Amanda Huber writes touching IG post on Tyler Breeze after he gets released

Jun 27, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

Amanda Huber, the wife of the late Jon “Brodie Lee” Huber, wrote a touching tribute to Tyler Breeze on her Instagram after the news came out that he was released from WWE.

Amanda said that Breeze, along with Shawn Spears and Peyton Royce, were some of the only people who knew from the start that her husband was seriously sick and over the course of their friendship, they managed to help each other out through the worst of their lives.

She recounted how on the day that her husband died, she let him know early in the morning and he jumped in the car and drove to be by their side along with Spears and Royce.

“They made sure Jon was never alone that day. That I was never alone in going thru everything. I’m forever grateful for them. Friends who are by your side thru thick and thin. Friends who remind you that you’re never alone,” Amanda wrote.

She concluded by saying that she cannot wait to see him do amazing things.

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  1. DB says:

    This is a touching story. Thank you for sharing it. No matter where you are, you will always find good people who will be there when you need it.

  2. Kyle Williamson says:

    Tyler Breeze shouldn join the Dark Order

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