Update on the Sonya Deville stalker legal case

Jun 22, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Phillip Thomas, who was committed to Florida’s Department of Children Families on 5/14 after Judge Barbara Twine Thomas ruled that he was incompetent to stand criminal trial based on the results of a court-ordered medical examination was transferred out of the custody of Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is now in the custody of a mental health facility. The transfer took place earlier today.

Back in August 2020, Thomas was arrested and charged with Aggravated Stalking, Armed Burglary of a Dwelling, Attempted Armed Kidnapping, and Criminal Mischief. Tampa authorities alleged that Thomas had been planning to kidnap Sonya Deville for months and drove from South Carolina to Deville’s Florida home in order to do so. Around midnight Sunday morning 8/16/20, Thomas parked his car and found the Deville’s home, cut a hole in the patio screen and remained there for hours, watching and listening through the home’s windows. He entered the home around 2:43 AM after Deville went to bed, triggering an alarm by entering through a glass sliding door. Deville saw Thomas and fled the home with WWE performer Mandy Rose, who was staying at her home, calling 911.

When authorities arrived, Thomas was still in the home and was found “carrying a knife, plastic zip ties, duct tape, mace and other items and told deputies he was planning to take the homeowner hostage.” Thomas’ social media featured many references to her as well as responses to Deville and others who wrote about her.

Deville testified that Thomas sent threatening messages about her, her ex-girlfriend, her mother, her father, her sisters, her niece and Mandy Rose.

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