Mike Bennett says Vince McMahon has “destroyed more lives than he’s helped”

Aug 1, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

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  1. Mackdeezy says:

    I am still seething with anger over Bray’s release…. but I’m gonna put that all aside to address this dork.

    It has been said that your wife got pregnant right as she was hired. Or possibly just before. Yet they found something for her to do instead of sitting at home on extended maternity leave, which, some have also theorized is what she wanted. Your wife is probably who they eere more interested in, considering she had worked there previously. Now sure, you may be talented, and they wasted that, but… leslts be honest here. With how much you cry and moan, they probably don’t regret releasing you. Does it make it right? Who knows. But seriously, its time to out the crying kid act to bed. It’s old now.

  2. Opinions4U says:

    Didn’t WWE pay for this guy’s rehap and kept him on the payroll until he’d recovered? What MONSTERS!

  3. Steve says:

    Hey as a die hard WWE we are all pissed at recent firings.. now to Mike STFU. Bro you have no reason to beef . The WWE did more for you than you or your wife did for the WWE universe..
    I can understand you got fired be get over yourself . Tooo many mid careers or low bitch about Vince without a valid reason

  4. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    Years ago, there was a promo between Vince and Paul Heyman that was a truly “worked shoot” because Paul said a couple things that until then weren’t well-known.
    When Vince Sr. was dying from cancer, Vince Jr agreed and gave his father his word that h wouldn’t go national and compete directly with Gagne and Crocket and the other promoters. That he wouldn’t raid their talent.

    Vince Sr’s body wasn’t even cold when Jr. began his grand plan to take over wrestling and turn it into sports entertainment. Granted, it got us where we are today, but to go back on a vow you made to your father on his deathbed isn’t exactly something most people would do.

    Vince also had no problem covering for Mel Phillips when he was busted for being a pedophile, and Vince also continued to push Snuka as a star even though Vince knew Snuka played a role in the death of Nancy Argentino.

    Yeah, the WWE has paid for those like Bennett to go to rehab. That how ever, is more for PR than anything else. I get the WWE fans are going to defend Vince no matter what. The fact they don’t want to accept is that there are several truths in Bennet’s post. WWE made millions of dollars last year in licensing and yet they are still firing people and claiming budget cuts. Vince is the one that won’t allow the members of demolition to go into the WWE HOF because they took part in the concussion lawsuit. In fact, none of the wrestlers that took part are going to the H.O.F, and it’s because of Vince.

    I’m not sure where Vince will go when it comes his time, but I’m sure it will be very warm and there’ll be plenty of pitchforks.

  5. Bthb says:

    Mike Bennett who spent more time in rehab (paid for by wwe) than he did on the active roster, he never ‘broke his back’ for the company, neither did his wife announcing a pregnancy just days after signing a contract. Maybe it’s actions like there’s that put a seed of distrust in bosses minds when they are working out pushes and contracts

  6. Mike melatonin Kanellis has spoken. Lay off the drugs Mike.

  7. art123guy says:

    He didn’t say he and his wife broke their backs, he said men and women. He’s talking about everyone throughout the years and complaining about the WWE cuts made during a record profit year when a lot on companies folded. He ain’t entirely wrong or out of place to say what a lot of wrestlers are thinking.

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