Malakai Black on WWE creative: “50-50 booking”

Jul 22, 2021 - by staff

Malakai Black Criticizes ‘Bipolar’ 50-50 Booking In WWE & Going to AEW Was His First Thought after being Told of his release
In an interview with the Squared Circle Pit podcast (via Wrestling Inc), Malakai Black spoke about his decision to sign with AEW and criticized the ‘bipolar’ 50-50 booking in WWE. Here are highlights:

On his thoughts after being released from WWE: “That [joining AEW] was the immediate thought process. I was sick of it, even before everything went down. I loved my time in NXT, but I felt I did nothing of importance on the main roster. It was too much bipolar 50-50 booking, they would push me and pull me off TV.”

On WWE’s current product:

“Honestly, that’s [50-50 booking] the entire product right now. There’s nothing really consistent. Everything changes week to week, or is done to the point of beating it to death.”

On Zelina Vega’s reaction to his release:

“It’s funny, but as soon as I got released, my wife started crying. And I actually started laughing because they built me up for 5-6 weeks, they made me come back [to SmackDown], and now they’re pulling me off TV again? I just couldn’t take the whole situation seriously anymore. I realized that this was not worth it anymore. I felt huge relief and just started laughing, and I immediately knew that was the feeling of freedom, and not having to deal with it anymore.”

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