Nia Jax stitches video

Aug 3, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Nia Jax needed a few stitches to close the cut above her eye after last night’s WWE RAW in Chicago.

As noted, Jax suffered a cut above her eye and bled during her singles loss to Rhea Ripley as Ripley fought her way out of a powerbomb attempt. One half of Jax’s face was covered in blood for the rest of the match.

Jax took to her Instagram Stories after RAW and posted a clip of a WWE medic sewing the cut up. You can see that clip below.

Jax posted another Instagram Story with a photo of Ripley standing over her after the post-match Ripcord attack. She wrote, “Nobody makes me bleed my own blood”

Jax also joked about the crimson mask on Instagram, writing, “Be honest Shayna…is there something on face? @qosbaszler”

The tension between Jax and Baszler continued after last night’s match, leading to more speculation on a possible split between the two.

Stay tuned for more on Jax and Baszler. Below is a video of Jax getting the cut closed up after RAW, along with her Instagram post and a few shots from last night:

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