Impact Wrestling Report, 7/8/21

Jul 8, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Josh Matthews and D’Lo Brown are on the call from the Impact Zone.

The show begins with a vignette package setting up tonight’s matches.  They go over a quick recap of past weeks, but the underlying message is Sami Callihan VS Kenny Omega for the Impact World Title.. but Moose is in the shadows.

Kenny Omega and Don Callis briefly interviewed as the enter the Impact Zone arena to start the show.

Match 1.  Brian Myers (with Sam Beale) VS Jake Something

This match was set up two weeks ago when Something beat Beale clean, but Myers rampaged post match that Jake cheated his way to victory.

They start off with Jack ducking behind and clubbing Myers to the outside.   Jake follows him and backs him against the barricade only to ram Brian into the corner post.  Myers takes a beating for another minute, but finally gains an advantage suplexing Something on the ramp.  Myers tosses Jake in the ring and goes heavy on the offensive with chokes and boots to the face.  Eventually he locks on a rear chin lock.  Something tosses him and hits Myers with some chops and a thrust to the throat.  He gets a two count with a powerslam.

Myers recovers and goes low with a kick and hits a sidewalk slam for a two count.  Myers goes to the top, but Jake cuts him off.  The two jockey for position, but Myers tosses him off the ropes and connects with a Macho Man elbow for a long two count.

Jake gets to his feet and the two bounce the ropes.  Jake hits a huge black hole slam and gets the pin.

Winner.. Jake Something

Myers grabs the mic and begins to admit Jake did well, just then Beale attacks Jake from behind and Myers attacks from the front.  Matt Cordona then hits the ring for the save.  Beale is left laying on the floor and Myers hits the ramp and Matt and Jake stand tall.

Callihan VS Omega is hyped for the upcoming PPV.

Impact Knockouts World Champion, Deonna Purrazzo is briefly interviewed backstage.  She is now alone with no backup and ready to be that way.  She announces a Open Challenge.

Sami Callihan is interviewed about Kenny Omega backstage.  Just then he is arrested for supposedly assaulting Don Callis.  Callihan is cuffed and taken away.  He is shocked and pissed. He claims he did nothing wrong.

Match 2.  Lady Frost Vs Impact Knockouts World Champion, Deonna Purrazzo

Deonna is not impressed by the much traveled Frost.  Frost has competed for AEW and WWE, as mentioned by Josh Matthews.

The two take turns out working each other off lock ups.  The intensity is picking up with each exchange.  Frost finally hits a huge spin kick, but misses a moonsault.  Purrazzo locks on a armbar and Deonna taps her out.  That was quick.  I am surprised that went this quick.

Winner.  World Champion, Deonna Purrazzo

Post Match, Gail Kim’s music hits and she heads to the ring as Deonna cockily thanks Lady Frost for the challenge.  We go to break…

Back from break, Purrazzo thanks Gail for her presence and “impact” on wrestling, but she doesn’t want her to interrupt her.  Gail cuts her off and says she just wants to talk about the future.  Purrazzo says lets do this then, lets wrestle.  Kim cuts her off and says she is retired.  Purrazzo listens.  Gail then says she wants to be the best ever, so she will face a mystery opponent at Slammiversary. 

We go to a flashback match.  Mickey James if fighting Angelina Love, from the Beautiful People.  Is this some kind of sign?

Mickey James retains the Knockouts Championship in this match.

Alisha Edwards is at Swingers Palace with some strange looking ladies and Hernandez.  The place is closed, but Chris Sabin wants to play.  He sits down and starts talking to the ladies.  He gets jumped from behind from Moose, who clears the room.  He then challenges Sabin to a match at Slammiversary.

Chris Bey is interviewed backstage.  He is asked about joining Trey Miquel, Josh Alexander and Petey Williams.  He says they were who he chose last week, but he is only on his side.

Match 3.  W. Morrissey VS 3 dudes.. (squash match)

Morrissey takes the mic before the match and accepts the challenge against Eddie Edwards at Slamiversary.  He then shows Eddie what he will do in their match against the 3 jobbers.

W is huge and completely ripped.  He was interviewed on Busted Open Radio today.  He clearly is ready to go and just destroys the three foes in about a minute.  A few slams, chokeslams and finally a F5 and he pins all three at once.

Winner.  W. Morrissey. 

Don Callis is interviewed backstage about getting assaulted by Sami Callihan.  He says he is a hazzard to himself and the community.  Don says he has a family.  He says he has film proving the actions.

A video airs with a guy dressed as Sami in the back with a mask on.   Scott D’Amore shows up and says he is sorry for the actions.  D’Amore tells him to humor him and they should just humor him in the ring and sign the contract for the title match later tonight.

Match 4.  Kimber Lee and Susan VS Havok and Rosemary

Even though Kimber and Susan have broken away from Deonna Purrazzo, they still seem to be villians.  Susan has the look of utter disgust as Rosemary and Havok enter the arena.

Susan doesn’t want to get in the ring with Rosemary to start the match, but that doesn’t matter.  Rosemary ducks behind and twists the arm, tagging Havok for a double team elbow drop.   Susie escapes and Kimber tags in.  Havok just woman handless her and eventually tags Rosemary.  Kimber hits a roundhouse and buzz saw kick.  She then locks on a stump puller leg lock.  Rosemary escapes by biting her.  Susan tags in and gets a quick pin off a rollup for a two count.

Rosemary then fights off Kimber and Susan and makes a tag to Havok.  Havok hits a spin kick and squashes both girls in the corner.  Susan gets free and bites Havok, but that doesn’t stop the double team Russian Leg Sweep/ Spear finisher.  Rosemary pins Susan.

Winners.. Havok and Rosemary.

Tenille Dashwood hosts another episode of All About Me with Kaleb with a K.

Jazz shows up as the guest.  She is confused by the format of the show.  Why does she have to ask questions to Tenille.  Kaleb asks a question for her.  Tenille says it is not her fault nobody wants to be her partner.  Rachel Ellering should have been the one, but Jazz ruined it.  Tenille says she ruined it just like her career.  She then attacks Jazz from behind as the segment ends.  This was a good stuff.  Once back from break, Jordynne Grace and Rachel Ellering help Jazz to her feet.  They says they will take care of Kaleb and Tenille.  Grace says her and Rachel are back as a tag team and next week they will be the first thing on their list to take care of.

Rich Swann and Willie Mack enter the arena and grab the microphone.  Willie talks down to Violent By Design for attacking them from behind.  They challenge them.

Just then TJP and Fallah Bahh enter the arena.  They say they also are looking for Violent By Design.  They say they also have a score to settle.  TJP then says you can’t jump them for the shot at the tag belts.  Mack says they are the #1 contenders, so they are getting the shot.

EY enters with the rest of Violent by Design. All 8 face off, just then The Good Brothers enter.  They are acting like preachers.  They say they will be the next tag champs.  Just then, Tommy Dreamer enters the arena. He makes a decision that at Slammiversary it will be a four way tag match for the belts, but for now he sets up a singles four way match with one 1/2 of each tag team in the match.

Match 5. Ken Anderson VS Rich Swann VS TJP VS Deaner 

This match will be fast for sure.  Swann and TJP are insane with their speed.  Deaner tags in from TJP and slows the match down with kicks and stomps..  The rules of this match is only two competitors will be in the ring at once… (yeah right)

TJP tags in from Swann, but Deaner stays in control.  He knees TJP in the back of the neck.  TJP does the Matrix move and Deaner flies from the ring  Swann climbs the ropes and flips from the top to the floor on everyone as we go to break.

Deaner and is in control as we return.  Anderson enters and wants to work together to double team TJP.  Deaner agrees, but jumps him from behind.  Anderson can’t recover, but makes a tag to Swann.  All four men are in the ring as the match starts to break down.  Anderson and TJP are going at it and TJP gets the best of it, but Anderson recovers until TJP hits a Detination Kick.  TJP misses a Mamba Splash.  Deaner hits a DDT on Swann after Swann took out TJP.  Anderson hits a Gunn Stunn on Deaner and gets the pin.

Winner.. Karl Anderson

The Good Brothers re-enter the ring with VBD.  Gallows stands up to Joe Doering.  It looks like this will be a show down.  TJP and Swann get to their feet and join the crew in the ring.

Back stage Kimber Lee and Susan are joined by Father James Mitchell.  Kimber tells her to go with Mitchell.  Susan enters a room.  Mitchell says are you sure you want to do this?  Kimber says she has nothing left.

Contact Signing.. Sami Callihan and Kenny Omega is next.

Scott D’Amore addresses the Sami’s arrest earlier.  He says he won’t be there tonight.  Regardless Kenny Omega and Don Callis are summoned to the ring to sign their half of the paperwork.    They enter the arena.  Omega is only carrying the Impact World Championship for the record.

Callis grabs the mic and says you can’t just go around assaulting people.  He has 8 strikes on his record.  He may not be able to defend, but Omega is here and will sign the contract . Omega grabs the pen and signs the contract quickly.

Lights then begin to flicker and the jumbotron shows a different angle of the Sami Callihan set up earlier.  Johnny Bravo was impersonating Sami.  The lights flash again and Callihan is now in the ring.  He takes out Callis.  Omega jumps him from behind and starts to bash him with the belt.  Omega goes for a piledriver, but Sami hts a low blow and then piledrives Omega.

Sami then grabs the contract and signs it.  He then grabs Omega and powerslams him threw the table in the ring that was set up for the signing.

Callis is furious on the outside as the show ends.




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