Cody Rhodes on AEW possibly signing Bray Wyatt and other new stars

Aug 3, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes hosted a media call earlier today and was asked about AEW’s policy when it comes to signing new free agents with the size of the current roster.

“I tell a lot of my peers in wrestling and people I use as a sounding board, I always tell them, ‘You can’t wish away good talent,’ especially when you get in a groove as a talent yourself,” Rhodes said. “And it’s not unlike the world that Tony [Khan] comes from already, the world of the NFL and football in the UK. If there’s a free agent out there that can move the needle and be something significant for us… personally, I think you have to go after them.

“Does that change the landscape of the show and the roster? For sure, but that’s one of those things where as much as things can get personal, it is business. And no one is immune from that.”

Rhodes noted that there is some room opening up on the roster, but not a lot, with the upcoming premiere of Rampage, and with him taking some time off to film the next season of the Go-Big Show. He also said, “The more the merrier.”

Rhodes was later asked about possibly signing Bray Wyatt, who was released from his WWE contract this past weekend.

“The Rotunda family and the Rhodes family certainly go way back. I can’t comment on if I see a spot for him. But I can tell you [he’s] an incredibly creative individual and an incredibly creative man,” Cody said. He continued, “…I can’t comment on if he fits in with us, but I can say if he has an ounce of passion for this, that guy can fit in anywhere because he’s a very special, special talent.”

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