Impact Report, 6/17/21

Jun 17, 2021 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for a detailed recap from the latest episode, from Impact Wrestling.

The show opens with a fiery confrontation between Moose and Scott D’Amore.  Moose demands a rematch with Impact World Champion, Kenny Omega.  The outside interference clearly cost him the match.  He also mentions Sami Callihan often has issue and he should be first in line for a title match.  D’Amore tells Moose that Anthem is sending someone to the Impact Zone to address the issues and he will not speak of this again until the rep arrives in the Impact Zone.

Match 1.  TJP (with Fallah Bahh) VS Black Taurus (with Krazzy Steve)

TJP has no choice, but to out run and wrestle his much larger opponent.  He connects with a head scissors after a few go behinds.  He spins out and connects next with a quick dropkick.  Taurus stops the momentum with one single headbutt.  His power advantage is big.  He is a heavy hitter to say the least.  Taurus then locks up TJP in a move intending to stretch his body apart.  TJP breaks the hold, but Taurus hits a stiff clothesline.

TJP recovers and bounces the ropes and hits a springboard clothesline.  Taurus ends up leaning back in the corner and TJP hits his patented running kick to the face.  He lays this kick in deep.   TJP follows it up with a twirling DDT and Taurus bails to the outside for a breather.  Steve and Bahh are starting to mix it up on the outside, and are close to Taurus.  TJP takes to the air and lands on all three.  Taurus gets tossed back in the ring, one Mamba Splash later, TJP gets the pin.

Winner.  TJP by pinfall.

Post match, Moose attacks TJP and tosses him from the ring.  He grabs a chair and takes a seat in the middle of the ring.  He is going to basically hijack the show by doing a sit in.  Scott D’Amore asks him to leave, but Moose will have none of it.  Out of nowhere Chris Sabin hits a missile dropkick and Moose takes a powder.  Sabin wants a match with Moose immediately, but we then go to commercial abruptly.

Back from break, Sabin is in the ring demanding a shot at Moose.

Match 2.  Madman Fulton (with Ace Austin) VS Josh Alexander

Fulton outmuscles Josh and tosses him accross the ring.  Alexander hits a running clothesline that spills Fulton to the floor.  This match starts off hot.  Fulton re-enters and suplexes Josh.  He then follows that up with a boot to the face.

Back from a quick break, Fulton plants Josh’s face into the turnbuckle.  He then locks on the claw to the face.  He then uses the ropes to choke Josh.  Josh fights back and hits a suplex.  He has taken a lot of punishment to the face on the ropes.  Josh goes for his finish, but Fulton counters..  Josh goes for it again and picks up the win.

Winner.  Josh Alexander by pinfall.

Post match, Ace attacks Josh, but Petey Williams comes in and makes the save.  Rohit Raju enters and takes out Petey from behind.  Trey Miguel then enters and takes out Rohit.  This leads us into a stare down with Trey and the X-Division Champion.  They tear into each other, but Shera attacks them both.  He chokes out Josh.

Knockouts World Champion, Deonna Purrazzo, Susan and Kimber Lee are talking backstage, but the strategy session is secondary, as there was a mystery person was filming the interview from around the corner.

W. Morrissey is interviewed about his victory at Against All Odds against former Impact World Champion, Rich Swann.  He is very clear in his comments.  He is there to end people and win.

Match 3.  Steve Maclin VS Jason Page

The ultra aggressive, Steve Maclin will be making his much talked about debut tonight in this match.

Jason gets choked right from the outset.  He gets backed into the ropes by Maclin.  Maclin is pressing hard and hits some stiff knees to the solar plex.  Jason crumbles drapped over the ropes.  Maclin drops heavy elbow strikes to the back of the neck and head.  Jason is already beat when he takes Maclin’s version of the DDT.  Easy pin.

Winner by pinfall.  Steve Maclin

Match 4.  Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K) VS Rachel Ellering

Rachel wants revenge for Tenille’s attempts to cause a rift between her and partner, Jordynne Grace. 

Rachel and Tenille tussle for position and start the match clean.  Tenille locks on a headlock.  Ellering breaks the hold and the two trade arm bars and reversals for a nice exchange.  Eventually, Ellering twists an armbar enough to take Tenille to the mat.  She forces her shoulders to the ground, getting a two count.  Tenille gets to her feet, but Rachel waist locks her back to the ground.  Tenille is getting frustrated.

Tenille distracts the ref, allowing Kaleb to interfere.  He grabs Ellering’s leg.  Tenille ties her up in the ropes from the distraction.  She begins to choke Rachel.  Rachel bails and Dashwood follows her out on the arena floor.  They begin laying in the haymakers.  Tenille wins the exchange and hits a crossbody block after tossing Ellering into the barricade.

Tenille slams Ellering into the turnbuckle.  Rachel counters eventually and hits a suplex and senton combo.  Tenille recovers and hits a clothesline.  Tenille then gets a two count off another crossbody block.  Rachel hits the Flatliner out of nowhere.  She looks to have Dashwood on the ropes, but Kaleb distracts her again and Dashwood rolls Ellering up for the win.

Winner by pinfall.  Tenille Dashwood

Backstage segment.  Fire and Flava are attacked by Havok and Rosemary.  The newly reformed tag team lay out the Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

Main Event.  Match 5.  Satoshi Kojima (with Eddie Edwards) VS Rhino (with Violent by Design)

Rhino is all over Kojima to start the match.  He is much stronger and pushes him around.  Kojima is a fantastic striker from Japan.  I highly suggest checking his matches out.  Kojima fights his way out with strong style forearm blows and stiff elbows taking Rhino to the mat.  Rhino bails to the outside to regroup as we go to break.

Rhino seems to have taken control during the break.  Kojima begins a comeback and hits the Machine Gun Chops backing Rhino into the corner.  Rhino fails at a suplex attempt and takes a DDT.  Somehow Rhino gets out a cutter.  Rhino sets up Kojima for a Gore, but misses.  Satoshi hits the Koji Cutter and a clothesline and gets the win.

Winner by pinfall.  Satoshi Kojima

Next week we will have a tag match with Kojima and Edwards VS Joe Doering and Deaner.  Rosemary VS Kiera Hogan is also announced .

Sami Callihan is now in the ring.  He calls out Scott D’Amore and Don Callis  to come out.  We go to break.

Back from break, D’Amore is pleading with Sami that they are trying to do the right thing and get him his match.  Sami says he will do the right thing for once and do what he is told.  He leaves.  Callis comes out and he is making fun of D’Amore.  He tells D’Amore nothing can fix Sami’s issues.  Tommy Dreamer comes out next.  Tommy tells everyone that Sami has been reinstated by Anthem.  Tommy then tells Callis that Anthem has decided to terminate him from his position on Impact.

Callis is enraged and begins telling D’Amore and Dreamer he will have them fired.  He heads backstage where Sami meets him and tells him he will take out Kenny Omega and make him watch.

The show ends.


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