Matt Cardona: “I think the sky’s the limit with IMPACT”

Jul 10, 2021 - by James Walsh

Matt Cardona recently spoke with Steel Chair Magazine about all things pro-wrestling, including his hope of becoming a world champion and the creative freedoms that he now has with the promotion.

Highlights are below…

Says he love being in Impact because anything can happen:

“I love being able to do so much. With IMPACT, they have an arrangement with AEW where anybody can show up at any time and I love that. That’s what makes wrestling so exciting. I think at Slammiversary, Kenny is actually in danger of losing that IMPACT World Title to Sami, so I wonder if you’re going to see like the Young Bucks or somebody doing a little run-in. What about the Good Brothers? Whose side are they on? I guess we’ll find out at Slammiversary.”

On the creative freedoms in Impact:

“We’re all artists, and we have this blank canvas now to just draw whatever we want, and that’s the best part about IMPACT, all this creative freedom, and all these opportunities, and I think the sky’s the limit with IMPACT. I think it’s on the up and up. All the wrestlers there in that locker room are hungry, they all want IMPACT to keep getting better and better. I think we’re going to do it as a team but, at the end of the day, if we’re in the ring with each other, we’re going to beat the hell out of each other and have the best match possible for the fans.”

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  1. Steve says:

    Lol…just funny all these relaeased wreslter bad mouth the “E” then get cast away fast from then 2nd company.. Remember this “I got in this business to be the champion, and that’s why I’m here in AEW.”.
    Matt i like you be safe should have taken that match with Nick

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