Alexa Bliss responds to body shaming on Twitter

Jul 12, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

Photo Credit: WWE

Alexa Bliss took to Twitter today to responded to a fan who tried to body-shame her.

The fan posted 4 photos of Bliss – one from her WWE NXT days, one from her pre-Firefly Fun House days, one that she posted last week with fiance Ryan Cabrera, and another she posted this weekend.

He captioned the tweet with, “Remember last week when all of you Alexa Bliss MARY Sues said that this was just a blur effect and Alexa’s ass was back? Well take a look at NXT Bliss and WWE Bliss and then at the edited phot Alexa posted and then the picture she posted today and try to say that again.”

The tweet was deleted as fans responded with backlash. You can see a screenshot of the tweet below.

The backlash really picked up when Bliss herself responded.

“#1. how F’Ing DARE you try to body shame me. #2. All pics except last one are very old. #3 I haven’t been able to control my weight loss lately since being sick a few months ago . #4 all u have to say about my career since 2013 is pics of my butt? I pity u [peace sign emoji] bless,” she wrote.

Bliss is scheduled to compete in a Fatal 4 Way on tonight’s RAW with Asuka, Nikki Cross and Naomi.

Stay tuned for more. You can see Bliss’ tweet below, along with the deleted tweet from the fan, and Bliss’ Instagram photos:

3 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    You are the biggest piece of crap for trying to body shame Alexa Bliss. You are one of those internet warriors that think they are smart and better than everyone else.. Bro on behalf of most wrestling fans, shut the F*** up. No one care about your opinion.
    An idiot like you causedHana Kimura to do the unthinkable. So shut up

  2. Rob Dam Van! Shirt Typo! says:

    I don’t really see that as body shaming (i hate that term), he’s indicating that he’s pointing out something to those who claimed it was a blur effect and used pictures as evidence.

    People are kind of embarrassing with how quick they try to rush to a female wrestler’s defense. “hey man, thats not cool, xyz is a beautiful warrior”. Meh.

    I’m not saying people DIDN’T do it, but I don’t recall people rushing to defend Jericho, Big Cass, and Ohno when people pointed out how fat they got……

  3. Jackson Slasher says:

    Was it really “shaming”? He was pointing out a pretty obvious photoshop. And, Alexa Bliss has nothing better to do all day than read what people post about her online? And then all the simps come out. Man, life was better before the internet.

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