Impact Report 7/29/21

Jul 29, 2021 - by Scott Porter

JMatt Stryker and D’Lo Brown are on the call from the Impact Zone.  Fans are in attendance once again.

The show begins with a highlight package from last week.  Jay White addressed everyone last week and made an ally with Chris Bey.  Is Bey the newest member of the Bullet Club?  We may get some answers tonight, as Bey and White are involved in a match against the Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers.

Gia Miller is camped out in front of Scott D’Amore‘s office tonight.  She approaches him and asks what is his big news this evening?  Scott says there is always big news at Impact.  Gia says there is more.  Just then Tommy Dreamer walks up and says we need a #1 for Kenny Omega.  Scott shrugs him off and tells him he should figure it out.  D’Amore then walks off.

Match 1.  Impact World Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers VS Chris Bey and Jay White

What a match to start the show.  Karl Anderson and Jay White start off for their teams.  The two jockey for position.  White gains the advantage and lays in some vicious chops and a back elbow off the rope.  He tags in Bey but Anderson fights back momentarily.  Then Bey picks the pace up after bouncing the ropes and takes Anderson off his feet.  Doc Gallows tags in the lays in the heavy punches in the corner to Bey.  Then he hits a big stall suplex on Bey.  Gallows pushes Bey into their corner and he and Anderson go to work.  They ground and pound on Bey.  Anderson gets a pin attempt.  The Machine Gun hits a shotgun elbow after whipping Bey off the ropes.

Gallows tags in and slams Bey and gets another two count.  He then drops several elbows to the back of the head of Bey.  Bey gets to his feet and kicks Gallows.  He then goes to the top and splashes Gallows.  This gives both teams a chance to make a tag.

Anderson takes a beating from White, but not long.  Bey tags back in and hits a reverse F5 on Anderson.  Gallows enters and takes several kicks from Bey, but hits a chokeslam.  Anderson takes out White on the outside and re-enters to hit the Magic Killer for the pin.

Winners and still Impact World Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers.

Former Knockouts Tag Champions, Fire N Flava are cutting a promo backstage. Fallah Bahh asks Tasha Steelz to Homecoming.  He brings flowers.  Kiera Hogan looks on very jealous.  Homecoming is a mixed tag team tournament.

Match 2.  Kaleb with a K (with Tenille Dashwood) VS Taylor Wilde

This will be a intergender match.  Nothing new for Impact.  Kaleb walks up and hip tosses Wilde a few times.  Taylor fights back with a few kicks and a monkey flip.  Kaleb connects with a clothesline.  The fans start booing this move.  He locks on a rear chin lock on Wilde.  Taylor tries to elbow her way out, but Kaleb pounds on the back of her head.  Kaleb tries to jump on Taylor from behind, but crotches himself on the ropes.  Taylor hits a standing ranna.  Kaleb recovers and punches Taylor on the chin.  Kaleb then gets a bag from Dashwood, but misses hitting Taylor.  They spill to the outside and Taylor hits another ranna.  Dashwood starts arguing, giving Kaleb time to escape.  They go inside and Wild hits a reverse ranna and suplex combo for the pin.

Winner.  Taylor Wilde.

Jay White and Chris Bey are backstage.  Bey says tonight was not the way he wanted to start his Bullet Club career.  White cuts him off.  He says you are not in the Bullet Club and tonight showed him he isn’t ready.  However… Jay tells him he likes redemption and they walk off together with White explaining what he can do to get back in his good graces.

Josh Alexander cuts a promo backstage for Scott D’Amore.  He wants to be the face of Impact. D’Amore sets a match with Black Taurus at Homecoming.

Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo says she is training with a UFC fighter.  I don’t know who she is, but Deonna is ready to fight at the NWA all women’s PPV.  She also says she will have a mystery partner in the mixed tag tournament at Homecoming.

Match 2.  No Way (Jose must have been dropped) and Fallah Bahh and Fin Juice VS Ace Austin and Madman Fulton and Rohit Raju and Shera

Bahh and Fulton start off.  Fulton drops several blows to the back of the head, but Bahh stops Fulton from slamming him and tosses him to their corner.  Juice Robinson and David Finley make quick tags pounding on Fulton in corner.  Finally, after one No Way tags in for a second all 3 guys whip Fallah into Fulton in the corner.

Somehow Shera gets the tag he takes advantage of Bahh and tags in to Ace.  Austin hits a few punches, but the crowd energizes Bahh and he refuses to go down on a sunset flip.. then sits on Ace’s face.  Finley and Rohit tag in.  Finley hits a running, spinning elbow off the ropes and then takes out everyone in the corner.  Shera tags in and Juice.  eH and Finley double team him.  Rohit tags in and hits a ripcord then DDT.  No Way takes out Rohit.  Fulton hits a reverse swinging sidewalk slam.  Bahh takes out Fulton, but takes Bahh to the outside with a kick.  He then hurls himself on everyone twice on the outside.  Wow.  Finley hits the Trash Panda on Rohit and gets the pin.

Winners..  Fin Juice and Bahh and No Way

Don Callis and Kenny Omega are interviewed by Gia Miller.  First Omega acts like he doesn’t know Gia, and asks what he wants her to sign.  That was funny.  Callis says today is great because The Good Brothers won and Omega feels better.  Tommy Dreamer walks up says there will be a battle royal and the winner will face Omega at Emergence.

Another Drama King vignette airs.

Fin Juice is attacked backstage by Jay White and  Chris Bey.  Bey and White completely destroy the former tag champs.  White then praises Bey for his work.

The Elite enter the Impact Zone with Don Callis.  The World Champion threatens to hit a girl in the crowd that is flipping him off.  Great stuff.  The fans are still giving Callis the “You got fired” chant.  Funny he is the one that gets the most heat.  Callis says Omega left Sami Callihan laying in a pool of blood.  He then brags about The Good Brothers regaining the tag belts.  Then Callis makes fun of Ric Flair, saying Omega is the most fighting World Champion ever.   Omega struts across the ring.  Just then Sami Callihan enters the arena.  The crowd is firmly behind Sami.  He calls The Elite many names and says they are boring.  The fans agree with him and start calling them a “bunch of bitches.”  Callihan says he beat his ass before and will win the battle royal and will beat his ass again.  In the meantime, they will have a 6 man tag next week with a couple of partners of his choice.  Callis says do it now.. Just then Frankie Kazarian jumps The Elite from behind with a bat.  The fans scream, “Welcome Back” to Frankie.

Backstage Tommy Dreamer invites Frankie to be Sami’s partner next week in the 6 man match.  Sami then tells Dreamer to be the 3rd man.  Tommy refuses and whispers to Frankie’s and Sami’s ear.  He has an idea who the partner should be.  Sami looks shocked and says it will never happen.

Su Yung and Kimber Lee are shown in creepy gear backstage.  Su is back in a her old gear.

Brian Myers says he is going to ask Beulah McGillicutty to be his partner next week.  His lackey gives him the old ECW hotline number.  Myers loses it on Sam Beale for giving him the wrong number.  He then facetimes Francine and she tells him off for her being a second choice.

Match 3.  Violent By Design VS VS Willie Mack and Rich Swann

Rhino and Deaner will be representing their faction.  Eric Young and Joe Doering will be on the outside, which means nothing but trouble.  Mack and Swann double team Deaner as the match begins.  They then take out Rhino on the outside.

Back from break, Deaner and Mack are trading blows.  Swan hits a flipping leg drop.  Swann is distracted by EY on the outside and Deaner goes on the offensive.  He pulls Swann off the top rope on his back.  Rhino tags in and they use tandem power moves off the rope to isolate Swann.

Swann escapes and Mack tags in.  He hits a Samoan Drop and reverse standing moonsault combo.  EY again interferes on the outside.  Deaner jumps Mack from behind, and gets a long two count.  Rhino tags in and the two connect for a tandem neckbreaker.  Mack is down and prone, but Rhino lets him get to his feet.  Mack then makes the tag.

Rich Swann enters and hits a jumping cutter on Rhino for a two count.  Rhino recovers and hits a Gore, but doesn’t make the pin.  Mack re-enters and hits a Stunner on Rhino and Swann follows up with a top rope moonsault and gets the pin.

Winners.  Rich Swann and Willie Mack.

At Swingers Palace they are talking about who will will the tournament coming up.  Some teams end up coming into shape for the tournament like Hernandez and Alisha EdwardsJordynne Grace and Petey Williams also are going to enter.  W. Morrissey enters and tells everyone Eddie Edwards won’t be coming home this weekend… He is looking directly at Eddie’s wife, Alisha Edwards.

Tommy Dreamer steps in front of Gia Miller, who is interviewing Eddie Edwards about W. Morrissey.  He asks Eddie to team with Sami Callihan and Frankie Kazarian next week.  Eddie somewhat reluctantly says he will do it for Tommy.

Main Event.  Match 4.  Moose VS Chris Sabin

Sabin uses his speed early and takes down Moose with a Dragon Screw and a few kicks.  He then gets a two 2 counts on roll ups.  He then locks on the figure four.   Moose gets to the ropes.  He goes to the outside.  Sabin tries to jump on Moose from the apron, Moose catches him and swings him into the metal steps.  There is a large, loud contingent of Moose fans chanting his name even though Sabin is the fan favorite.   Then a lets go Sabin.. Lets go Moose chant breaks out.

Moose takes the action back inside the ring and hits a huge dropkick.  Moose begins to slow the match down.  Sabin will take two shots, but Moose hits him once and Sabin is crushed.  He then hip tosses Sabin completely across the ring.  Sabin goes to the apron.  Moose grabs a drink and throws it in Sabin’s face.  He then hushes the crowd and lays in the loudest chop I’ve ever heard.  He then starts badmouthing Sabin.  Sabin bites Moose’s pointing finger, giving him an advantage.  Sabin goes to work and goes to the top rope and splashes Moose on the floor.  Sabin then hits a running kick to the head for a two count.  Sabin is shocked he didn’t get the pin.  Moose says give him more.  Sabin kicks him twice in the face.  This is great.  Sabin goes to the top and Moose chases him.  Sabin bites him again and then hits a flying DDT off the top.  2 Count.. wow.

Sabin then tries for a rack type hold.. Moose tosses him and hits the Lights Out and gets the pin.

Winner.. Moose

Moose then picks up Sabin and tosses him from the ring, but Sabin recovers and hits a crossbody off the top rope.  Moose leaves the ring, but Sabin dives on him.  Security enters to separate the two men as the show ends.



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