Impact Report, 8/5/21

Aug 5, 2021 - by Scott Porter

The show begins with a recap of last week.  Eddie Edwards, Frankie Kazarian and Sami Callihan will take on the Good Brothers and Kenny Omega tonight!

Match 1.  Chris Bey (with Jay White) VS Juice Robinson (with David Finley)

White and Finley are barking at each other as the match begins.  Juice starts off throwing heavy hands on Bey in the corner.   Bey uses the forced ref separation as an advantage and jumps Juice and knees him in the back.  He falls to the arena floor.  Bey does some amazing kicks from the apron to Juice.  Juice enters back in the ring and takes a top rope dropkick.  Juice blocks Beys version of the Yes kick, and sets up a vertical suplex.  Bey reverses that into a impressive sleeper hold.  Juice backs Bey into the corner and then hits a cannon ball.  Bey recovers and hits a Famouser.  He gets a two count.  Bey lays in some stiff kicks and the “Impact Wrestling” chant breaks out.  Juice gets to his feet and hits two running clotheslines and a cannon ball in the corner.  A “Juice” chant breaks out as Robinson hits some Dusty punches.   White sees the perfect time to get on the apron and distract Juice.  Bey hits a Art of Finesse and gets the pin.

Winner.. Chris Bey.

Jay celebrates by giving Bey a Bullet Club t-shirt.  Bey is officially in the Bullet Club.

Gia Miller interviews The Elite backstage.  They make fun of the competition tonight and say that Impact is scraping the bottom of the barrel.  Just then Violent the Design enters and they  challenge The Good Brothers to a rematch for the tag straps at Resurgence.

Fire and Flava are interviewed backstage.  Kiera Hogan says they are back on the same page and the friction is over.  Tasha Steelz is less excited obviously.  They take on Rachel Ellering and Jordynne Grace tonight.

They show a highlight package of the Mixed Tag Team Tournament from Homecoming.  The Drama King, Mathew Rehwoldt made a huge Impact.. teaming with Deonna Purrazzo to win the tournament.

Rehwoldt is shown in the ring.  The arena is black.  He is wearing a black crown.  He introduces himself.  Some fans are cheering, but most are telling him he sucks.  He refers himself the Homecoming King.  He says he will share the ring with the Queen.  Knockouts Women’s Champion, Deonna Purrazzo heads out with a crown on as well.  Mathew is throwing roses around the ring.  Purrazzo grabs the mic to boos.   She says she can take all night.. They stop booing.  She then goes over all her accomplishments.  “No one cares” chant breaks out.  She says it was only a matter of time before she was offically a Queen.  Just then, Mickey James enters the ring.  Purrazzo is furius, but Mickey says congratulations.  James says they need to officially have Purrazzo sign off for her contract for NWA Women’s PPV.  Purrazzo says she wants to know who she will face.  Just then Melina Perez enters the arena.  Purrazzo has no hesitation and signs the contract, after Melina does her splits entrance an then Melina signs the contract.  Purrazzo says it is an honor to meet Melina, but it will be an honor to beat her at NWA Empower PPV.  The segment ends with a mutual show of respect after Melina tells her she will beat her.

Taylor Wilde is interviewed backstage and she blames Tenille Dashwood for getting Canadian Border Patrol for giving her a hard time when she crossed the Candian border.

Su Yung and Kimber Lee are sporting their new look in a brief vignette.

Match 2.  Jake Something VS Davari VS Rohit (Shera) VS Trey Miguel.. winner gets X Division Championship match

This match is nuts from the outset.  Everyone is throwing their bodies to the floor on each other.  We quickly take a break as everyone finally is laying on the floor.  We go to break.

Back from break, Davari and Rohit are trying to work together on Jake.  That doesn’t work and he takes them both out.  Trey enters and hits a Matrix kick to Jake.  Rohit enters and he and Rohit trade blows, strong style.  Trey gains an advantage and locks on a Muta lock.  Jake enters and hits two powerbombs on Trey.  Rohit breaks it up.  Rohit is taken out by Davari who then gets sidewalk slammed by Jake.  Jake pins Davari.

Winner.  Jake Something and will face Josh Alexander for the X Division Title.

Rohit is shown with Shera backstage.  He is losing it.  Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green are in the line of fire of a chair thrown.   Matt picks a fight with Rohit after Shera walks away in disgust.  Rohit calms down and backs off.  Chelsea looks proud of her man.

Gia Miller interviews X Division Champion, Josh Alexander.  He talks about how deserving Jake Something is.  Davari comes in and challenges Alexander to a match next week.  If he beats Josh next week, he will earn a title match.

Match 3.  Fire and Flava VS Jordynne Grace and Rachel Ellering

Ellering and Grace were attacked pre match, but they easily regain the advantage as the bell rings.  Grace and Steelz start off for their teams.  Grace hits a sidewalk slam for an immediate 2 count.  Rachel tags in and she hits several power moves on Steelz.  Grace tags back in and sets Steelz on the top rope, but Steelz escapes and Hogan tags in.  She gains an advantage and they work over Grace in the corner.  Steelz tags in and hits some more heavy blows.  She gets a two count on Jordynne.  Steelz locks on a side headlock, but Grace gets to a vertical base.  Steelz tags and they both get suplexed by Grace.  Ellering tags in and beats up both her foes.  Grace tags back in on Hogan and hits many power moves ending in a Vader Bomb.  Ellering tags back in, Hogan hits a superkick on Ellering for a two count.  Grace and Ellering hit some kind of move that looks like a swinging F5/ Magic Killer.  Cool Move.  The End.

Winners.  Ellering and Grace

Steelz enters and looks disgusted at Hogan.  Hogan looks sad.  A huge girl in combat fatigues enters and takes out Hogan.  Savanah Evans has made an Impact..

Frankie Kazarian is interviewed backstage.  He says he helped build Impact Wrestling, but he is hear now to take out The Elite.  Nothing else matters.

Eric Young and VBD greet Scott D’Amore at his office.  They say they want to revoke their rematch clause.  D’Amore says he has been talking to another tag team about the tag straps.  Willie Mack and Rich Swann beat VBD recently.  D’Amore says it will be a three way tag team title match.

Match 4.  Steve Maclin VS Jah-C

Maclin jumps Jah from behind.  Maclin stomps Jah to the ground.  He screams at him to never turn his back on him.  Jah must have been kicked 25 times in the first 90 seconds.  He locks Jah in the tree of woe and spears him.  He pins Jah, but picks him up at two.  Maclin starts elbowing Jah repeatedly in the back of the head viciously.  He pins him again and then stops the pin at two.  Brian Hebner warns him to stop this.  Maclin hits a jumping Piledriver and pins Jah.

Winner.  Steve Maclin

Maclin beats Jah up more post match, then goes and gets a chair.  Petey Williams makes the save.  Maclin retreats.

Back to another episode of All About Me, with Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K.  Tenille makes a few comments about the craziness of the claims by Taylor Wilde.  She introduces the resident doctor of Impact Wrestling.  Kaleb is sporting a neck injury.  Scott D’Amore enters and dismisses the doctor and slaps Kaleb on the neck.  He says he wants to talk to Tenille.  Tenille says you are hear to fire Taylor, right?  Scott says no, but says he basically wants to avoid the potential litigation by Wilde.  Everything will be fine if they have a match next week.  Tenille wonders how this is happening.  D’Amore leaves, having set up the match.

Chris Sabin is interviewed by Gia backstage.  He says nobody has ever made him as mad as Moose.  He says he will enter the #1 contenders battle royal next week.  He says he will win the Impact World Title for the second time and he will never let Moose become champion ever.

Main Event

Match 5.  Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson and Impact World Champion, Kenny Omega (with Don Callis) VS Sami Callihan, Eddie Edwards and Frankie Kazarian

Callis goes does the most over the top intro for Kenny Omega ever.  These intros are epic.  Omega again argues with the same women as last week at ringside.  Funny stuff.  It looks like she wants to clock him.

Frankie rallies his team on the outside. They are an uneasy alliance to say the least.  It wasn’t long ago that Sami Callihan was the talk of the wrestling world for hitting Eddie with a steal bat in the face, causing severe damage to his face.  Frankie does well to ready his team and they attack The Elite and they flee the ring.

Sami starts the match with Omega.  Callihan hits a suplex and tags Frankie, who hits several moves off the ropes, much to the delight of the Impact Zone.  Gallows kicks Frankie in the back as he bounces the ropes.  Omega hits a high knee that spills Kazarian into their corner, as we go to break.

Back from break, Kazarian is still getting worked over in the corner.  Gallows and Anderson take turns tagging in and pounding him.  Frankie eventually escapes and Eddie tags in with Anderson.  Eddie hits the Kojima chops in the corner.  Omega interferes on the outside, giving Anderson an advantage.  Anderson makes the tag to Omega.  He gets a 2 count on a few rapid elbow drops.  Gallows tags in and hits a snap suplex.  He then locks on a rear chin lock.  Eddie stands up and gets free, but Doc hits a shotgun elbow.  Anderson tags back in and they clear everyone from the apron.  The Elite then hit a triple splash on Eddie, but he kicks out at two.  Anderson misses a dive on Eddie in the corner.  Anderson recovers but Eddie is too weak and can’t make the tag.  Doc tags back in, but Eddie kicks him in the face and hits a dropkick off the top rope.  Both make a tag.  Sami and Omega are in.  Sami lays in Stone Cold boots to the corner to the head.  Doc makes the save.  Omega hits a V Trigger of Frankie who entered.  The Elite then hit a double neck breaker, side suplex for a two count on Sami.  Gallows and Anderson try for a Magic Killer, but Frankie breaks it up.  Eddie takes a spinebuster from Anderson.  He hesitates, trying to set up a Gun Stun, but be misses and takes an elbow and then Blue Thunder Bomb.  Sami hits a piledriver on the apron on Omega.  Eddie hits Boston Knee Party to Anderson’s face and gets the pin.

Winners.  Eddie Edwards, Frankie Kazarian and Sami Callihan

Omega is shown on the floor in bad shape.  Eddie is in the ring alone celebrating as the show appears to be over.  His team chased the Good Brothers from the arena.  W. Morrissey enters and takes Edwards out as the show ends.

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    I like how from the NWA partnership we get cool segements with Mickie and Melina.

    But for the AEW partnership all we get is Kenny Omega hogging the title and them sending the blandest man in the Impact Zone, Kazarian. Help build? Still seem as bland and forgettable as he ever was.

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