Moose Says He Definitely Wants To Have “One or Two” MMA Fights At Some Point

Jul 13, 2021 - by James Walsh

IMPACT star Moose recently spoke with Fight Game Media to hype up this weekend’s Slammiversary pay per view, where he’ll be taking on Chris Sabin in singles-action. During the interview Moose spoke about his interest in doing MMA, and how he has a good relationship with Frank Trigg during his days in the NFL. Highlights are below.

On being good friends with Frank Trigg and always being interested in MMA:

“I thought about doing MMA. I’m really good friends with Frank Trigg and he was actually who introduced me to Scott D’Amore seven years ago. Me and Frank know each other because he was training me when I was with the Falcons because (MMA) is something I was interested in and is something I still want to do at some point.

Says he doesn’t want to make it a job but wants to have one or two fights:

“I don’t want to make it a job, but I definitely want to have one or two fights at some point.”

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