Killian Dain on Nikki Cross: “She had an idea and saw it brought to life”

Jun 22, 2021 - by Steve Gerweck

Nikki Cross’ husband, NXT Superstar Killian Dain, took to Twitter after RAW and indicated that Nikki Cross came up with the new Superhero character on her own.

“She had an idea and saw it brought to life. Very excited to see whats next! Go go Nikki!!!!,” Dain wrote.

Cross spoke with Sarah Schreiber for the post-RAW interview seen below.

“So we’ve talked about the last few weeks, there’s been this power growing inside of me, this spark that’s just been developing and evolving, it’s a metamorphosis, it’s this spirit inside of me, and I’m going to ride this spirit, I’m going to ride this momentum, ride this wave, to Money In the Bank, and beyond!,” Cross said.

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