WWE Attempting to Keep Trademark on ‘Chelsea Green’ Ring Name

Aug 7, 2021 - by James Walsh

PWInsider reports that WWE is attempting to hold on to the Chelsea Green ring name trademark that started last year. As previously reported, WWE was denied the trademark on Chelsea Green last February.

At the time, the United States Patent & Trademark Office wrote to WWE: “Because the individual named in the mark did not sign the application and the application did not include a proper written consent, applicant must provide a statement that the name in the mark identifies a particular living individual and a written consent to register the name.”

On August 5, WWE reportedly replied to an Office Action stating that WWE gave written consent to trademark the name. However, the letter WWE provided on August 5 was dated from November of 2020. WWE released Chelsea Green from the company last April

Additionally, after she was released by WWE, Green started the process of trademarking her own ring name.

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  1. fairfax says:

    Is her given name NOT Chelsea Green? It’s one thing to trademark a gimmick…though I’d argue that as independent contractors people like a Windham Rotunda should arguably be allowed to perform as Bray Wyatt outside of the WWE…though that will never happen and I do wish talents would be more proactive contractually thinking to their inevitable release from WWE and what aspects, including their gimmick ring name, of the character they’ll portray and which they will legally be allowed to continue once no longer associated with the WWE. Regardless, when you get to the point of trademarking given birth names its gone much too far!

    Remember how people lost their minds over Ed Nordholm saying IMPACT retained the BROKEN Matt Hardy character and they would enforce ownership? WWE attempting to trademark Greens name AFTER being released and attempting to sneak in a signature from nearly a year ago is 100x more shady and offensive! I know IMPACT still owns the name Laural VanNess so I should hope IF wwe is successful in this sham then Chelsea is free to perform under that established name.

  2. Paul says:

    This might be the hardest time in years for it to be a WWE fan. I feel like each day there’s a new article on how much of a shady company they are becoming (more than ever).

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