Quinn McKay Officially Entered Into ROH Women’s Title Tournament

Jul 29, 2021 - by James Walsh

Ring of Honor has announced that Quinn McKay has officially been entered into the women’s title tournament, which begins this weekend with first-round matchups. McKay earned her spot after an online Facebook poll asking whether she should be added snagged her a staggering 94% of support from the ROH fan-base. Check out the full details below.

Thanks to Honor Nation, Quinn McKay finally has her ticket to gold for the ROH Women’s World Title Tournament.

In an online poll on The Experience Facebook page, a whopping 94 percent of respondents voted for McKay to be in the tournament. The field of 15 competitors is now complete.

McKay had two previous opportunities to win her way into the tournament. In May, she lost to Angelina Love thanks to a distraction from Mandy Leon. Two weeks ago, McKay lost to Leon, who used brass knuckles that were passed to her by Love.

Because both of McKay’s losses were due to outside inference from The Allure, ROH Board of Directors member Maria Kanellis-Bennett set up the poll, which asked if McKay should be in the tournament.

McKay’s opponent in the first round will be none other than Leon. That match takes place on Ring of Honor Wrestling the weekend of Aug. 7.

Love, who has a first-round bye, and Leon have been banned from ringside for each other’s matches by Kanellis-Bennett.

The tournament begins this weekend on Ring of Honor Wrestling with three first-round matches.

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