CM Punk’s Twitter Behavior Stokes Rumor Flames

Jul 25, 2021 - by James Walsh

Obviously this could be nothing, but in light of recent rumors, the timing is certainly interesting. CM Punk recently followed AEW on Twitter, following rumors earlier this week that he was in talks with the company for an in-ring wrestling return.

Living Colour, the band that performs the song ‘Cult of Personality’, which Punk used in WWE, also followed AEW earlier today but quickly unfollowed them.

2 Responses

  1. john schleehauf says:

    Honestly, does anyone really give a sh#t what he does? Go back and look at the ratings before, during and after his 1 year title reign. He did NOTHING for ratings, even on Paul Heyman’s admission. The “CM Punk” chants after he left were the fans screwing with Stephanie and Triple H. They fed him superstar after superstar trying to make a main eventer out of this one trick pony and still got nothing out of him. Does anyone think that if Vince saw ANY money in him that he would have brought him back by now? It shows you how little Tony Kahn knows about wrestling. Looks like after 20 years, TNT got an even less talented version of Eric Bischoff again. I wonder how much McMahon will pay for AEW and their tape library after it tanks next year lol

  2. Wrasslin420 says:

    Wrestling fans and CM Punk deserve the chance to see/say goodbye to each other proper. How he left the business is still not right and a lot of that is on him but still he deserves to go out better and hopefully while he can still go. Not a Bret hart US title WM situation.

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