Impact Wrestling Report, 6/24/21

Jun 24, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Josh Matthews and D’Lo Brown are on the call for this week’s episode.

The show begins with a recap package from last week’s show.  Sami Callihan has be reinstated and Don Callis has been fired as EVP!  What’s next?

The show begins with Don Callis and Kenny Omega entering the arena.  Security lets Callis know he is not on the list of people aloud in the building.  Callis tells the security man off and forces his way backstage.  (The security person was scared for his life.)

Match 1.  Rosemary VS Kiera Hogan (Tasha Steelz)

Hogan immediately tries to use head games to gain an advantage.  She bails from the ring several times to frustrate Rosemary.  Havok is not with Rosemary at this point.  Rosemary finally catches Kiera and sidewalk slams her, then hits an exploder suplex.  She then locks on the upside down.  Steelz grabs Rosemary’s leg when she was on the apron.  She falls and Hogan quickly takes advantage.  Steelz helps by choking Rosemary on the ropes while the ref was distracted.  Havok enters the arena to have Rosemary’s back.  Inside the ring, Kiera hits a basement dropkick.  Kiera stomps Rosemary next, and hurls her backside into Rosemary in the corner.  Rosemary hits a back elbow.  They both collapse to the mat.  They get to their feet and trade blows.  Rosemary hits an SOS slam, then a sling blade.  Rosemary then hits a reverse DDT.  Hogan is in trouble, but she hits a superkick, then a roundhouse kick for a two count.  Rosemary hits the sit out slam finisher and gets the 1, 2, 3.

Winner by pinfall.  Rosemary.

Backstage Petey Williams and Trey Miguel urge Chris Bey to join them in their fight against all the other competitors for the X Division Championship.

Tommy Dreamer is interviewed backstage about joining the board of Impact Wrestling and the firing of Don Callis.  Scott D’Amore enters and says begrudgingly thanks Tommy for having the companies best interest in his heart.  D’Amore then finds out that Dreamer is staying on as a advisor.  D’Amore is not happy with this decision at all.

Match 2.  Susan with Kimber Lee VS Deonna Purrazzo, Knockouts World Champion

The once close team of Purazzo, Lee and Susan is no more.  After last week, Purrazzo is now on her own and apparently wants nothing to do with Susan and Kimber Lee.

Susan and Deonna start the match pointing fingers at each other.  Finally the two lock up and Purrazzo muscles her into the corner.  She then hits a shoulder block.  Susan tries to whip Purrazzo to the corner, but that isn’t happening.  She starts whipping her around the ring and tossing her repeatedly on the floor.  Deonna is toying with Susan at this point.

Purrazzo hits a leg sweep, float over wrist lock.  She then ties Susan up into a pretzel.  Kimber is pleading with Deonna to take it easy on her.  Purrazzo is laughing.  Deonna starts kicking Susan in the corner.  The ref warns her to listen to his count.  Susan tumbles to the arena floor.  Susan struggles to get to her feet and get in the ring.  Deonna locks on a straight jacket and pushes the point of her knee in Susan’s back.  Deonna hits a suplex and pins Susan, but picks her up from the pin.

Susan loses it and starts punching Deonna.  She then slams her head into the turnbuckle.  Susan hits a superplex, but Deonna roles out of the pin and locks on a armbar and wins by submission.

Winner by submission… Deonna Purrazzo.  

Back at Swingers Palace, TJP and Fallah are doing some gambling.  Willie Mack and Rich Swann join the game.  Hernandez is now the security.  The two teams both friendly tell each other they want to be tag champs.  TJP challenges them to a tag match next week.

Dreamer is approached by Callis backstage.  They shake hands and Callis says last week is water under the bridge.  Callis continues on about how great it is to have Dreamer overseeing D’Amore.  Callis says it is good, because he shouldn’t wrestle anymore at this stage of his career.  Dreamer doesn’t like this, but Callis is just setting up a 6 man tag with Omega and the Good Brothers VS Dreamer and two partners.  They agree on the match.

Match 3.  Petey Williams and Trey Miguel VS Shera and Rohit Raju

This match will be fast.  Petey and Rohit start off for their teams.  Petey is all over him.  The tree of woe is used, among kicks and flips.  Trey tags in and he is perpetual motion.  Trey hits some highspots and tags Petey back in.  They hit a top shelf, double hiptoss.  Shera tags in.  He throws Williams to the mat.  Shera then hits a powerful slam as we go to break.

Rohit is on top of Petey as we return.  Petey has been taking a beating, he luckily sneaks off and makes a tag.  Trey hits a chop and a cutter to Rohit.  He hits a running knee on Shera on the apron. Trey then rolls up Rohit.  Rohit kicks out and hits a jumping flatliner for a long two count.  Petey tags in and hits a jumping Russian Leg Sweep.   Petey sets up the destroyer.  He is distracted by Madman Fulton and Ace Austin who show up.  Rohit hits a Drive by and gets the pin.

Winners.  Rohit and Shera. 

Post match Fulton and Ace join Shera and Rohit on beating up Trey and Petey.  Josh Alexander enters to help.  He clears the ring until Fulton finally hits him from behind.  Chris Bey enters the arena and starts videoing the fight.  Bey seems to enjoy being by himself.  Shera, Rohit, Ace and Fulton celebrate in the ring.

Sami Callihan and Tommy Dreamer are talking backstage.  Dreamer wants him on his team.  Sami accepts the invite.  Moose walks up and says he is in and walks off.

Rachel Ellering is in the ring with the mic.  She calls out Jordynne Grace.  The two have had some issues in the past few weeks.  Grace comes out.  Both are in street clothes.  Grace grabs the mic.  Ellering tells Grace winning the Knockouts tag championships was one of the best things in her life.  She is emotional.  She said losing the title really hurt her.  She also had things going on in her life.  She hated being pushed into positivity and she thinks she did that to Jordynne.   She tries to say she is sorry.  Jordynne cuts her off.  Grace goes off about great she is.  She says she doesn’t need her as a partner.  Ellering mentions Tenille Dashwood again.  Grace threatens her if she mentions her name again.  Jazz enters the ring.  She is trying to calm everyone down.  Jazz says that together they can do great things.  Jazz says together they can get threw anything.  Jazz tells Grace her ego is getting in the way.  Ellering is blaming herself again.  She says she wants to team with Grace.  It is up to Grace to decide.  Grace says she needs time to think about it.

Grace leaves.  Tenille Dashwood enters and says this is the perfect time for them to start teaming.  Rachel then challenges Tenille to a match.  Dashwood tries to attack Ellering.  Jazz takes out Kaleb with a K and Rachel takes out Tenille.  Segment ends.

Match 4.  Sam Beale (with Brian Myers)  VS Jake Something

Jake hits a few shoulder blocks and a hiptoss.  Beale bails to the outside.  Jake follows him out and Myers distracts him.  Beale throws Jake into the post.  They re-enter the ring and Beale goes to the air.  Jake catches him and drops him in the Falcon Arrow.  Beale rakes Jakes eyes.  Jake recovers and spears Beale.  One black hole slam later.. This match is over.

Winner. Jake Something

Myers grabs the mike and calls Jake a cheater.  He tells Beale don’t do anything Jake does.  He is a cheater.  Jake stands tall.

Kojima and Eddie Edwards are backstage with Rich Swann and Willie Mack.  Kojima and Edwards are getting ready for their tag team title match tonight.

Main Event Match 5.  Violent by Design, Deaner and Joe Doering (Impact World Tag Team Champions) VS Eddie Edwards and Satoshi Kojima

Rhino and Eric Young are with their team members on the outside.   The match starts with quick tags.  Nobody really gets a advantage.  The action is mostly shoulder blocks off whips off the ropes.  Kojima shoulders Deaner to the floor as we go to break.

Deaner is being double teamed as we return.  Kojima eventually is in the ring with Deaner.   Deaner hits a atomic drop and tags in Doering.  Doering slows the match down.  He hits Kojima with heavy forearms and elbows.  Deaner tags back in and is fighting like a rabid dog.  He is vicious.  Doering tags back in and lays in heavy shots in their corner.  Eventually he locks on a rear chin lock.  Kojima drops to the mat.  Doering takes Kojima to the ground totally and starts forearming his head into the mat.  Doering tries for a suplex, but Kojima blocks it and reverses the hold.  Doering is huge.  That was impressive.

Deaner and Eddie tag in.  The two trade kicks and punches until Eddie hits a Blue Thunder Bomb.  Doering breaks up the pin.  The match breaks down as all four enter the ring.  We go to break after Doering and Deaner bail to the outside and Kojima and Eddie dive onto them on the floor.

Back from break, the match pace has picked up.  EY interfered giving Deaner an advantage over Eddie.  Deaner is biting Eddie in the corner.  Doering tags in and slams Eddie and gets a two count.  Deaner re-enters with a elbow to the shoulder from the top rope.  Deaner then locks on a chin lock.  He then hits a knee off the ropes for a two count.  Deaner and Doering have effectively cut the ring in half.

Doering lays in a few big boots to Eddie’s midsection and then knocks Kojima from the apron.  Eddie reverses a suplex on Deaner.  Both reach for the tag.  Kojima gets tagged in, but Deaner fails to get to the corner.  Kojima is fired up and is working Deaner hard with Machine Gun chops in the corner.  Eddie comes in and does the same to Doering.  They set up Deaner on the top for a suplex.  Kojima then hits a Macho Man elbow for a two count.  Deaner recovers and eventually drops Kojima.  He misses a kill shot.  Eddie tags in.  Back suplex set up, but Doering hits a crossbody.  Deaner splashes Eddie from the top, but Eddie kicks out at two.

Eddie gets hit with a F5 from Doering.  Kojima makes save.  Doering double closelines Eddie and Kojima.  Eddie reverses a revolution bomb.  Kojima hits a cutter.  Doering hits a Revolution Bomb on Eddie.. What an exchange.. Doering pins Eddie.

Winners and still champions… Violent By Design. 

Doering is a beast..




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