AEW fan who tried to enter the ring surfaces online, Jim Cornette & MJF comment

Jul 10, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

The fan who rushed the ring during Wednesday’s Road Rager edition of AEW Dynamite on TNT sent a warning to the company via Twitter several days before the show.

The fan surfaced on Twitter this week and has been trolling fans, and wrestlers. He noted that he ended up going to jail after the incident at the James L. Knight Center in Miami on Wednesday night.

For those who missed it, the fan rushed the ring during Chris Jericho’s entrance for his face-off with MJF, as fans were singing Jericho’s “Judas” theme song. MJF and Jericho both stood up as staffers and security wrestled the man from the apron and ramp area, to the floor. Jericho then walked over and briefly got physical with the man. You can see various video clips of the incident below.

Regarding security, PWInsider noted that Atlas Security was not working the show and have not been working with AEW during the COVID-19 pandemic. Atlas was known for stopping unruly fans during the Original ECW days, and at times in TNA/Impact Wrestling.

The fan, who goes by Fat Bastard or @MuufuhkinMark on Twitter, responded to a Vince Russo tweet on June 23, where Russo taunted Tony Khan for losing half of AEW’s audience. The tweet, which is now pinned to his account, threatened Khan, Cody Rhodes, and Anthony Ogogo.

The fan wrote, “Come to Miami on 7/7 for Dynamite, I’m going to make bitches out of this whole company. @CodyRhodes @AnthonyOgogo @TonyKhan”

He later uploaded an episode of his podcast to YouTube on July 1, The Burial Ground Podcast, and in the description he issued another warning.

That description said, “I (Muufukin Mark) give Cody Rhodes, Anthony Ogogo, and Tony Khan one more chance to do the right thing, and kiss the ring. If they don’t profusely apologize for threatening and disrespecting me, I will extract an apology, on 7/7 backstage at Dynamite. You don’t disrespect people like me, I won’t let it go until the end of the world.”

After getting back online this week, the fan has changed his Twitter bio to taunt Jericho and MJF.

His bio now says, “Chris Jericho punches like a bitch, and I saw piss running down MJF’s leg.”

The fan first surfaced on Twitter this week when responding to a fan who re-tweeted the video of the incident, saying he got handled. He responded, “Blocked that punch while I was overpowering a 330 lb security guard, but ok.”

Other fans noticed that reply, and he’s been trolling and taunting people ever since then.

The fan went viral this afternoon following a tweet he sent to Jim Cornette and Cornette’s podcast co-host, Brian Last. He thought Cornette would side with him as Cornette often rips on AEW. He was wrong.

“@TheJimCornette @GreatBrianLast, how did you like my #AEW debut? I did this for all of us real wrestling fans, wrestling is no longer a safe space for friends to dance around and play dress up. Reality can hit at anytime, did they think it is going to be fucking playtime forever?,” he wrote to Cornette.

Cornette responded and said the man is lucky he wasn’t gutted “like a fish” and commented on how the ring is sacred ground for those in the business. He then blocked the man.

“Got news for you dipshit, the ring is sacred ground for US, and even if you and a lot of others THINK you can kick the shit out of the Young Bucks, I would have turned you into a tennis racket popsicle, & you’re lucky someone there didn’t gut you like a fish. And you’re blocked,” Cornette wrote back.

Last also responded and said the man should be embarrassed. He then also blocked the man.

“Real wrestling fans don’t jump the rail. You should be embarrassed. You are blocked,” Last wrote.

One fan pointed out how Cornette doesn’t condone this kind of behavior from wrestling fans.

“I know he doesn’t, and I respect that. And I understand why Jericho is mad, but he has to know, I went to see him because he is one of the biggest stars in wrestling, I have the utmost respect for his accomplishments, but I had to do what I had to do. #LooseCannon,” the man wrote.

MJF tweeted on the incident this week but did not directly communicate with the man.

“Keep jumping the guardrail. I’ll keep laughing. #heatseeker #betterthanyou #AEWDynamite,” MJF wrote. He added in a follow-up tweet, “Also Judas me all you want. You aren’t getting passed the 5 labors.”

The man responded to MJF and wrote, “Lol, I don’t have time to toil in the midcard you fucking rookie, I came to see Jericho, I only deal with main event caliber talent. I will fucking ragdoll you, kid, don’t make me laugh.”

The man also tagged UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal, who was in attendance for Dynamite. He claimed he met Masvidal while at the show.

“Big shout out to Miami’s favorite son, @GamebredFighter, good to meet you homie. I wish I had more time to talk, but I had some business to handle. If you want to get into real wrestling, it ain’t #AEW. Let me know, I’m about to take over the game, shit’s about to get real again,” he wrote.

Another fan asked if the man could sue Jericho for leaving the ring and putting hands on him while he was being held by security. The man responded and said he didn’t take a swing at anyone or try to hurt anyone, but Jericho did.

He wrote, “I’m willing to let bygones be bygons, if they are. I didn’t take a swing at anybody or try to hurt anybody, Jericho did.”

The fan has trolled non-stop since he was discovered on Twitter this week. One tweet joked that NWA boss Billy Corgan is the one who bailed him out of jail, an obvious lie. He also claimed that Jericho and Khan pressed charges after saying they wouldn’t.

He wrote, “I really want to thank @Billy for bailing me out of jail, you didn’t have to do that. Just like @IamJericho and @TonyKhan shouldn’t have pressed charges, after they promised not to. I’ll see you soon, you fucking pussies, wrestling is no longer a safe space…”

He told another fan that he’s no longer allowed at any future AEW events, writing, “I’m not allowed at anymore of their shows. [laughing emoji] but they watch my videos.”

The man has made all sorts of wild claims and comments this week. He claimed to be a pro wrestler and a wrestling commentator.

You can see a few clips from Wednesday’s incident below, along with several related tweets:

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