Kurt Angle Says He’d Do the Job for Charlotte Flair

Jul 11, 2021 - by James Walsh

On the latest edition of his Kurt Angle Show podcast WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle spoke about how far women’s wrestling has come in WWE, naming Charlotte Flair as a superstar he would happily do a job for because of her talent. Highlights are below.

Says that the female talent today is just as good, if not better, than the men:

I worked with Chyna and I actually loved it. She was great, she was basic and very effective. I really enjoyed working with her. Women now, they’re actually just as good, if not better than the guys. Back then they were treated as sex objects and they would have bikini matches, wet t-shirt contests.

Says he would job to Charlotte Flair because she’s that good:

Yes, I would, especially someone like Chyna or even Charlotte Flair. She’s got so much success, you could pin her up against any male today. She’s somebody that I would probably do a job for. Ric was a great athlete but not nearly as athletic as Charlotte. She is incredible, especially for her height. She’s not a stocky girl, she’s pretty tall.

Who he believes started the women’s revolution:

They were the start of it. Jackie, Trish and Lita, they spearheaded women’s wrestling. They were the very start of women’s wrestling and they did an amazing job.

8 Responses

  1. CM Chippunk says:

    A woman beats an Olympic gold medalist and one of the GOAT? Really, Kurt?

  2. Hans Maulwurf says:

    It’s Ric Flair’s daughter he is talking about. Half the wrestlers in the world are Ric Flair fanboys, so is anybody surprised?

  3. VRX says:

    Outcome of the match never matters if the story is good and believable. You need up and downs to build the story, that’s what pro wrestling is all about. So, Kurt jobbing to Charlotte wont matter at all.

  4. Horner in Your Corner says:

    @VRX on a week to week basis sure, the normal matches are mostly incidental but this would stand out and devalue him.

    “Omg that’s the guy who ended the streak”

    “Omg that’s the guy who body slammed Andre”

    “Omg that’s the Olympic gold medalist hall of fanned who lost to a woman”.

  5. Dan says:

    If you truly believe that women are less than men then sure it devalues Kurt, but if you aren’t a caveman and listen to what Kurt is saying it doesn’t. He is saying Charlotte has the skill to be believable and the size to be believable much like Chyna did…he isn’t saying he will lose to someone the size of Alexis Bliss…if it is believable it doesn’t devalue anyone

  6. VRX says:

    @Horner In Your Corner
    Depends how people watch pro wrestling then. I would say most fans watch the story unfold from beginning to end, that what peaks the intrest in the match. If they watch more casually, one match would be judged by itself, then they put more emphasis on workrate. But they are missing huge piece of the whole story.

  7. Tollefaan says:

    Less than men? Lol @ Dan. There’s a reason men and women do not compete against each other

  8. Dan says:

    You are right there is a reason men and women dont compete against each other, the same reason there are weight divisions in sports, because of size, it is unrealistic to think Alexa Bliss at 4′ 11″ 95 pounds could compete with Roman Reigns. But if you have someone like Chyna or Charlotte Flair or Nia Jax who are similar in size to men they could believable compete against them. Charlotte Flair is probably similar in size to AJ Styles so why is it ok for AJ to beat Kurt but not Charlotte

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