6/17/21 NXT UK Report

Jun 17, 2021 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

NXT UK comes to you from the BT Sport Studios in London, England.

Commentators: Nigel McGuinness & Andy Shepherd
Ring Announcer: Francesca Brown

Match #1: Wolfgang defeated Sam Gradwell with a Spear.

Kenny Williams cuts a quick promo before his match which is next.

We see Raquel Gonzalez, Xia Brookside, Dakota Kai, Ember Moon & Beth Phoenix discuss how honored they are to have Meiko Satomura as the new UK champion. Amale says that she shouldn’t be champion because she stole her spot in the 5-Way so she’s coming for her. Raquel says that she hopes that NXT vs. NXT UK happens at Survivor Series or somewhere else so she can be fortunate enough to step in the ring with her.

We then see Subculture getting ready for their matchup later tonight but then Jinny & Joseph Conners show up to tell them how disgusting they are. Then Pretty Deadly show up to say good luck later as they’ll be on commentary.

Match #2: Kenny Williams defeated Danny Jones with a Headlock driver.

We see Ilja Dragonuv, Joe Coffey & Rampage Brown all sitting at a table discussing who is better and the toughest as they’ll be competing in a 3-Way next week.

We see Mark Coffey being interviewed as he knows that Wolfgang is one up on him and then he walks up to Sha Samuels and irritates him until he accepts a matchup and so Samuels runs off screaming for Sid Scala.

SPRNVA Sessions is next as Noam Dar introduces the new shirt for the show in which it was 5 years in the making. He then welcomes out Jordan Devlin. He welcomes him and then they hug. He tells him that it’s good to have an actual superstar on the show. He then says he has a gift for him as he’ll receive the brand new SPRNVA 11 shirt. He asks him how it felt dominating in America and Devlin says well you know because you’ve been there and done that and guess what we are both back right here because America sucks. Noam tells him that Escobar didn’t even beat him for the title. He then gives Devlin the stage so he can cut a exclusive. He then says that the franchise player of this brand is back. He isn’t hard to find, just go backstage and look for the big gold star on the door that says Irish Ace and see if you’re tough enough. Dar finishes up by telling everyone to order his new t-shirt.

A video package of the on going rivalry between Teoman & Oliver Carter. Next week they’ll go at it once again.,

We are now at the performance center as we see Dave Mastiff & Tyler Bate trying to hype up Jack Starz by giving him advice.

Match #3: Nathan Frazer defeated Rohan Raja with a Frog Splash.

Devlin is seen backstage as he taunts A-Kid.

Match #4: Subculture (Flash Morgan Webster & Dani Luna) defeated Joseph Conners & Jinny after Webster hit the 630 on Conners for the win.

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