Streaming issues during WWE Hell In a Cell

Jun 21, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

A significant amount of fans experienced streaming issues with tonight’s WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view on Peacock.

The issues began with the Kickoff as a CDN error of some sort was being displayed when users tried to play the pre-show. The Kickoff eventually started playing but unfortunately that was just the beginning of the issues. The pre-show streamed perfectly normal on YouTube and the WWE website.

Peacock buffered and outright closed back to the main title screen all during the actual Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins was the only match where I had no troubles on my Peacock stream, ran through Roku, and almost the entire match between Charlotte Flair and RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley was unwatchable.

Social media was full of fans complaining about the quality of the stream and how Peacock kept them from viewing the show, with a significant amount of complaints being made directly to the WWE and Peacock Twitter accounts. Fans were also complaining about the WWE Twitter account and the WWE Watch Along stream spoiling matches before they actually aired on Peacock due to the delays.

Peacock was responding to some of the complaints during the show, but it seemed like they were giving generic replies for the most part. The official Peacock account was also reacting to the match finishes and various happenings during the show. The Peacock support account did admit that they were on a delay.

The @AskWWENetwork support account was also bombarded with complaints tonight. One fan wrote that he had cancelled his Peacock account due to the issues.

@AskWWENetwork responded, “Hi @rocksteady31 We are sorry to know that you have canceled your subscription. Please let us know if you need further assistance. You may also send your feedbacks directly to Thanks!”

WWE has not specifically addressed the Peacock-Hell In a Cell issues as of this writing, but we will keep you updated. You can see some of the related tweets below, which are just a few of the many tweets made in the last hour of so of the pay-per-view:

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