News on Scarlett and Karrion Kross possibly being on Raw together

Jul 29, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Despite her recent absence, WWE may still have plans for Scarlett on the main roster.

There’s been a lot of speculation on the duo of Scarlett and WWE NXT Champion Karrion Kross after Kross has been by himself for his recent main roster matches. Kross defeated Shelton Benjamin on WWE Main Event last month, lost to Jeff Hardy in his RAW debut earlier this month, and then defeated Keith Lee on this week’s RAW. Scarlett was nowhere to be seen.

The Kross vs. Hardy rematch was scheduled for this week’s RAW, but then nixed due to Hardy testing positive for COVID-19. It was later revealed that WWE had plans for Hardy to defeat Kross again, for the second week in a row.

In an update, it was indicated by Andrew Zarian on the Mat Men podcast that the plan has been for Kross to keep losing on RAW until Scarlett shows up.

The potential plan would see Scarlett showing up to bring Kross back on track, with the idea being she possesses what it takes to unleash the warrior or the gladiator within Kross.

Kross delivered a post-RAW promo this week where he promised that he and Hardy are not finished with each other. That could be a set up for Hardy defeating Kross again to continue the losses, which would mean WWE just fed Lee to Kross this week. There is no word on when Hardy will be back in action or cleared from the COVID-19 diagnosis.

On a related note, it was recently reported how Kross’ debut loss to Hardy led to a lot of shock within NXT, while fans and wrestlers online also spoke out against the creative behind the loss. Zarian noted on Mat Men that one WWE source wondered why people were so up in arms over the loss because it’s actually leading to something bigger. It was said that the match doesn’t really matter as much as the story does.

Scarlett, who has also been absent for some of Kross’ recent NXT TV appearances, took to Twitter after Monday’s Lee vs. Kross match and apparently posted a teaser for upcoming plans.

“Patience is a virtue,” she wrote.

Kross is set to defend his NXT Title against Samoa Joe at the Takeover 36 event on Sunday, August 22, which is the day after SummerSlam.

Stay tuned for more on Kross and Scarlett.

2 Responses

  1. art123guy says:

    Cornette called it.

  2. Lionel says:

    There’s nothing wrong or bad with that as a story. The problem is that Vince wants his cake and to eat it too. When your developmental show only aired on local Florida Tv you could tell whatever new story you wanted with every wrestler you brought up and most of the audience wouldn’t know they were ever anything else.

    You can’t broadcast your developmental on national television, have a guy walk onto RAW with that belt, and then rewrite his character to whatever you want with no consequences. Why is Scarlett who has been with him all through NXT not there with him on RAW? Did they not invite her? Is Kross going to go bezerk and beat up Adam Pearce until Scarlett shows up? Or you just going to pretend she’s new to him on RAW?

    Fans like us, we want stories. Just matches with people in tights doing moves is pretty damn boring. But please make sure there’s a sense of flow to your characters WWE. Less people will be mad at you if you did.

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