Jul 17, 2021 - by Scott Porter

The Main Event will pit AEW World Champion, Lucha Libre AAA World Wide Champion, and Impact Wrestling World Champion, Kenny Omega VS # 1 Contender for the Impact World Championship, Sami Callihan in a no DQ match.   This match is for the Impact World Championship.

Other matches include…

Knockouts World Tag Team Champions, Fire and Flava VS Havok and Rosemary.

Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship.  Champion, Josh Alexander VS Petey Williams VS Trey Miguel VS Ace Austin VS Chris Bey VS Rohit Raju.

Chris Sabin VS Moose

Knockouts World Champion, Deonna Purrazzo VS TBA

Impact World Tag Team Champions, Violent By Design VS Rich Swann and Willie Mack VS Fallah Bahh and TJP VS ? VS The Good Brothers

Brian Myers and Tenille Dashwood VS Matt Cardona and a mystery partner… hmmmm (Chelsea Green?)

Grudge Match…  Eddie Edwards VS W. Morrissey

The fans are back for tonight’s action.   It all begins at 8pm!

Pre Show.  Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown are on the call.

Knockouts Tag Team Match.  Fire and Flava (Champions) VS Havok and Rosemary

Rosemary and Havok take the early advantage.  They are bigger and stronger and they are taking advantage of it from the offset.  Finally Hogan trips Rosemary off the top rope and Steelz works her over on the outside.

Steelz tags in and works the crowd for cheers.  It is a small but lively crowd.  Hogan tags in and slams Rosemary’s head in the turnbuckle.  She dances for the crowd next, but Rosemary recovers and takes Hogan down with several punches, but Hogan recovers quickly with a clothesline.  Steelz and Hogan make several tags, forcing Rosemary in their corner.   They repeatedly beat on her.

Rosemary levels Hogan with a kick and makes a tag to Havok.  Havok lays out Hogan in the corner with a rear end splash.  She misses on another splash and Hogan and Steelz are back on the offensive.

Crazzy Steve is on the outside and he takes a splash from Steelz from the top rope.  Black Taurus enters the Impact Zone.  Hogan goes for a sleeper, but Havok flips her over her shoulders and Piledrives her for the win.

Winners and New Knockouts World Tag Team Champions.  Havok and Rosemary

The show begins with a video package of tonight’s main event.  They also show clips from the importance of the show from years past.

Fallah Bahh’s partner, TJP will not compete in tonight’s World Tag Team Championship Match.  Will he have a mystery partner?

Match 1.  Ultimate X Match.  Trey Miguel VS Ace Austin (Madman Fulton has been banned from ringside) VS Rohit Raju (Shera has been banned from ringside) VS Chris Bey VS Petey Williams VS Champion Josh Alexander

Petey Williams has more wins in Ultimate X than anyone else combined has appearances.  He seems to have a decided experience advantage.

Josh Alexander seems to be the fan’s choice during the intros.

Bey climbs the X ropes right from the start, but he is easily stopped by several of the competitors.  Josh hits a huge release German on Ace.  Bey hits a huge dropkick on Josh next and summersaults to the outside on him.  Ace takes out Rohit and Trey hits a DDT on Bey.  Rohit and Ace climb the scaffolding and throw each other off.  Rohit grabs a rope and attempts climb the ropes to get the belt.  Petey stops him and hits a tiltawhirl Russian Leg Sweep.

Bey attacks Petey from behind, then goes back to get the hanging belt.  Trey joins him hanging from up top.  Rohit takes them down.  Trey was taken down with a spear from the top rope.  Petey,   Rohit takes out everyone and tries to pull down the belt with a large rod with a hook on the end.  Trey hits him with a missle drop kick from the top rope.

Josh and Petey fight each other off the X cross ropes.  Petey then locks on a sharp shooter on Trey.  Rohit locks on a cross face on Trey.  Next thing Josh is on the X Ropes and all guys are somehow tied together all the way to the floor with ankle locks and crossfaces.

They all collapse.

Ace gets to his feet.  He goes to the top and Bey follows.  Ace curls up to reach the belt and Bey hits a flying Cutter.  OMG that was awesome.

Petey then ignites the crowd with a Destroyer on Rohit.  He goes to the top to get the belt.  Bey gets on Josh’s shoulders to stop Petey.  Petey hits a Super Candian Destroyer on Bey from the Electric Chair Position.

Josh hits a piledriver on Petey.  Trey and Josh start trading blows.  Rohit enters and hits an assisted Flatliner on Trey.  Josh lifted Trey up.  Rohit then takes out Josh for good measure.  He scales the ropes and climbs to the center of the ring.  Trey recovers and pulls down Rohit and takes him out.  Josh recovers and superplexes Trey off the top rope.

Bey climbs to the top and makes his way to the belt.  Josh follows him from the other side.  The two start chopping each other.   The two both grab the belt.  Bey falls from the top and leaves Josh to retain the title.

Winner and still X Division Champion, Josh Alexander.

Gia Miller interviews Don Callis backstage.  Callis is still complaining about Tommy Dreamer getting him fired from his job.  He then tells Sami Callihan he would be arrested if he wasn’t in Impact Wrestling.  He says this is a no win situation for Omega.   He says it won’t matter, he has always been there for Kenny.  He is a God.  He will win.

Match 2.  Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green VS Brian Myers (with Sam Beale) and Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K)

Green is announced as the mystery partner for Cardona.  This is interesting since Dashwood dated for Cardona for some time.  Since their breakup, Cardona has gotten engaged to Green.  This should be fun.  The are playing up the old relationship.

When Green enters, she has reverted by to the Hot Mess character.  Half her face is done up properly with makeup and perfect hair.  The other side is a mess.  Dashwood makes fun of her right away.

The bell rings and Myers gets clotheslined from the ring.  Matt goes to the outside and takes out Beale and Kaleb with a K, but Myers attacks him from behind.  Cardona is then attacked by everyone on the apron as Green pleads with the ref to stop the onslaught.  Kaleb is taking selfies with Tenille and Beale at Cardona’s expense.

Myers continues to work on Matt in the ring.  Myers goes for a spear, but Matt cuts him off with a sidewalk slam.  Chelsea tags in and hits a ripcord and several clotheslines.  Myers enters and Green slaps him.  Tenille attacks her from behind.  They tumble to the outside.  Myers and and Cardona are left in the ring.  Cardona takes down Myers and Chelsea finishes him with a Canadian Destroyer.  Green hits the Unprettier on Dashwood and they get the win.

Winners.  Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green

Match 3.  W. Morrissey VS Eddie Edwards

The two trade chops and punches in the center of the ring to start the match.  Neither is giving an inch, but Morrissey eventually outmuscles Eddie and hits a fall away slam.  Eddie hits hard, allowing W. to work him over in the corner.  W. sets Eddie up on the top rope and knocks him off.  He lands on the arena floor.  Morrissey follows him to the outside.  Eddie recovers and grabs W.’s leg after he tries for a boot.  He slams it into the corner post.  Morrissey almost laughs it off and crushes Eddie.  They end up back in the ring momentarily.  Morrissey then shoulders him back to the floor.

W. lays clubbing forearms to the chest of Edwards next.  He then goes for a suplex, but Eddie slips out the back.  Eddie then hits a suplex of his own.  He is drawing off the support of the crowd at this point.  He hits a few chops and ducks clothesline, sending W to the outside.  Back on the floor, Morrissey recovers and chokeslams Eddie on the ring apron.

Morrissey breaks up the count, then heads back to the floor.  He drags Eddie to the top of the ramp.  He looks to piledrive him, but gets backdropped.  Eddie is still hurt, but gets to his feet.  Both get in the ring before the 10 count.  Morrissey is recovered.   He then hits a F5.  He then sets up Eddie on the top rope.  Eddie combats this with headbutts.  W. falls.  Eddie hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count.

Morrissey uses the ref to save him, but Eddie still manages to get another pin attempt off a rollup for two.  Eddie then boots Morrissey to the floor.  Morrissey low blows Eddie from the outside.  He climbs in and hits a powerbomb for the win.

Winner.  W. Morrissey

Moose has a promo backstage.  He is still very much in the title picture, but tonight he has to face Chris Sabin.  Moose calls himself a Wrestling God.

A brief mystery clip airs for the Drama King.  That must be someone coming to Impact.

Fulton and Shera enter the arena and are screaming mad for not being able to be in the arena for the Ultimate X Match.  Scott D’Amore enters and says we can have match.. You will face former champs, Fin Juice.

Match 4.  Madman Fulton and Shera VS Fin Juice

David Finley and Juice Robinson are back from NJPW.  This match was not announced on the card, but here we go.

Juice and Shera start the match, and Juice connects with rights to start the match.  Shera takes him down with a shoulder block.  Finley makes the tag and they double team Fulton and it is over that quick with a double powerbomb.

Winners.  Fin Juice.

Match 5.  Chris Sabin VS Moose

The speed of Sabin is really going to have to be enough to stop Moose.  Moose is on a absolute roll.  He is in incredible shape.  This should be a great clash of speed vs strength.

Moose enters first, then Sabin.  These two couldn’t look any different.  Small punk rocker VS beast.

Sabin goes right after the legs of Moose, but Moose catches him with a European Upper Cut.  Sabin ducks a hanging drop kick that caused Moose fly into the turnbuckle.  Sabin then connects with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip.  Sabin leans over Moose, but Moose flings him from the ring with one leg press.  After another Leg Whip, Sabin locks on the Figure Four right in the center of the ring.  Moose muscles free.  He then hurled Sabin into the turnbuckle with a Snake Eyes.  That was wicked looking.   Sabin looked like a lawn dart.  Moose hurls Sabin to the floor.  He follows him out and told Sabin he asked for this.  He then chopped him so loud twice.  The holy $#1+ starts next.  Moose then hits a enormous standing dropkick with a prone Sabin sitting on the apron.  The crowd is in awe.

Sabin finally slows Moose by biting him.  Moose then hits a SOS slam.  Moose misses a moonsault from the second rope.  Sabin rolled out of harms way.  Sabin hits a boot to the face.  He then splashes Moose from the ring to the floor.

Sabin is gaining momentum.  He heads back to the top.  Moose chases him to the top and they do a fallaway moonsault.  I know Moose was on the offensive, but they both hit hard.  Both are on the outside.  They trade blows and Sabin gets the best of Moose.  Sabin charges Moose, but Moose catches him and powerslams him on the apron, then holds on and swings his lifeless body back and forth across the ring barricade.  Somehow Sabin beats the 10 count back in the ring.

Sabin is hurt as he enters the ring, but manages a school boy victory roll and gets the win out of nowhere.

Winner.  Chris Sabin

Decay is backstage celebrating their Knockouts Tag Team Championship win backstage.

Match 6. Impact World Tag Team Championship Match.  Champions Violent By Design (Rhino and Joe Doering will compete.  Deaner and Eric Young will be ringside) VS Willie Mack and Rich Swann VS The Good Brothers VS Fallah Bahh and …. No Way Jose

Jose and Swann will start the match.  The two shake and share a few dance moves before Swann gets tagged out by Karl Anderson.  Jose goes on the offensive with Anderson and he and Bahh work him over in their corner.  Jose tags back in and shoves him to Mack, where he makes a tag.  The fan favorite teams are working as one unit at this point.  Anderson escapes and gets to Gallows.  Swann tags in and he is met with several punches to the midsection from Doc.

Doc takes Swann off his feet and locks on a rear chin lock and drops repeated elbows.  Swann gets slowly to his feet, but Gallows drops him and then drops a big elbow to his chest.  Anderson tags back in soaks in the boos from the crowd.  He lays in a few boots and tags Gallows back in.  Dock hits a fall away slam and running elbow in the corner.  Gallows and Anderson make a few more tags.  D’Lo mentions they have been more determined in Impact and AEW as of late.

Swann crawls to Jose and finally makes a tag. He hiptosses Anderson.  He gets a two count after an elbow drop.  Jose then hits a boot to the face, but takes a spinebuster from Karl.  Doering tags in, as does Gallows.  The two big men trade blows and boots to the face.  Neither go down and then end up choking each other.  Everyone enters to break it up.  Swann and Mack end their alliance with Fallah and Jose.  Fallah hits a Samoan Drop on Swann.  Mack then enters and Samoan Drops Fallah!

Rhino enters and Jose finds himself about to take the spear.  Out of nowhere, Anderson cuts him off and hits a side twisting neck breaker.  Gallows enters and they hit the Magic Killer and get the win to regain the World Tag Team Championships.

Winners.. And NEW Impact World Tag  Champs,  The Good Brothers.

Match 7.  Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo VS Thunder Rose!!!!

WOW.  Thunder Rose is in the Impact Zone.  Amazing.  The former NWA World Womens Champion is ready to go.

The crowd is shocked, but Purrazzo has her share of fans still chanting for her in the match.  This should be great.  These two are both amazing in the ring.

The two lock up and they won’t let go.  They break apart with neither gaining an advantage.  Rosa takes Purrazzo over with a headlock takedown.  She rolls her over, going for a single leg Boston Crab.  Purrazzo blocks the hold.   Purrazzo locks on a Gory Special, but Rosa rolls threw for a near fall.  The two start arguing.  Rosa puts Purrazzo into the ropes and dropkicks Deonna in the back.

Deonna recovers and hits a elevated Divorce Court.  She doesn’t go for a pin.  Purrazzo then locks on a octopus, but Rose backs her in the corner.  Purrazzo gets free and lays in some boots to the midsection.  Thunder Rosa then punches Purrazzo back and climbs the ropes and hits a missile dropkick.  She then hits a clothesline, double knee and dropkick combination.  Rosa gets a long two count.

Out of nowhere, Deonna locks on the Venus DeMilo.  Rose reverses it and then Purrazzo locks on the Fujiwara off another reverse.   Thunder Rosa breaks the hold.

Thunder Rose hits a double stomp on the spine of Purrazzo for a long two count.  The two start trading blows.  Deonna hits a pump kick, but Rosa rolls her up.  Deonna then hits a piledriver and gets the pin.

Winner and still Champion, Deonna Purrazzo

Post match, Mickey James makes her return to the Impact Zone.  Purrozzo  was about to address the crowd when James comes in the ring with a microphone.  Mickey says it is good to be back.  She says it is great to be back in front of a loud crowd.  Purrazzo cuts her off, telling her this is her time.  Mickey says she is not here to steal her time.  Mickey then invites Purrazzo to come to the NWA.  Purrazzo then tells James to get her trash bag and get the hell out of here.  Mickey then loses it.  (That was a reference to her WWE release)  She knocks Purrazzo to the floor.  We will see how this story continues.

Main Event.  Match 8.  Impact World Champion, Kenny Omega VS Sami Callihan.  NO DQ.

Sami heads out first.  Callis enters next.  Fans are chanting, “You Got Fired.”

Omega enters with all his belts, including the TNA World Title.

The crowd seems to be firmly behind Sami in this match.  Callis confirms it with his introduction of the champion.  He claims he is the best ever, he names all the greats including Terry Funk, but Kenny is the best.

The bell rings and Sami gets a quick pin attempt off a slam.  Sami gets a chair and a garbage can from under the ring.  He then drops to his knee and locks on a rear chin lock and yells out “Wrestling.”  Everyone laughs and cheers.  He then pulls out a fork and tries to stick it in Kenny’s eye.  Omega escapes.

That doen’t work for long though, Sami pulls out a pizza cutter and slices open Omega’s head.  He then goes back in and rolls it back and forth across Kenny’s forehead several more times.  Omega is a bloody mess.

Omega is bleeding everywhere now.  Sami won’t stop using the pizza cutter.  This is not for the weak at heart.

Omega fights back with some rights.  Sami hits a death valley driver off a whip.  Omega goes to the outside for a break.  Sami tries to go threw the ropes, but Omega hits Sami with a garbage can lid.  Omega then starts hitting Sami with pans that are all over the mat.  Omega then sets up a garbage can on the top turnbuckle.  Omega moonsaults Sami with the can.  He then grabs a chair and sets it up in the corner.  Sami gets his head rammed into the chair eventually.  Callis was on commentary, but leaves to talk smack to Sami.  He then returns to the announce table.  Sami has now been busted open as well.

Omega grabs a fork and starts ripping Sami’s head apart with it.  He is bleeding heavily.  Omega then starts sticking the fork in Sami’s mouth.  This is hard to watch.

Sami gets thrown into the barricade.  Omega then suplexes Sami on the ring apron from the arena floor.  Omega grabs a table and lays it on Sami.  He then double stomps Sami from the ring apron to the floor.

Omega gets out another table and sets it up outside the ring.  Omega and Sami end up on the apron above the table.  Sami bites Omega.  Omega’s hand has been bleeding for some time, Sami bit that.  Omega sets up a piledriver on the table.  Sami blocks it and piledrives Omega on the table to the floor.

Sami tosses Omega back in the ring and grabs more objects in the ring.  He slams Omega’s head into a garbage can several times.  The fans are loving this.

Sami gets a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire. Omega blocks an attempt by Sami use the weapon, and he slams him on the chair and barbed wire.  Omega then hits a V Trigger after a jumping DDT on the chair.

Omega then suplexes Sami on a bunch of debris in the ring from the top rope.

Callihan hits a tombstone on a chair.  Omega kicks out at two.  lol  Omega retreats to the outside.  He gets some salt and throws it in the eyes of Sami.  Sami is blinded and piledrives the ref by accident.  Omega enters and piledrives Callihan on the title belt.  The ref is knocked out. A new ref enters and Omega knocks him out for some reason.

The Good Brothers enter, but Sabin and Edwards stop them.  Sami hits a piledriver, but Omega kicks out again.  Sami then goes and gets a bag of thumb tacks.  (of course he did)

Callis interferes again and Omega throws tacks in Sami’s face.  Omega then loads his kneepad with tacks and hits a V Trigger to Sami’s face.  He gets a count of two.

Omega feeds Sami more tacks.  Callihan takes a One Winged Angel on the tacks and gets pinned.

Winner and still Impact World Champion, Kenny Omega.  

The Good Brothers join Omega in the ring to celebrate.   The lights go out and the Bullet Club’s Jay White enters the arena.

He enters the arena and circles the ring.  He is the leader of the Bullet Club and Neverweight Champion of NJPW.  The show ends with us not knowing if Jay is with The Elite or upset with them.





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