Tony Khan Got Approval For the “No rules match” on AEW Dynamite

Jul 29, 2021 - by staff

Tony Khan Got Approval From TNT Executives on booking Last Night’s “No rules match” on AEW Dynamite

On today’s Wrestling Observer Radio that AEW President Tony Khan spoke with TNT Executives about the match and got the okay with the ideas for the match.

“Now, TNT…I know Tony Khan talked to TNT ahead of time and basically told them what was going to happen, so they’re okay with it. It’s not an issue where they’re gonna get kicked off the air which would be very bad if they did something this violent without telling them and it was bloody with broken glass and everything.”

Meltzer added that this match was a one-time thing, but if the quarter-hour ratings are good, that could change

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  1. Jon J says:

    Gage looks like a midget. Dude is 40 pretending to be some gangster. That match set wrestling back even if it pops a rating. Why has Jericho lowered himself to face these nothing garbage wrestlers

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