” he says. AJ and Omos enter the ring. AJ goes on asking Riddle about why Orton would team with him or be his friend. AJ pokes at Riddle for having a broken heart thanks to Riddle. Orton tells AJ to shut his mouth. Orton has been watching from home while AJ walks around the locker room like he’s the man. Orton says the only thing bigger than AJ’s ego is that jackass right there, Omos. AJ says that is cap… then explains “cap” means it’s a lie. AJ says since Orton is solo and has no tag team partner, why don’t they fight tonight and see who runs RAW? Orton immediately accepts and says he’s going to beat AJ with the three most dangerous letters in WWE… RKO… AJ blocks the move and retreats. Orton stalks Omos but avoids him and heads to the floor. Omos yells out at Orton now. Omos turns around and blocks the RKO attempt by Riddle. Omos then drives Riddle into the mat and stands tall over him as fans boo. Riddle rolls to the floor and Orton look down at him, shaking his head. Orton says that wasn’t a smart move. Orton walks off as his music starts back up.

– We see what happened last week with Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. Kevin Patrick is backstage with SmackDown Superstar Baron Corbin now, asking why he’s come to RAW as a part of the Brand 2 Brand Invitational. Corbin talks about how bad his life has been as of late. He was sleeping in a production truck this weekend when Jinder called him and offered a chance to turn his life around. Corbin says it’s risk vs. reward and he’s running out of options, so if beating Drew will get him out of these financial troubles, so be it… sword or not. Corbin walks off.

Baron Corbin vs. Drew McIntyre

We go back to the ring for tonight’s opening match as Baron Corbin comes out with no entrance. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Patrick is backstage with McIntyre. Drew talks about Jinder, Veer and Shanky being scared of him. Corbin is a terrible person. Drew goes on about his late mother and why he’s named his sword after her, Angela. McIntyre warns that karma is a bitch and no sympathy will be had for Corbin. We go back to the ring and out comes McIntyre as Mike Rome does the introduction.

The bell rings and Corbin pleads with Drew. Corbin swings and misses. Drew rocks him and unloads in the corner now. Drew with a big chop to the chest. Drew keeps control as we see Jinder, Veer and Shanky watching backstage.

Drew slams Corbin with another suplex for a 2 count. Drew knocks Corbin to the floor and follows. Drew with another big chop while Corbin sits on the announce table. Corbin with a right to the throat, then he shoves Drew into the edge of the apron to turn it around. Corbin rolls Drew back in and follows with a knee to the gut. Corbin tosses Drew back over the top rope to the floor. Corbin charges but Drew catches him and launches him overhead into the barrier. Drew stands tall and yells out as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Corbin lands a big superplex but Drew kicks out at 2. Corbin runs out and right back into the ring but Drew comes back with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt but they both go down. Drew beats Corbin down in the corner now. Drew mounts more offense and kips up for a big pop.

Drew readies for a Claymore Kick as Corbin recovers. Corbin sits up on his knees and begs McIntyre, pleading with him as fans boo. Drew takes the mic and says Corbin is absolutely pathetic. Corbin apparently agrees. Drew says he’s starting to feel bad for Corbin, so if things are that bad… how much money do you need to get by for a few days, a bed, some food, a shower?

Corbin says $100,000 and Drew laughs at him, saying that seems perfectly reasonable. How about $200,000 or $300,000? Drew counts down, 3… 2… 1, and then levels Corbin with a Claymore for the pin to win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

– After the match, Drew stands tall as his music hits. Jinder, Veer and Shanky come walking down the ramp now. Drew grabs his sword and fans pop as he raises it in the air. Drew begs them to come to the ring but Jinder holds them back. Drew stands tall again with the sword in the air as fans cheer him on.

– Riddle stops Randy Orton backstage and asks if they can still be friends even though Orton doesn’t want to team up. Riddle mentions the t-shirts he had made and says he has Orton a scooter in the mail. Riddle wants to be in Orton’s corner tonight. Orton just stares ahead. Riddle says Orton can’t be serious. Orton turns to Riddle and says he is serious, and don’t call me bro. Orton walks off.

WWE NXT Champion Karrion Kross vs. Jeff Hardy

We go back to the ring and out comes Jeff Hardy to a big pop. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see how Hardy defeated Kross a few weeks back. Kross is out next for this non-title match. We get a pre-recorded video of Kross, holding an hourglass, talking about how Hardy ruined his RAW debut but now he will fall and pray. The bell rings and Kross levels Hardy. Kross uses his strength, keeps control and launches Hardy overhead across the ring.

Hardy fights back as fans rally for him. Kross blocks it and tosses Hardy to the floor with ease. The referee counts as Kross follows. Kross man-handles Hardy some but Hardy counters and whips him into the steel ring steps. Hardy with a running charge, leaping off the steps and smashing Kross into the barrier. Hardy yells at ringside for a big pop.

Hardy brings it back in the ring and nails a side-Russian leg sweep. Hardy goes to the top for a pop now. Kross jumps up and knocks Hardy to the mat. Kross laughs at Hardy and taunts him as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Hardy spikes Kross’ into the mat. Hardy mounts offense and hits the inverted Atomic Drop, then the leg drop and low dropkick. Kross with a splash on the mat for a 2 count. Kross looks to mount offense but runs into boots in the corner. Hardy with a second rope splash for a close 2 count.

Kross blocks a whip and fights Hardy off but Hardy nails a jawbreaker. Hardy rolls him for a close 2 count, using a handful of tights. Kross rocks Hardy and grabs him from behind off the second turnbuckle, launching him to the mat with a big Doomsday Saito suplex. Kross goes right into the Kross Jacket submission on the mat for the fin.

Winner: Karrion Kross

– After the match, Kross stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays. Kross goes to leave but comes back in and drops Hardy on his head with another Doomsday. Kross applies the Kross Jacket again as fans boo. The referee finally gets Kross to break the hold. Kross stands tall over Hardy and smirks at him as the crowd boos.

– We see how Alexa Bliss and Lilly taunted Eva Marie after Doudrop’s loss to WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Tamina Snuka last week, and how Eva had Doudrop attack Bliss from behind later in the night. We also see how Lilly stood up on her own after Eva and Doudrop walked away.

Alexa Bliss vs. Doudrop

We go back to the ring and out comes Alexa Bliss with Lilly. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we get a mock music video on Team R-K-Bro. Kevin Patrick stops Riddle backstage and asks if this really the end of their team. Riddle calls it an emotional roller-coaster. A somber Riddle says he doesn’t know what to say or how to feel but he has to respect Randy Orton’s wishes. Riddle says he’s a stallion and has to do what a stallion must do… and that’s ride! Riddle rides away on his scooter. We go back to the ring and out comes Doudrop with Eva Marie.

Bliss waits in the ring with Lilly as Eva poses in the corners. Bliss places Lilly on the top turnbuckle as the bell rings. Fans chant for Bray Wyatt as Bliss turns upside down some in the corner. Eva talks trash to her. The bell rings and Doudrop charges but Bliss kicks her. Bliss awkwardly crawls on the mat, creeping Doudrop out and angering her. Doudrop scoops Bliss but Bliss turns it into a Sleeper. Doudrop slams her to the mat but then misses a splash.

Bliss kicks Doudrop in the back, then in the arm. Bliss mounts some offense and leaps from a unique position on the middle rope, hitting a crossbody for a pin attempt. Bliss goes to ringside for a pop as Eva looks on. Bliss taunts her. Eva swings but Bliss blocks it and holds her arm. Doudrop decks Bliss from behind, then launches her into the barrier.

Doudrop brings it back in and works Bliss over while she’s down. Doudrop slams Bliss into the corner and then hits a splash in the opposite corner. Doudrop puts Bliss back down and taunts her. Doudrop talks some trash to the doll in the corner, then turns back around to Bliss stalking her from the mat.

Doudrop turns back around to Lilly winking at her. Doudrop is spooked. This leads to Bliss rolling her up for the win.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

– After the bell, Doudrop goes to the floor as Eva yells at her. Bliss grabs Lilly from the corner and hugs her, celebrating with her in the middle of the ring. Eva and Doudrop continue arguing at ringside as Bliss cradles Lilly.

– We see how Damian Priest defeated John Morrison last week, then Priest and Ricochet defeat Morrison and Sheamus. The Miz and John Morrison are backstage now venting about Priest. Sheamus appears and he can’t stand the ridiculous catchphrases and outfits of The Miz and Morrison. Sheamus blames last week’s loss on Morrison. Sheamus and Morrison have words but Miz calms things. Sheamus goes on about how he’s going to crush Ricochet tonight. Sheamus says Morrison better get the job done against Priest tonight or he’s in for a hell of a drought.

Contender’s Match: WWE United States Champion Sheamus vs. Ricochet

We go back to the ring as WWE United States Champion Sheamus makes his way out for this non-title Championship Contender’s match. Sheamus poses in the corner and we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Ricochet to the ring as he looks to secure a title shot. The bell hits and they trade holds. Sheamus sends Ricochet to the mat. They lock up again and break. Ricochet with big lefts and rights. Sheamus turns it around and beats Ricochet around, then slams him to the mat and grounds him for a few seconds. They get back up and Sheamus levels Ricochet with a shoulder.

Ricochet runs the ropes and hits a scissors takedown. Ricochet keeps control and Sheamus retreats to the floor for a breather as the referee counts. Sheamus comes back in and kicks Ricochet, then knees him in the gut to take control. Sheamus takes Ricochet down by his arm and grounds him. Ricochet fights Sheamus off and into the corner but Sheamus easily fights out, then scoop slams him.

Ricochet with a knee to the jaw. Sheamus scoops Ricochet on his shoulders but Ricochet fights off. Ricochet avoids a Brogue Kick and sends Sheamus to the floor. Ricochet runs the ring and nails a big dive to send Sheamus into the announce table. Ricochet springboards out of the ring, nailing a big crossbody that sends them both tumbling over the announce table to the floor for a big pop. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Ricochet is fighting Sheamus off but Sheamus nails the Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus plays to the crowd for boos. Sheamus grounds Ricochet now. Ricochet fights Sheamus off and sends him trough the ropes to the floor. Sheamus fights back in and goes to the top but Ricochet jumps up and kicks him in the head. Sheamus is dazed up top now.

Ricochet climbs up but is knocked back, landing on his feet. Ricochet brings Sheamus to the mat with a hurricanrana. Ricochet flies from the top with a takedown. Ricochet with another big springboard Asahi moonsault but Sheamus kicks out.

Sheamus blocks a move from Ricochet’s shoulders, but then misses in the corner and hits the turnbuckle face-first. Ricochet flies once again with a headbutt attempt but he collides with Sheamus’ mask and goes down. Sheamus follows up with a Brogue Kick for the pin to win.

Winner: Sheamus

– After the match, The Celtic Warrior stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays. Sheamus poses in the corner now, raising the title belt in the air. The music interrupts and out comes Damian Priest to a pop. Priest does his entrance as Sheamus looks on. Priest gets the crowd hyped up and enters the ring, getting in Sheamus’ face. They have words and Sheamus backs away, exiting the ring a fans boo. Priest fires his bow in the air but Sheamus tries to attack. Fans boo and Priest blocks the attack, dumping Sheamus out of the ring.

Damian Priest vs. John Morrison

Damian Priest recovers and stands tall after dumping Sheamus from the ring but the music interrupts and out comes John Morrison with The Miz, who is still in his wheelchair. Morrison and Miz head to the ring, Drip Stick in hand, as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and the bell rings as Priest takes Morrison down by his arm to start. Morrison fights Priest off but Priest launches him in the corner, unloading with big lefts and rights. Priest taunts Miz at ringside. Morrison cuts Priest off with a big kick to drop him. Morrison with a sliding knee for a quick pin attempt.

Morrison mounts Priest with elbow strikes as Miz cheers him on. Morrison keeps Priest on the mat, working him over. Priest ends up taking control and unloading while they’re on their feet now. Priest levels Morrison with a huge right hand. Priest goes for a move but Morrison blocks it after a brief distraction by Miz at ringside. Priest blocks Morrison’s offense with a kick. They tangle some more and both collide with the same kick while fighting up from the mat.

Morrison ends up sending Priest to the floor as Miz cheers him on. Morrison brings it back in and nails a kick to the head from the apron. Morrison flies in from the apron but Priest cuts him off with a big shot to the jaw. Priest grabs Morrison for The Reckoning but stops to taunt Miz. Priest drops Morrison with The Reckoning for the pin to win.

Winner: Damian Priest

– After the match, Priest stands tall as his music hits. Priest goes to ringside as The Miz backs up in his wheelchair, pleading. Morrison tries to make the save but gets dropped. Priest grabs a Drip Stick from Miz, then sprays it at Morrison while he’s down. He grabs another Drip Stick and empties it on Morrison. Priest grabs Miz by his tie and taunts him. Miz jumps up out of his wheelchair, showing that he’s not really injured. Everyone is shocked. Miz ends up running away to the back, leaving Morrison down at ringside. Priest stands tall in the ring and takes the mic now. Priest starts running Sheamus down on the mic but the WWE United States Champion comes out to the stage with a mic, telling Priest to say what he has to say when he’s in the room, not after he’s walked out. Priest calls Sheamus a bully and says like every other bully in his life, he will deal with him, but this is different because he wants Sheamus at SummerSlam. Sheamus says Priest talks a big game. Sheamus says maybe he is a bully, and maybe he likes it, but he will put Priest in his place. Sheamus accepts and says Priest better be ready for the fight of his life at SummerSlam. Morrison tries to attack Priest from behind but Priest levels him with a big kick. Priest says that’s going to be Sheamus at SummerSlam. Priest’s music starts back up as he poses in the corner and Sheamus clutches the title, looking on from the stage.

– We see how T-BAR and MACE defeated Mustafa Ali and Mansoor last week. Mansoor is backstage now, apologizing to Ali for what happened after the match. Mansoor presents Ali with a jacket that looks like his own. Ali wants him to stop apologizing and say she’s sure Mansoor will have better judgment last time. Ali says he’s going to show Mansoor how it’s done tonight, and all he has to do is watch and learn.

T-BAR vs. Mustafa Ali

We go back to the ring and out comes T-BAR with MACE. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and the announcers show how WWE 24/7 Champion Reginald is racking up views on TikTok. We get a pre-recorded backstage promo from T-BAR, who says Mansoor and Mustafa Ali will find out that they are at the bottom of the food chain, and that size matters. Mustafa comes out next with Mansoor.

The bell rings and T-BAR takes control early on. T-BAR launches Ali up and to the mat for a close 2 count. Ali fights back and kicks T-BAR in the chest. T-BAR is at ringside now. Ali launches himself over the top rope but T-BAR catches him and man-handles him, then launches him into the barrier.

They bring it back in and T-BAR levels Ali with a big boot for a close 2 count. T-BAR ends up catching Ali in mid-air again, nailing a big backbreaker for a close 2 count as Mansoor assists from ringside. MACE runs over and flattens Mansoor at ringside. Ali counters T-BAR in the ring and rolls him for a close 2 count. Ali with a big tornado DDT from the corner.

Ali goes to the top but he goes down after T-BAR kicks the ropes. T-BAR places Ali on his shoulders and delivers the big modified GTS for the pin to win.

Winner: T-BAR

– After the match, T-BAR stands tall as the music hits. MACE joins him and they go to double team Ali with High Justice but Mansoor makes the save with a missile dropkick to T-BAR, sending him to the floor. Mansoor unloads on MACE now, dumping him to the apron. Mansoor kicks MACE to the floor, where T-BAR joins him. Mansoor helps Ali up and Ali looks shocked at how Mansoor cleared the ring by himself.

– We see 24/7 Champion Reginald doing a photo shoot in the back. Akira Tozawa appears disguised as a delivery man. He attacks and rolls Reggie up for 2 but R-Truth, also disguised as a janitor it appears, breaks the pin up. Reggie flips around and avoids both challengers. Truth says Reggie is on Xbox mode. Tozawa and Truth argue as Reggie makes his exit.

– Still to come, the WWE Champion is here. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and the announcers congratulate The Rock and John Cena on their Box Office success this past weekend, for Jungle Cruise and The Suicide Squad.

– Patrick is backstage with AJ Styles and Omos. AJ goes on about how Randy Orton made a colossal mistake tonight. Orton vs. AJ is confirmed for later tonight.

– We go back to the ring and out comes WWE Champion Bobby Lashley with MVP as the pyro hits. The announcers hype WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg vs. Lashley for SummerSlam.

We see what happened between MVP, Lashley and Goldberg last week, and Goldberg’s son at ringside. Lashley hits the ring to pose as more pyro goes off. MVP calls on fans to rise to show the proper respect to Lashley but they boo. MVP addresses what happened last week and points to how if Goldberg really wants a fight, he didn’t raise his hands when in the ring with Lashley, but he did come back like a coward and hit MVP with a rib-crushing Spear. MVP says Goldberg then lied and said he did the Spear because MVP was threatening his 15 year old son. MVP says he and Lashley are also fathers, and would do nothing like that. MVP was acting in a humanitarian capacity, telling Gage to talk his dad out of the match if he loves him, because Lashley is going to end his career at SummerSlam. MVP says he’s been slandered before, but he’s not happy about Lashley being slandered. MVP has 4 bruised ribs and other cracked ribs because of the Spear, and has x-rays to prove it. He says the only thing worse than a Spear from Goldberg is one from The All Mighty. MVP says Goldberg only has himself to blame for what happens, and says maybe Goldberg shouldn’t bring his son here.

MVP goes on and on about the pain he’s in from the Spear. MVP wants Gage to talk his father out of the match because if they show up, he will see his father humiliated and annihilated like never before as Lashley ends Goldberg’s career. The upside is, Gage will have his dad to come to his football and baseball games, they can sit on the couch and watch RAW together, reminiscing about the time he didn’t care about his father enough to talk him out of the match.

Lashley takes the mic and warns Goldberg to not let his son watch the beating he takes at SummerSlam. Lashley says it will be so bad, Goldberg’s son won’t want to share the same last name. Lashley says Goldberg is not “next!” at SummerSlam, he’s done. The music starts back up and Lashley tosses the mic as fans boo them.

– We get a video package on RAW Women’s Champion Nikki A.S.H. defeating Charlotte Flair in last week’s non-title No Holds Barred match. Sarah Schreiber stops Rhea Ripley backstage now, asking if she’s still as confident as she was after seeing last week’s No Holds Barred match. Ripley gives Nikki some props for last week’s match but wonders if Nikki has the dark side needed to keep the title because she hasn’t seen it. Ripley says nothing will save Nikki from the beating she gives her tonight, and then at SummerSlam when she becomes the new champion. Ripley walks off.

RAW Women’s Champion Nikki A.S.H. vs. Rhea Ripley

We go back to the ring and out comes Rhea Ripley to a pop. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see how Titus O’Neil helped the Tampa community with school supplies. Schreiber is backstage with RAW Women’s Champion Nikki A.S.H. now. She talks about how she has her spirit and her drive to help her tonight. She knew Ripley and Charlotte Flair would be hard to deal with when she began all this, but she didn’t almost beat Flair last week, she did beat her, and she’s almost sure she will beat Ripley tonight. Nikki goes on and says she will do what it takes to retain the title at SummerSlam. The music starts up and Nikki makes her way to the ring for this non-title match.

The bell rings and Nikki has her ribs taped up from last week. Ripley with offense early on. Nikki counters and takes Ripley down with a headlock. Nikki keeps control and takes Ripley down with another headlock from the corner. Ripley powers out and slams Nikki face-first into the mat.

Ripley kicks Nikki in the ribs now, sending her to the corner. Ripley with a big thrust in the corner. Ripley drops Nikki in the corner and keeps control. Ripley launches Nikki across the ring by her hair now. The referee warns Ripley about the hair as she keeps control. Ripley launches Nikki into the turnbuckles and she goes back down.

Ripley dumps Nikki out to the floor. She follows but Nikki fights her off. Nikki charges and Ripley drops her face-first into the edge of the apron. The referee counts as Ripley stands tall at ringside. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Ripley man-handles Nikki on the mat. Ripley keeps control until Nikki finally counters mid-move and spikes Ripley into the mat with a big DDT. Nikki gets up first and rocks Ripley with forearms. Ripley counters with a sideslam attempt but it’s countered as Nikki mounts more offense. Nikki with a close 2 count. Ripley goes right back to work on the injured ribs.

Nikki counters the Riptide and falls on Ripley for a 2 count. Ripley with lefts and rights in the corner now. Ripley takes Nikki to the top and works her over. Ripley climbs up but wastes some time. Nikki blocks the superplex and knocks Ripley to the mat with a right hand. Nikki stands up on the top but Charlotte Flair appears out of nowhere, hitting the apron and shoving Nikki to the mat for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Nikki A.S.H.

– After the bell, Flair enters the ring as the boos get louder. Flair drops Nikki and kips up. Flair then drops Ripley with Natural Selection as a dazed Ripley was trying to get up from her knees. Flair marches around the ring with the title belt in the air as the boos continue. Flair stands tall as her music starts up. She drops the strap on Nikki and makes her exit.

– Still to come, Orton vs. Styles. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a new Elias vignette. We see him walking outside somewhere with his guitar, approaching a fire. The video show shows various guitar shots he’s taken over the back from other Superstars. Elias plays a brief tune and then tosses the guitar in the fire. “WWE stood for ‘Walk With Elias’ but Elias is dead,” he says as he walks off.

– We see what just happened with Charlotte Flair, Rhea Ripley and RAW Women’s Champion Nikki A.S.H. Sarah stops Flair backstage and asks why she attacked them. Flair says she saw a strategic opportunity to rub salt in the wounds as she watched them fighting each other. She wants to reclaim her title at SummerSlam but she’s not taking any chances, and if they were on her level, they would’ve anticipated the attack. She goes on about being the most decorated woman in WWE, and says everyone can continue praying for her downfall, but nothing will stop her from winning the title at SummerSlam.

– Kevin stops Randy Orton backstage and asks why he’s distanced himself from Riddle. Orton says it’s simple – he works better alone, doesn’t need the friendships, teammates and distractions to beat AJ. He’s going to do that alone tonight, all by himself. Orton walks off.

RAW Tag Team Champion AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event as Randy Orton makes his way out to a pop. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out come the RAW Tag Team Champions – AJ Styles with Omos. The bell rings and Orton unloads with big right hands, knocking AJ into the corner. AJ finally fights back with chops out of a corner. AJ slides under an attack but Orton uppercuts him. AJ tries to fight back but Orton levels him.

Orton turns to stare out at Omos now. Orton starts stomping on AJ to keep him down. Orton takes it to the floor and works AJ over, slamming AJ face-first into the announce table, right next to Omos. Orton faces off with Omos now. AJ comes from behind and tries to take advantage but Orton turns it right back around and rolls him in. Orton again turns his attention to Omos but AJ baseball slides him from the ring.

AJ then launches himself over the top rope, to the floor with a big forearm to take Orton down. Omos nods at AJ as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Orton is trading strikes with AJ in the middle of the ring. AJ drops Orton and slides in with a forearm for a close 2 count. Omos watches from ringside with both belts over his shoulders. AJ keeps Orton grounded in the middle of the ring now.

Orton fights to his feet, then free from the hold with a big headbutt. Orton and AJ trade right hands again. Orton unloads and gets the upperhand but AJ kicks him. Orton levels AJ, and again. Orton with the powerslam for a close 2 count. AJ with a kick to the leg to take Orton down to one knee. Orton comes back with the backbreaker for a 2 count. Orton gets up clutching his knee now, and limping around. Orton places AJ on the top turnbuckle and rocks him.

Orton climbs up for a superplex, and taunts Omos. AJ escapes and goes for the Calf Crusher out of the corner but Orton blocks it. AJ goes on and applies the hold, pulling back as Orton yells out. Orton gets the bottom rope and the hold is broken. AJ charges but Orton dumps him to the apron and he lands on his feet. AJ goes to springboard in but Orton counters and blocks him. Orton with the second rope draping DDT now as Omos looks on.

Orton gets up as fans cheer him on. He drops back to the mat and pounds on it but Omos helps AJ as fans boo. Orton isn’t happy as he yells at Omos from the ring. They have word and Orton dares Omos to come into the ring. Omos yells back at him. AJ kicks Orton off the distraction, dropping him. Riddle appears out of nowhere at ringside, shoving Omos into the ring post and then jumping on his back for the Sleeper.

Omos eventually slams Riddle to the floor at ringside. AJ springboards in with the Phenomenal Forearm but Orton catches him in mid-air with the RKO for the pin to win.

Winner: Randy Orton

– After the match, Orton stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Riddle is in the ring now, wanting a hug from Orton. Fans cheer them on. Orton is hyped up but not necessarily thrilled with Riddle. Riddle tells Orton to listen to the fans. They finally hug and fans go wild. R-K-Bro is back. Orton hesitates some and tries to not show a ton of excitement but he raises Riddle’s arm as the pops continue from the crowd. Orton then drops Riddle out of nowhere with the RKO. Orton stands back up to a mixed reaction as RAW goes off the air with Riddle laid out.

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