AEW notes on CM Punk & Daniel Bryan

Jul 23, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

CM Punk signing with AEW is reportedly “a done deal” as the former WWE Champion is planning to make his return to the ring.

As we’ve noted, it was revealed this week that Punk has been in talks for an in-ring return, and is expected to sign with AEW.

In an update, Dave Meltzer noted on that Punk and AEW have been discussing “certain dates” as talks are going on between the two sides for his debut. Furthermore, Ringside News reports that the talks are “very far along” at this point, so far that they were told Punk signing is “a done deal.”

It was noted that Punk’s arrangement to work for AEW is “a done deal” right now and at this point they’re just “waiting until they are in person to sign the contract.”

Punk has been away from pro wrestling, at least for the most part, since leaving WWE in 2014. There is no timetable for his return to the ring, but there’s a lot of speculation that AEW will bring him back during All Out Week near Chicago, his hometown. The September 1 Dynamite, the September 3 Rampage, and the September 5 All Out pay-per-view are all taking place near Chicago.

Regarding the Punk – All Out speculation, it was noted that secondary ticket prices for the pay-per-view have increased by 18% since the rumors started this week, with a “get in” price of $141.

We’ve also noted how Daniel Bryan has reportedly signed with AEW, and is expected to debut at the big Grand Slam edition of Dynamite on September 22 in New York City. The Wrestling Observer adds that there is still no confirmation that Bryan has signed, or Punk for that matter, but AEW and Bryan have been talking for months as he’s considering WWE, AEW and NJPW as his next destination. However, another report was issued today by Bodyslam on when the talks actually began. You can find that report here.

It was noted that NJPW is still “the big X-factor” when it comes to Bryan, and part of the reason that WWE President Nick Khan was trying to get a working relationship going with NJPW earlier this year.

There’s a belief within WWE that both Punk and Bryan are headed to AEW. It was also noted that WWE previously had no interest in bringing Punk back, but AEW’s interest may have changed that.

It was recently reported that Bryan was not included on a list for upcoming WWE licensing deals for various merchandise releases, and word now is that this includes the upcoming WWE 2K22 video game.

Stay tuned for more on these developing stories.

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