Ronda Rousey comments on Bray Wyatt and how fans treated him

Aug 3, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Ronda Rousey took to Twitter today and lashed out at WWE fans over Bray Wyatt’s recent departure.

As noted, fans at last night’s RAW in Chicago chanted “We want Wyatt!” during the in-ring segment with WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg and WWE Champion Bobby Lashley. This came after WWE released Wyatt from his contract over the weekend, which came as a shock to the wrestling world.

Rousey took to Twitter this afternoon and knocked fans for how they treated Wyatt at times, pointing to how they chanted “We want beach balls!” during Wyatt’s match with Matt Hardy at WWE Elimination Chamber 2018, which Hardy won.

“I’ve seen you same ‘fans’ chanting #WeWantWyatt last night chanting ‘We want beach balls’ over @WWEBrayWyatt performing. If the @wwe treated him like he was expendable it was because you ungrateful idiots did first,” Rousey wrote.

For those who missed it, you can click here to see and hear the CM Punk and Wyatt chants at last night’s RAW.

Rousey was expected to return to WWE this year but she announced back in April that she and husband Travis Browne are expecting their first child together. She found out about the pregnancy in January, and then revealed in late June that they are expecting a baby girl later this year. She has been away from WWE since the WrestleMania 35 main event in 2019.

You can see Rousey’s full tweet below:

4 Responses

  1. Imma Hullo says:

    She has the point in general. A percentage of “fans” these days are just out for themselves. They want what they want and they’ll just say whatever over what the actual show they are watching is to get it. It’s been so damn pleasant during covid to shove those jerks back into their internet holes.

  2. CM Chippunk says:

    Has anyone ever thought, the fans weren’t sh*tting on Bray … they were sh*tting on the booking? 🙄 If fans want to chant about beach balls (or CM Punk) over what they’re watching, it’s probably because the program sucks.

    Bray Wyatt has been booked like trash since the beginning, and no one should be surprised that he got future-endeavored after his Mister-Rogers-from-Hell shtick. That was analogous to Sandow getting over as Miz’ stunt double; i.e., ‘thanks for making lemonade out of our lemons … now, see ya’!

    Regardless … Rousey is an oversensitive, r3tarded mark.

  3. fairfax says:

    Why does this irrelevant, has-been think anyone cares at all about her “opinion”? She spent….what? 6mos as a pro wrestler? And now she’s got some magical insight? Wyatt was released simply because The McMahon’s are aiming to sell the WWE and they want the BEST POSSIBLE FINANCIAL Projections for potential buyers or investors….I’d venture to guess, what with Vinnie Mac’s comments towards AEW signing Punk and Danielson and what with AEW “likely to soon have MORE STARS to bolster their roster with” and considering he’s a HIGHER paid star who’s contract extension runs out just after SummerSlam, that Adam Cole ….. Bay-Bay will be the next to go!!! And DILLIGAF what a washed up UFC fighter cares about! Who knows Jack All about Professional Wrestling and couldn’t hack a year in the business.

    So THANKS? RhonDUUUUH Rousey.

  4. Jake Allen says:

    Oh Rhonda… Back to winning over us wrestling fans with your awesome personality. How we’ve all missed you.

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