More notes on Jimmy Uso after DUI arrest

Jul 7, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

As of Tuesday evening, WWE officials reportedly had not made a decision on Jimmy Uso’s status following his latest DUI arrest.

As noted, Uso was arrested on Monday night after being stopped by police who witnessed him run a red light, while doing 55 mph in a 35 mph zone. He later failed sobriety tests and was taken to jail overnight for misdemeanor DUI, speeding and running a red light. You can click here for our original report on the arrest, along with Jimmy’s mugshot photo.

It was later revealed that Uso bonded out of jail at 9am ET on Tuesday morning, after posting a $500 bail. It was also reported that WWE officials were not happy with Uso, as expected, and that at least a few “high level people in power are extremely disappointed and legitimately pissed off” at Uso for this latest arrest.

In an update, it was reported by Dave Meltzer that there was no actual fallout from WWE on Uso as of Tuesday evening. With that said, it was noted that decisions, whatever they may be, will be made soon.

It was also first noted by Ringside News that WWE officials were focused on taping RAW on Tuesday, and that they didn’t need to address the incident before this Friday’s SmackDown, but they planned on dealing with it today.

Furthermore, Fightful Select reported today that there is unanimous concern for Uso within WWE. Multiple wrestlers have expressed that they believe WWE should get involved to make sure things get handled before someone gets hurt. Uso is said to be well-liked among most in WWE, but one person compared his incidents to what happened to WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam in 2006, noting that more happened to him than in three arrests for Uso.

One top WWE name called Uso’s current storyline “the story we’ve all been waiting for” and expressed disappointment that Uso would risk that. The overall tone was that of fear for safety, disappointment, and frustration.

While Uso was likely issued a court date when bonding out of jail, the Escambia County Clerk of Court still does not have his court date and related information on file as of this afternoon. The office was closed on Monday due to the Independence Day holiday, so they are backed up a day on paperwork, and just received the reports from police this morning. They expect to have Uso’s court date and judge/lawyer information entered into the system before the end of the week.

This was Jimmy’s second DUI charge in the last two years as he was booked for similar charges in July 2019, also in Pensacola. A jury later found him not guilty in that case, despite police video that showed him swerving and stumbling during the arrest. Uso was also arrested earlier in 2019 after allegedly getting into a drunken dispute with police in Detroit. The Tuesday report on internal reactions to the arrest noted that “this many times isn’t a mistake or bad luck. It’s personal judgment,” and that’s not good.

WWE has not made a statement on Uso’s arrest as of this writing, but we will keep you updated. He is currently featured in the top SmackDown storyline with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, but there’s no word yet on how this will impact things.

Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Taxx W. Hoodchicken says:

    Help him, then RELEASE him.


    He needs help, and his employer should help him as is standard with most large corporations.

    But then release him. He’s a repeat offender who needs to know there are consequences. Nobody is gonna be happy until he kills somebody, BUT BY THEN the message will be lost.

  2. Rob Dam Van! Shirt Typo! says:

    He needs jail time. Plain and simple. Give him the help he needs in there. But he is too dangerous to have out in the general public for the time being. The fact that he’s done this x amount of times (that he got caught anyway…) and he hasn’t taken a life is nothing but luck. Yeah, he’s sick and needs help, but the safety of others needs to come first. For lack of a better phrase—time for the USO penitentiary!

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