Tony Khan refuses to answer questions about Daniel Bryan and CM Punk

Jul 28, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

In an interview carried by the New York Post, AEW President Tony Khan refused to be drawn in questions about both Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, adopting a different line than before.

Asked if AEW did sign or is in negotiations with both Bryan and Punk, Khan did not want to comment although he did acknowledge that “those are good questions.”

Asked again, hypothetically, what would it mean for a company to add names such as Bryan and Punk at the same time to their roster, Khan once again refused to entertain the question.

“I can’t comment on those two guys, but I think there are certainly a lot of exciting rumors right now.”

In the past, such rumors were always shot down by Khan and even CM Punk but this time around, the no comments from Khan and absolute silence from Punk suggest that something is brewing. Bryan, on his part, never discussed such issues.

Rumors are that Daniel Bryan will be making his debut on the September 22 Dynamite in New York while AEW are in Chicago for three shows and another big Dynamite in Cleveland in the beginning of September which would be ideal shows for a Punk debut.

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