Toni Storm Credits Her Mother for 80’s Inspired Look

Jul 24, 2021 - by James Walsh

WWE star and former NXT UK champion Toni Storm was a guest on today’s Talking Smack to discuss her big victory over Zelina Vega on last night’s SmackDOwn. During her appearance Storm spoke about her 1980s inspired look, which she credits to her mom for passing on to her. Highlights are below.

Okay, well I guess the story starts with my mom never really grew up. She never grew out of the 80s. Every story she would tell me growing up it was just all about the stuff she would get up to in the 1980s. Talk about the music and the culture and everything, and it really inspired me as a kid.

Says that transitioned over into wrestling:

Then, when I got into wrestling, so I just thought I’m a huge 80s glam fan, I’m going to go all out with this. You can probably smell the hairspray. I’m highly flammable. All thanks to my mom.

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