WWE stars back on Cameo

Jul 13, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

WWE Superstars have returned to Cameo for a limited time only to celebrate Money In the Bank Weekend.

After nixing third party content for Superstars on sites like Cameo and Twitch late last year, WWE now allows various wrestlers make extra income through Cameo during pay-per-view weekends. The Money In the Bank Cameo requests will run until Monday, July 19.

The following WWE Superstars will be completing the first 10 approved requests they receive:

* Alexa Bliss – $800
* Asuka – $400
* Baron Corbin – $400
* SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair – $600
* Carmella – $350
* Drew McIntyre – $600
* Kevin Owens – $400
* Kofi Kingston – $500
* Naomi – $350
* RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley – $600
* Ricochet – $350
* Riddle – $400
* Seth Rollins – $550

Corbin is using his Cameo account to push his current WWE SmackDown storyline, where he’s lost everything, including his car and investments, after losing his crown to King Shinsuke Nakamura. Corbin says he doesn’t want to do these Cameo requests, but he needs the money. You can see his new promos below:

4 Responses

  1. peter allen says:

    you can kiss my butt if you think that i will ever in a million years actually give any of these wrestlers any of my hard earned money they sure don’t deserve it in any way.

  2. Kyle Williamson says:

    I feel like Baron Corbin is overcharging by like 399 dollars

  3. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    wait, hold on. WWE…doing a continuation of a storyline? What is this? Opposite day?

  4. art123guy says:

    @Disgruntled Jobber–It actually says Corbin is using his account to push his story line. It’s quite possible he’s doing it on his own *gasp* without writers!

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