Hawlee Cromwell names Darby Allin as abuser a year after #SpeakingOut tweet

Aug 6, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

Independent wrestler Hawlee Cromwell today posted on social media that AEW star Darby Allin abused her in the past.

“I’m tired I’m so f*cking tired and I don’t care anymore. Darby Allin abused me. He abused me and I’m tired of being called a liar by “fans” who have no idea the shitty person he really is,” she wrote. “Somehow no one remembers, I’ll never forget how you treated me like shit.”

In her original June 2020 post during the height of the #SpeakingOut campaign, Cromwell wrote that she would not be naming any names because she didn’t feel comfortable doing so.

But that changed today.

In the June 19, 2020 tweet, she explained that between 2016 and 2017, she had an on-again-off-again relationship with a wrestler who ruined her mental health and she’s still struggling with it.

Cromwell wrote that he would get upset, scream, and yell at her and treat her like a punching bag, although she admitted that he never laid a hand on her.

“It got to the point we’re I was so disassociated and was walking on eggshells all the time that I didn’t say much and if I didn’t reply how he wanted I would get screamed at. He would tell me if I didn’t do things he wanted me to he was going to leave me,” she continued, adding that she lived in constant fear and still does because that experience carries on to the point that she believes if she doesn’t do something someone asks her, they will leave her.

“He also would threaten to leave me if I didn’t have sex with him or do sexual things and preform sex acts with him. I took me a long time to realize that threatening someone to have sex with you isn’t consent. It’s rape. I struggle with this to this day and have so many fears around sex and around intimacy,” she added.

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  1. Michael Vncent says:

    I’m admitted very confused by this girl’s claim. She states that she was in a verbally abusive relationship, but he never hit or hurt her. Then she feels that she was raped because he asked her to perform acts on him. However, according to her story, he did not threaten to kill her or use violence against her, but he threatened to leave her if she didn’t do what he asked. From what I’m reading, if she was unhappy in the relationship and felt that he was verbally abusing her, why not just say “OK fine, leave” rather than go through with the acts? Sounds like she would have been happier if they split up, especially since it was on-again-off-again, not even a serious relationship. Very odd indeed.

  2. Straightedge Shooter says:

    He treated her like a punching bag but never laid a hand on her. So he just suspended her from the ceiling with a chain?

  3. Joseph says:

    “He would tell me if I didn’t do things he wanted me to he was going to leave me.”

    She went on to say that this is rape because he threatened to leave her if she didn’t have sex with him. I don’t see this as rape. I think he manipulated her and he’s scum for doing so, but I don’t think he raped her. I can see if he threatened her with bodily harm or drugged her but he didn’t. He threated to leave her and she didn’t want him to leave. So her having sex with him because she didn’t want him to leave is on her and I’m sorry, but it sounds like she has problems too.

  4. CM Chippunk says:

    Boo-hoo. If you don’t like the way someone is treating you in a relationship, leave; after all, you put yourself there in the first place. She’s b*tching to the public about her own idiocy, and then trying to leverage Darby’s fame for sympathy. As Scott Steiner once said, you ‘don’t get my SYMPY at all!. 👎

  5. Jake Allen says:

    When people get divorced from one another because of a sexless marriage, that doesn’t mean one of them is going to jail for it. When people get divorced from one another because of too much sex in their marriage, that doesn’t mean one of them is going to jail for it.

    If there’s no sex, they can split. If there’s too much of a demand for sex, they can split. And if one person is asking, even demanding for sex, and the other person is giving it – then guess what? It’s not rape. If there’s too much demand for sex, and the other person is giving it without resistance (physical or verbal), then there is no basis to claim any kind of abuse afterwards. Especially years after it happened when conveniently that person is now a known celebrity on a popular tv show and you pop up with a simple Tweet about it. ffs…

  6. fairfax says:

    I agree with everything posted thus far … and I find it ironic that a great ago Darby wasn’t as successful as he is today and that’s convenient that now he’s in a very high profile position she starts mentioning him by name. I’m not even a DARBY fan honestly….the guy weighs like 125lbs, she probably could have kicked his ass honestly! I’m against this speaking out movement because it makes EVERY MALE A PREDATOR!!! Every guy pressures their significant other into sex at one time or another! And it’s so broad that ANY GUY dating ANY GIRL that’s trying to score for the first time is now a rapist! It’s like….so GIRL is seeing guy, totally fine with him paying for dinners, flowers, tickets to a show, whatever…she goes home with him and gets naked and winds up in his bed….AND THAT SCUM HAD THE NERVE TO TOUCH HER!?!?! Sadly Tony Khan and especially Cody Rhodes are SJW-EXTREMES so with no evidence, shaky allegations, no police involvement or charges filed Darby Allin will likely get cancelled OR have to go to sensitivity camp and apologize and a bunch of other bullsh*t!!!

    She wouldn’t want to hear it because I might as well be giving her shoot Sweet Chin Music BUT she is pretty cute! Even if clearly INSANE.

  7. Squirt Angle says:

    “Hey babe. I have to have a talk with you. I have physical needs, but it seems you are never really in the mood. I’m really sorry, but I think maybe it is time for us to see other people.” “No! I’ll have sex with you! Even right now!” – no idea even how he brought up the “threatening to leave for sex”. More info is needed.

  8. Jason Mesick says:

    Yeah it’s not rape and i’m getting sick of these woman who say this crap and it is not true. She’s giving the ones that have been abused a bad name. It’s just a bad relationship.

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