WWE reportedly releases new writer after interview comments on not knowing about wrestling

Jun 25, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

WWE has reportedly fired creative writer/producer Kenice Mobley, according to Sean Ross Sapp.

Mobley, a stand-up comedian and podcast host, was just hired to work the RAW brand earlier this month. She made headlines this week for her recent appearance on the “Asian Not Asian” podcast, where she revealed that WWE did not require her to have any pro wrestling knowledge when they hired her. She received significant negative feedback from fans for some of her other comments on Twitter and the podcast, including not knowing if the WWE Champion was named “Bobby Ashley” or Bobby Lashley. You can click here for our original report on Mobley’s comments, along with some of her background information and her tweets on pro wrestling.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported today that Mobley’s comments received some attention within WWE. It was noted that Mobley was “under the gun” for speaking publicly about subjects that WWE did not want talked about. We mentioned before how WWE’s job listings for creative writers do not list a knowledge of pro wrestling as a requirement, so her comments didn’t come as a major surprise to some.

It was also reported by The Observer today that there was a negative reaction to Mobley’s comments, and that Mobley is not the only WWE writer in this situation, as this is typical of many of the writers. WWE officials were reportedly embarrassed by this going public due to the feeling that it makes the company look “blindingly stupid” to the outside world.

We noted before how Mobley protected her tweets after her podcast interview started making the rounds this week. She has made her Instagram account private since late last night.

On a related note, multiple sources are reporting that WWE is making more talent and staff cuts today. Stay tuned as we will keep you updated.

8 Responses

  1. art123guy says:

    “WWE officials were reportedly embarrassed by this going public due to the feeling that it makes the company look “blindingly stupid” to the outside world.”

    So lemme get this straight; WWE (apparently) knowingly hire writers that know nothing about wrestling and get embarrassed BECAUSE THAT PERSON DOES INTERVIEWS AND SAYS THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WRESTLING! Therefore…THEY ARE STUPID!

    Next thing you know they’ll let someone go then hire them back in a week because…oh right. Been there done that.

  2. CM Chippunk says:

    At least they can paper over the release of this “blindingly stupid” hire with more releases. 🙄

  3. aag44 says:

    I mean, I kinda get why WWE is mad… It’s one thing to be hired without knowing the product, and it’s another to STILL not know at least the most basic aspects of the product when you’re already working there — and to display this in such a public forum, to boot.

  4. Nolo King says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised. She was being very arrogant about being hired and almost taking pride in her ignorance.

  5. Horner in Your Corner says:

    I don’t understand why they even reacted. They’ve been famously bringing in soap opera and sitcom writers for like two decades now

  6. What? says:

    I’m with art123guy on this one. It seems like the best way to avoid being embarrassed by word getting out that you’re hiring writers who know nothing about your business is…don’t hire writers who know nothing about your business. But then, unlike WWE I have been known to be swayed by trivial things like logic and common sense.

  7. Joseph says:

    Were they upset over her comments about not knowing about wrestling or not knowing Bobby Lashley’s name?

  8. Kenny Koolaid says:

    Considering she was a standup writer she probably wasn’t hired with the intention of being a wrestling booker/writer as much as to add comedy segments to the wrestling product.

    But in tv terms, she did really just go on public media and admit she wasn’t sure what the name of the main character on the show she currently writes for is. That’s not confidence showing.

    In her defense a wrestling roster is one of those places on tv that is going to be constantly in flux. People coming in, people going out, people becoming more important, people becoming less important on a week by week basis. But soap operas go through the same thing. If a writer on the General Hospital or Days of our Lives team went on a podcast and said they weren’t sure what the name of the character in the show’s biggest storyline was, do we think they’d still have a job either.

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