Mickie James Critiques WWE’s Handling of the Evolution PPV Event

Aug 8, 2021 - by James Walsh

Women’s Wrestling Talk recently interviewed former WWE Superstar Mickie James, who discussed the 2018 all-women WWE pay-per-view event, Evolution, which was held in October 2018. Below are some highlights (via Fightful):

Mickie James on if she thinks WWE Evolution was “set up to fail”: “I don’t think that it was ‘set up to fail’ in a sense of where — I just don’t think that much thought was put into it as a whole, and so, by design, it was kind of set up to fail, in a sense. Because I feel like they could have announced a lot of the matches a lot sooner and built to those matches on television. Because there are three hours, five hours of television, even some time on 205 Live and Main Event. There’s different places, so really, close to ten hours of television, plus network, plus all these other things that we could have done to maybe build to the event.”

Her thoughts on the event: “But I thought the event — When that was said to me, ‘Oh, it wasn’t,’ that’s not really actually true because it wasn’t the lowest-rated PPV, and it was a pretty sold-out event. I think once we got there and everything, I don’t know what else we could have done besides promote the matches or build up some of that on television to generate more interest from a PPV aspect because the arena was pretty solid. The crowd was hot and overall, the show was great.”

On WWE never doing the show again: “I don’t know why we really didn’t do it again because, in my mind, I thought it was very successful. But I also don’t know what the expectations were or how much money it had to generate to then justify to say that it was actually successful. So there are a lot of those factors that go into business decisions.”

Mickie James took part in the event. She teamed with Alicia Fox against Trish Stratus and Lita. Stratus and Lita won the match via pinfall.

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