Impact Report, 7/22/21

Jul 22, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.  Tonight’s show will surround the fallout of Slammiversary.  Will Jay White make an “Impact.” Follow us tonight starting at 8pm! Stars from AEW, NWA, NJPW and Impact Wrestling will compete or appear on tonight’s show.  The show begins with a highlight reel of the Slammiversary card last Saturday.  If you haven’t read the detailed recap, check it out in our results section.

The fans are back in the Impact Zone! Matt Stryker and D’Lo Brown are on the call.

Match 1.  Chris Bey VS Rohit Raju

Before the match, we see Rohit and Bey arguing backstage.  A shirt is left in Bey’s locker.  Bey picks it up and it is a Bullet Club shirt… Hmmmm..

The two begin the match with a collar and elbow tie up.  Neither gains an advantage and they release the hold.  Rohit and Bey each take each other down with arm drags and headlock takedowns.  They start pushing each other more aggressively.  Rohit and Bey cross the ropes and block a few moves, then Rohit connects with a leg sweep.  Bey hits a leaping side kick.  They both jockey back and forth until Rohit draps Bey over the ropes and chokes him.  Shera enters and lends a helping hand on the outside.

Bey has the crowd behind him, but Rohit slows the match down with boots to the head and a rear chin lock on the mat.  Bey fights to his feet, but Rohit backs him in the corner and hits two running strikes.  He goes for a third, but Bey ducks and connects with a series of right hands and kicks and a Famouser.  Bey then hits a splash in the corner, goes to the top and lands a clothesline.  Rohit hits a DDT / Faceplant out of nowhere.  Then he lands a Russian Leg Sweep.  Rohit then rolls Bey into a Crippler Crossface.

Rohit releases the hold, misses a driveby and then hits the Art of Finesse and gets the pin.

Winner by pin fall.  Chris Bey 

Jay White greets Bey backstage.  White asks if he got his message?  Bey says he walks alone.  White says how did that work out for you at Slammiversary?  Bey looks more intrigued, but confused.  White tells him the Bullet Club is looking for new members, but the invite won’t last forever and walks away.

Gia Miller is backstage with Don Callis.  Callis says he is upset because Kenny Omega is hurt from the match at Slammiversary.  Callis says he worried about the working environment at Impact.  Miller then asks Callis about Jay White.  Callis wonders why they weren’t notified he was coming.  He then wonders if White wants to join them in the Elite or stab them in the back.  He then reiterates the environment in Impact is not safe.  He mentions Sami Callihan also and he lack of restraint.

Mickey James heads out to the ring next.  She is representing the NWA and recruiting for the Empower Women’s PPV.  She says she is here at Impact to change the business.  She calls out Deonna Purrazzo to the ring.  The Knockouts Champion enters the arena and the ring with her championship belt.  Mickey says she appreciates her, and apologizes for getting physical with her at the PPV.  She tells Purrazzo she is one of the best in the world.  She then asks Purrazzo to join her and be a part of history at the Empower PPV.  Purrazzo says she came out to the ring to see if James would really say she is sorry.  Purrazzo says the NWA and Mickey need her.  She then says every promotion wants her to be on their team.  She then tells Mickey to grovel at her feet if she wants her at the PPV.  Purrazzo then says maybe she should just slap her into next week.  Gail Kim enters the arena and the ring.  Kim comes out as the peacemaker.  Kim then tells Purrazzo she was the one who asked Mickey to come and ask Purrazzo to be on the show.  James says this is how you make a mark in this business. The two then shake hands.  Purrazzo agrees to be on the PPV with the NWA.

Match 2.  Jake Something, Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona VS Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K,) Sam Beale and Brian Myers 

Beale and Jake start off for their teams.  Beale is completely manhandled and ragdolled by Jake.  After a few slams and short arm clotheslines, Matt tags in.  Beale gets to Myers and makes the tag.  Matt goes right on the offensive and pounds on Myers.  Tenille causes some confusion on the apron and Myers takes advantage.  Beale tags in and they try a double suplex, but Cardona reverses it.  The ladies tag in and Chelsea hits a Lung Blower and a vicious kick in the corner for a two count.  Chelsea goes for a unprettier, but it is block by Myers.  Beale attacks Chelsea, but she reverses it and hits the Unprettier on him to get the win.  Taylor Wilde entered the arena and distracted Tenile to help the cause.

Winner by pinfall.. Chelsea Green, Matt Cardona and Jake Something.

Eddie Edwards is backstage and demanding a rematch with W. Morrissey.  He says they don’t need to fight in the ring.  They can fight in the parking lot.  He is then shown walking outside, as we go to break.

Match 3. Streetfight. Eddie Edwards VS W. Morrissey

Eddie Edwards is standing outside with a group of fans as Morrissey heads out.  They start brawling in the parking lot.  They use a semi, garbage cans, orange cones, coolers and everything they can get their hands on.  There is a lot of fans watching this, which makes it more entertaining.  Neither gains much of an advantage, but the two are beating the hell out of each other.

Eddie is bleeding and baits Morrissey in, but he has two Kendo Sticks.  He starts beating him with unmercifully until Morrissey runs back into the building.  Eddie soaks in the cheers from the crowd as we go to break.

No Winner, but Edwards chased W. Morrissey off.

Brian Myers and Tenile Dashwood are asked about their team backstage.  Myers says they have this, but Dashwood says there is no way she could go to the Prom with him.  Kaleb makes fun of Sam Beale and Myers blames Sam for him losing his partner.

NJPW Never Openweight Champion, Jay White enters the arena and enters the ring.  The building erupts upon his entrace.  They chant Swithblade.  Jay introduces himself and brags up all his accomplishments.  He finishes calling himself the real belt collector.  The fans are loving this. He says he is here for one man, David Finley.  He says the Finley name was once respected, but is now not.  He says Finley will bever beat him for his championship.  Although he was here for Finley, he couldn’t help but say hello to the Bullet Club’s favorite fans, The Elite.  He then says The Good Brothers are only relevant when they are in the Bullet Club, and they are not good enough anymore.  He then says they have to pass on them for now, but Kenny Omega’s music hits.  Don Callis, The Good Brothers  and Kenny Omega enter the arena.  They stand at the top of the ramp.  Callis says Jay White has all the tools, but the new Bullet Club is not what if was years ago, when the real members was in charge.  Callis then makes fun of the new mid card Bullet Club.  He then tells Jay to ask nicely if he can join the Elite.  Jay asks Callis if he even works here and a you got fired chant breaks out.  White then reminds everyone he has beat Kenny Omega.  Omega and Callis walk off.  The Good Brothers take the mic and Anderson reminds him they are the reason the Bullet Club is relevant.  They enter the ring and they say Jay should be thanking them.  They make fun of his newly purchases Florida home, and how small it is.  Karl rambles on and on.  Jay says all you two is talk.  Jay says he is everything they wish they could be.  The Good Brothers attack Jay.  Jay holds his own for a few seconds, but the numbers are two much.  Out of nowhere, Chris Bey enters and levels the fight.  White and Bey clear the ring. They stand tall together.

Josh Alexander is interviewed backstage, he says he is the face of the company.. Just then Kenny Omega walks by and says really?  Don Callis pushes him back and they walk off as the segment ends.

The Good Brothers are backstage telling Jay White he is ungrateful.  Then they ask Chris Bey if he has any idea what they just got himself into?  Next week there will be a tag team match.

Match 4.  Ace Austin and Madman Fulton VS Fin Juice

Fin Juice start the match working in together on Ace.  They make several quick tags and use suplexes and tandem moves off the ropes.   Ace manages to make a Tag as we go to break.

Austin is on David Finley as we return.  He drags him to the corner and Fulton tags in.  Fulton hits a big boot in the corner.  Ace tags back in and Ace hits a shining wizard off the top rope for a two count.  Ace then locks on a rear chin lock, that turns into a Dragon Sleeper.  Finley frees his head and leg sweeps Ace.  Ace recovers, but Finley backdrops him off a whip.  He makes a tag to Juice Robinson and he does the Dusty punches to Ace.  Juice uses a sunset flip to get the rollup pin.

Winner.  Fin Juice.

Post match Fulton and Ace attack Fin Juice fight them off until Rohit and Shera enter and the numbers become too much.  Fin Juice is destroyed as both teams take turns hitting their finisher on the former Impact and NJPW tag champs.

Willie Mack and Rich Swann are backstage talking about what a bunch whinners Violent By Design are.  They then challenge them to a match.  Just then the lights start flickering and all the members of VBD attack Mack and Swann.  Eric Young watches on with delight and accepts the challenge for next week.

Moose is shown pounding on the door of Scott D’Amore.  Moose says, you saw the match with me and Chris Sabin at Slammiversary.  I need a rematch.  Sabin walks up and says they don’t have to wait or ask D’Amore.  Scott says not now.  They can be the Main Event for next week’s show.

Main Event. Match 5.  Knockouts tag match.  Fire and Flava, Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz VS Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Decay, Rosemary and Havok (with Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve) 

Hogan and Rosemary start the match for their teams.  Rosemary gets rolled up by Hogan for a quick 2 count.  Rosemary ducks a kick and Hogan pushes her way out of a slam.  The fans chant Rosemary and she hits a spinning sidewalk slam.  Rosemary locks on a hammerlock and tags in Havok.  Havok goes for a slam, but Hogan escapes and Steelz tags in.  He dropkicks Havok’s leg, but then takes a choke slam and backbreaker and repeated slams against her knee.  Rosemary tags in and splashes Steelz in the corner.  She then rams her head repeatedly on the turnbuckle.  Hogan distracts her, and Steelz pulls Rosemary to the ground face first.  Steelz is hurt, but drags Rosemary to the corner and makes the tag.

Hogan is rested and starts throwing bombs at Rosemary, taking her off her feet.  She lays in some stiff chops and then tags Steelz back in.  Steelz hits several chops too.  She then pounds Rosemary to the mat and starts laying in the boots.  Rosemary gets to her feet and hits a running clothesline and a slingblade.  She misses a kill shot and Steelz hits a code breaker.  Hogan tags in and kicks Rosemary hard to the back of the head.  She gets a long two count.  Steelz tags in.  Rosemary needs one desperately, but she has a deranged look on her face.  She and Steelz begin a strong style exchange that ends with the two crossing the ropes and both hitting a double crossbody block.

Both make a tag.  Havok takes out Hogan and Steelz with running splashes in the corner.  Steelz bails from the ring.  Hogan climbs her back, but Havok carries her to Rosemary and makes the tag.  Rosemary gets a two count off a reverse DDT.  Rosemary ducks a kick from Hogan and Hogan kicks Steelz.  Havok and Steelz hit a spear combo with Havok holding Steelz for Rosemary, who lays her out and gets the pin.

Winners.  Knockouts Champions, Havok and Rosemary.






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