Thoughts on the Passing of “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton

Aug 6, 2021 - by Atlee Greene

The wrestling world received some sad news today. ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Eaton passed away Wednesday at the age of 62. Deborah Eaton, Bobby’s sister, confirmed the news on Facebook.

Bobby started wrestling in 1976 and wrestled throughout the southern territories, Georgia Championship Wrestling, Mid-Atlantic, Jim Crockett Promotions, and WCW.

Eaton’s biggest claim to fame was one-half of the Midnight Night Express with Dennis Condrey and Stan Lane. Jim Cornette managed both incarnations. Their battles with the Rock “n” Roll Express in the ’80s is one of the hottest wrestling feuds of all time.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone in the wrestling business who has a bad word to say about Bobby Eaton, the worker, and the man.

Konnan, ten years ago, in an interview, talked about working with Bobby Eaton on a 1999 WCW house show in Alabama. Konnan was booked to go over, but he insisted on putting over Eaton.

Konnan’s request was denied.

When the bell rang, Konnan told Eaton and the referee he was changing the finish. Eaton went over to a huge pop, and Konnan expected to be read the riot act when he walked back through the curtain.

Instead, he was applauded for the finish.

When Konnan was asked why he went to such lengths to put over said Bobby Eaton, Konnan said Eaton is such a nice guy and wanted to give him a win in his hometown. That speaks volumes, considering the dog-eat-dog atmosphere of many wrestling locker rooms.

In any trade, some individuals are revered by their peers for how well they apply their craft.

Basketball hopefuls observe and admire how well Mark Price shot free throws.

Up and coming boxers are urged to examine the defensive genius of Pernell Whitaker.

Aspiring wrestlers are encouraged to study the work of Bobby Eaton.

Eaton wasn’t an elite high flyer or a technical wizard. However, he was a highly versatile jack of all trades who told engaging stories in the ring. Eaton is highly respected within the business for his talent as an all-around worker from bell to bell.

Oh man, that punch was a thing of beauty, and who can forget his top rope leg drop, the Alabama Jam. These attributes led him to a reign as WCW Television Champion along with a plethora of tag team titles.

Bobby Eaton leaves a legacy as a pioneer of tag team wrestling in front of the camera and the kindest gentleman behind the camera.

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