Chris Pratt Reveals Funny Story Of Challenging Batista To Wrestle, Calls Him The “Toughest Dude In Hollywood”

Jul 5, 2021 - by James Walsh

During a recent interview on James Corden’s Late Late Show A-List actor Chris Pratt spoke about his relationship with fellow Guardian of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista (Batista), and how he once challenged The Animal to wrestle while he was on blacked out on Ambien. Pratt jokes that Bautista would have killed him in a fight before calling him the toughest man in Hollywood.

I would text people, and I’m blackout, have no idea what I’m texting people, on like an Ambien. It was like: ‘Dave, I want to wrestle you. I want to wrestle you. No one needs to know, but I just want to know. I think I could take you. I think I could wrestle you, bro. Like collegiate rules — no elbows, no knees. I just want to feel the power. Dave would kill me. He is by far the toughest dude in all of Hollywood.

You can see Pratt and Bautista together onscreen again when Volume 3 of Guardians releases in 2023.

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