News on Bray Wyatt’s condition before WWE release

Aug 5, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Bray Wyatt was reportedly out of action with an “undisclosed physical ailment” before being released by WWE this past weekend.

As noted, WWE announced the surprise release of the man behind “The Fiend” this past Saturday. In an update, Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated reports that since Wyatt’s WrestleMania 37 loss to Randy Orton, he has been out with an undisclosed physical ailment that is not concussion-related.

Wyatt was finally medically cleared last Thursday, just two days before his release was announced on Saturday.

There is no word on what the ailment was, but we will keep you updated.

It was noted that Wyatt lost leverage when he inked his last WWE contract. He reportedly signed a new multi-million dollar deal in 2020, and agreed to a 90-day non-compete clause.

Wyatt is set to become a free agent when his WWE non-compete expires on Friday, October 29. There is no word yet on if AEW is interested in bringing him in.

Stay tuned for more.

2 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    If AEW are interested in bringing him in he or/and his brother (both of whom are nephews of Barry Windham) could join Brian Pillman Jr. and Brock Anderson in AEW as part a Four Horsemen Descendants faction which could also include Joe Hennig (and maybe Tessa Blanchard if AEW want to take her heavy baggage which is still less heavy than the baggage David Beniot has to deal with because of his father).

  2. Hans Maulwurf says:

    There’s a big difference in being the son of somebody who caused a big scandal in wrestling (if not THE biggest scandal) like David Benoit (seriously, what Chris Benoit did is and will forever be unexcusable, but it wasn’t David’s fault. He had nothing to do with it. Even WWE doesn’t punish Tamina Snuka or fire her (Remember Jimmy Snuka killing Nancy Argentino? Watch the “Dark Side of the Ring” episode about the scandal, it’s very interesting!) and Tessa Blanchard who caused scandals by herself. Remember when she was Nuthouse Wrestling’s world champ, didn’t send the promos from Mexico and refused to at least come back for dropping the belt? Not to mention her bullying female coworkers and racist remarks which a lot of people remember, except herself. Yeah I know, somebody will come and attack me, simping for Tessa and say that isn’t true… But think for a moment… A woman that talented like Tessa never got a WWE contract even after her Mae Young classic appearance? She didn’t get a developement deal because of her constant attitude issues.

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