Jim Ross refers to AEW as “WWE Dynamite”

Jul 1, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

AEW announcer Jim Ross is receiving significant negative feedback from fans after another major botch on AEW Dynamite commentary.

JR was wrapping up Wednesday’s Dynamite broadcast, and plugging next Wednesday’s show, when he referred to the show as “WWE Dynamite” while still on the air on TNT.

“Tickets available at AEWtix.com. Folks, there’s nothing in your life that will top seeing a live WWE Dynamite,” Ross said.

AEW fans immediately responded with criticism on social media.

Ross addressed the botch in a tweet and admitted the error.

“Yep I apparently made an untimely error tonight at shows end. No excuses. And I’m not quitting. [cowboy hat face emoji],” he tweeted.

Busted Open Radio’s David LaGreca tweeted a “mistakes happen” post and praised JR as the greatest of all-time. JR re-tweeted those comments and added, “Thx Dave. It’s all on me. No excuses.”

Stay tuned for more. You can hear the botch below, and see JR’s full tweets:

7 Responses

  1. Rob Dam Van! Shirt Typo! says:

    ….That dude really tweeted about JR’s mistake while typing out “what did JR said”………

  2. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    Everyone piles on JR, but Michael Cole botches move names, the title someone holds, and no one bats an eye.

  3. Pisto75666 says:

    But Cole usually corrects himself.

    With all that released WWE talent around him, maybeJR just got confused about where he was?

  4. Joseph says:

    I see a big difference between messing up the name of a move and calling your company the name of another company.

  5. dooman says:

    it is a funny mistake nothing more nothing less

  6. Gau says:

    Give the old man a break, he’s surrounded with too many WWE rejects..

  7. Mark says:

    Jim Ross has also called Kenny Omega “WWE Champion” in the past and Omega is certainly not a WWE reject (a released WWE talent).

    Another well liked person by the name of Mauro Ranallo is infamous for calling Elimination Chamber as Hell in a Cell at Elimination Chamber 2017.

    Michael Cole isn’t the only one that botches on commentary despite being well known for it and as Pisto75666 said usually Cole will correct himself or thank his fellow partner at the booth for correcting him while other commentators will chose to stay silent (on a commentary botch) and hope nobody notices what they had wrongly said.

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