Nikki Ash: “I Got To The Back and The Whole Locke Room Was In Gorilla”

Jul 21, 2021 - by James Walsh

WWE Raw women’s champion Nikki Ash was the guest on today’s edition of The Bump to discuss her big title victory, which happened on this past Monday’s episode of Raw when she cashed-in her Money In The Bank contract on former champion, Charlotte Flair. Ash discussed what the backstage reaction was to her successful cash-in, which you can read in the highlights below.

“I got to the back and the whole locker room was in Gorilla and they hoisted me up and bounced me around. We actually have the video somewhere. It was such an amazing moment. My peers, my family, I spend more time with these women than I do my actual family. They are like family to me. Sarah Schieber and Shane (Helms) were the first two (to greet me).”

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