Update on the Adam Cole/Vince McMahon Meeting

Aug 8, 2021 - by James Walsh

As previously reported, Adam Cole was set to have a “high level meeting” with Vince McMahon last night while backstage at WWE SmackDown. Fightful has an update today with more details of what took place.

According to the report, Cole was taken to Vince McMahon’s onsite office about two hours before the SmackDown broadcast started. The meeting was said to have been a “high priority” for McMahon. A high level source within WWE is reported to have said that the meeting between the two went well, and McMahon is rumored to have taken a personal liking to Adam Cole.

Multiple people who were backstage at SmackDown reportedly said that Cole was not around while the show was on the air. The original plan was to have Cole come in for the previous week’s edition of SmackDown in Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 30. However, the meeting was then later switched to this week in Tampa, Florida for logistical purposes.

Additionally, creative pitched have reportedly been made for Raw and SmackDown for Cole over the course of the last week for if he does re-up with WWE. WWE sources tell Fightful that it has been told to Cole that he is desired to be a part of the main talent roster.

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