Peyton Royce revealed breaking up the IIconics was her idea

Aug 5, 2021 - by staff

Photo Credit: WWE

“I wanted to go singles. There was just things that I wanted to take off of my bucket list as a singles competitor. I vocalized that to [Billie] in like January last year. But I didn’t do anything about it. I just told her where I was at. I didn’t go and try and get us broken up or something like that.

This was in the [Performance Center] era, and [Billie] was out for a week or something. So I had this random singles match, I don’t even remember who it was against. And Vince loved it. He said to me, ‘You’re so good!’ Like, what are we doing? And so I just said to him, ‘Look, if it is possible in the future plans, I’m not saying right now, but in the future, I would like to see what I can do on my own.’ Because I’m so comfortable with [Billie], I feel like we can conquer the world together, but I wanted to see what I could do for myself.

And then so many people were like, ‘Oh it was so stupid for them to break you up!’ and, ‘Why did they break you up? You were so good together!’ And then I’m just like, I feel like that’s my fault, because I wanted to push myself and see what I was capable of. But then, I don’t know, that might have been the worst decision that I made, because nothing ever happened.”

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  1. It was stupid and Billie Kay was always the break out star. They were an amazing team though. They dropped the ball majorly getting rid of Billie. She was the hottest wrestler They had and just a great talent. The kind Vince would like so it makes no sense. Is it because he prefers blondes? I wish she would go to AEW. Billie is a star and Peyton was great with her also.

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