Shaloncé Royal

Jun 19, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name:
Height: 5’0″
Weight: 150 lbs.
Date of Birth:
Hometown: Macon, Georgia
Resides: Atlanta, Georgia
Pro Debut: 2018
Trained By: 1FW Wrestling School
Finishing Move:


– Royal is also known as Shalandra Royal. She’s nicknamed the Fighting Siren & Pro-Wrestling’s Musical Diva.
– December 29, 2018, Royal defeated Black Widow at GPW War Games ’18.
– January 12, 2019, Royal lost to Thunder Blonde at GPW Turmoil.
– June 7th, Royal competed in a 3-Way at 1FW Vindication.
– August 9th, Royal defeated Dani Jordyn at SHW Rumble Jack.
– August 31st, Royal competed in the AEW Casino Battle Royale.
– October 5th, Royal lost to Brooklyn Creed at SFCW Street Wars.
– November 6th, Royal & Shazza McKenzie lost to Leva Bates & Nyla Rose on AEW Dark.
– December 14th, Royal competed in the New South Winter Rumble.
– December 20th, Royal & Thunder Blonde defeated Anna Jayy & Robin at GPW Holiday Havoc ’19.
– January 17, 2020, Royal & Dara Destiny lost to Charlette & Robin at GPW Edge of Darkness.
– February 1st, Royal, Taylor Rae & Ursula Davies defeated Deity, Amber Rodriguez & Ravenna Vein at New South We Love Pro Wrestling ’20.
– February 16th, Royal competed against Aria Blake for the vacant AWE ROAR Title.
– February 21st, Royal defeated Robin at GPW February Fury ’20.
– July 11th, Royal lost to Shawna Reed at the VCW Frank Barnhill Memorial Show.
– July 17th, Royal defeated Brooklyn Creed at PSW Summer Spectacular.
– July 19th, Royal defeated Brooklyn Creed at New South Top Shelf.
– August 9th, Royal defeated Trixie at the New South 5th Anniversary Show.
– August 16th, Royal defeated Kenzie Paige at New South Top Shelf 2.
– September 5th, Royal defeated Tracy Taylor at Lariato Pro Sylvester Slam.
– January 2, 2021, Royal competed in the LW Boozerweight Classic 6-Way, she would also defeat Dream Girl Ellie at the same event.
– January 24th, Royal defeated Robyn Renegade on AWE Loud.
– May 22nd, Royal competed in a 4-Way for the IWE Women’s Title.

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