Braun Strowman Shows Interest in Joining AEW

Jul 10, 2021 - by James Walsh

Former WWE Superstar Braun Strowman took to Twitter last night and commented on how he’s waiting to get “out of jail” and beat people up.

Strowman was released from WWE on June 2, and is reportedly under a 90-day non-compete clause that will make him a free agent on Tuesday, August 31. Strowman said he’s ready to fight.

“While I sit here with a belly full of pizza I can’t help but think about how much I like beating people up!!!!!! How many more days do I have till in out of jail??? I wanna fight!!!!! #Whof***ingWantsSome #MyMitsAreRatedEForEveryone #CatchMeOutside,” he wrote.

One fan responded and said AEW star Wardlow “wants some.”

Strowman responded, “Everyone thinks they do still they stand across the ring from me. #LikeNoOneTheyHaveEverSceen”

The Monster Among Men has been rumored for a run with AEW after Mark Henry, who now work with the promotions, recently stated that there was interest on both sides.

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  1. Steve says:

    Lol.. can’t wait how the alternative to the “E” is slowly becoming the old WWE.. cant wait to see what title is created forbthis dude. Best part is gonna be what pathetic names he will use. Look at all the “E” rejects with the awesome names in AEW

  2. What? says:

    AEW 2021 = TNA 2006

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