Joey Janela dealing with a concussion

Jul 1, 2021 - by staff

In an update on Joey Janela recently appeared on The Wrestling Perspective podcast and confirmed that he is still dealing with a concussion.

“I’ll be coming back soon,” Janela said. “I’m dealing with a little injury right now, a little concussion deal. S–t happens, everyone knows that, it’s wrestling. All sports, everyone gets concussions. So, I’ll be cleared from that, I think, in the coming weeks, maybe the coming weekend [this past weekend]. So I’ll be good, I’ll be doing, hopefully, some AEW stuff soon. Things were about to pick up for me there right before that [the concussion] happened.”

On June 1st, Janela had revealed that he was dealing with an injury, and was not medically cleared to compete for upcoming GCW shows

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