WWE RAW Report – 6/14/2021

Jun 14, 2021 - by Marc Middleton

– Tonight’s WWE Hell In a Cell go-home edition of RAW on the USA Network opens up with Alexa Bliss backstage on her swing. She welcomes us and is happy to have us tonight, but she did get a bunch of feedback on how Lilly acted last week to Shayna Baszler. Bliss admits even she was taken aback. We get a brief video package of what happened last week. Bliss says she had only good intentions when she invited Baszler to Alexa’s Playground, but unfortunately things got a little out of hand. Bliss says due to Lilly’s naughtiness and because WWE is going back on the road soon, Bliss has decided to put Lilly in time out. That doesn’t mean Baszler didn’t get what she deserved.

Nia Jax appears. Bliss plays her schtick up but Jax tells her to cut the crap. Jax tells Bliss that Baszler will see her on Sunday at WWE Hell In a Cell. Jax wonders what happened to Bliss. They used to be friends, Jax knows the real her. Jax wants Bliss to stay away from her friends and out of her career. Bliss changes her tone and says they were never friends. Jax says she has to smack some sense into Bliss now. She proposes a match with Bliss in the ring tonight. Bliss starts crying and says she never meant to hurt anyone. The tears turn to laughs and she says she was just kidding. Bliss stands up and gets in Jax’s face, and accepts the challenge.

– We’re live from the WWE ThunderDome at the Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida as Corey Graves welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Jimmy Smith and Byron Saxton. They hype Drew McIntyre vs. RAW Tag Team Champion AJ Styles, RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Asuka, and The New Day vs. Team R-K-Bro.

Nikki Cross vs. Charlotte Flair

We go right to the ring and out first comes Nikki Cross as Mike Rome does the introductions. We see how Cross and Asuka beat Charlotte Flair and RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley last week. Flair is backstage with Sarah Schreiber now. She asks why this match is so important with Cross tonight. Flair isn’t worried about how she should focus on Sunday’s match at Hell In a Cell, but she needs that last match removed from her record because she fought too hard for that to happen. She goes on about Cross and Ripley before heading to the ring as Cross looks on.

The bell rings and they lock up. Flair with a knee to the gut and a takedown by the hair. The music interrupts and out comes Ripley. Flair talks trash from the ring. Cross rolls her up for a close 2 count. Flair charge but Cross moves. Cross gets sent to the apron but she fights back. Flair knocks Cross from the apron to the floor.

Ripley watches from the stage as Cross goes to the floor and sends Cross face-first into the barrier. Flair keeps giving attention to Ripley, but levels Cross with a big boot again. Flair brings it back into the ring, stopping to trade more looks and words with Ripley. We go to commercial with Flair in control of Cross.

Back from the break and Flair remains in control. Cross tries to mount offense but Flair shuts her down. Flair uses the second rope as the referee warns her. Ripley watches from a chair at ringside, smiling at Flair.

Flair beats Cross around the ring and taunts her. Cross fights from her knees but Flair delivers stiff chops. Cross finally goes down. Flair blocks a roll-up and stomps away while Cross is down on the mat. Cross fights Flair off from the top turnbuckle, then drops her with a big tornado DDT for a pop. Flair rolls to the floor for a breather but Cross leaps from the apron. Flair catches her in mid-air, then turns to taunt Ripley while holding Cross in her arms.

Flair with a fall-away slam on the floor, in front of Ripley, then a kip up. Flair is counted out while paying too much attention to Ripley as Cross runs back in.

Winner by Count Out: Nikki Cross

– After the bell, Cross immediately runs out of the ring as a furious Flair charges after her. Cross’ music hits but stops as Flair levels her at ringside with a big boot. Fans boo as Flair brings Cross back int he ring and unloads with strikes. Flair goes for the Figure Four but Ripley runs in and grabs her from behind, dropping her with a Riptide. Ripley stands over Flair with the title in the air as her music hits. Ripley leaves with her title, taunting Flair as she tries to recover on the mat.

– We see how Randy Orton watched from ringside as Riddle lost to Kofi Kingston last week, failing to use the RKO. Riddle and Jeff Hardy are backstage now. Riddle feels bad about last week. He asks Hardy, as a tag team legend, about advice on making it. Hardy talks about keys to a successful tag team and says he can’t believe he’s saying this, but Riddle should listen to Orton because he’s been here a long time. Hardy mentions a match with John Morrison tonight. Riddle starts ranting about nothing like he usually does, and Hardy disappears. Orton appears and Riddle apologizes for last week, and promises he won’t let Orton down tonight. Orton tells Riddle to be himself tonight, whatever that means, and not another Randy Orton. Riddle asks if that means Orton likes him. Orton says no and walks off.

Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison

We go back to the ring and out comes John Morrison with The Miz. Morrison is pushing The Miz in a wheelchair.

Back from the break and out comes Jeff Hardy to a pop. The Miz is on commentary. Hardy poses in the corner but Morrison sprays him in the face with the Drip Stick for a cheap shot. Morrison takes advantage and rushes the ring as the bell hits. Hardy is stunned from the Drip Stick shot from the floor.

Morrison unloads on Hardy in the corner as Miz cheers him on. Hardy fights out of the corner and works Morrison over with thrusts. Morrison with more offense on Hardy. The music interrupts and out comes Cedric Alexander.

Cedric watches from ringside as Morrison continues delivering his unique offense to Hardy. Hardy counters with a double leg drop for a 2 count. Hardy turns it around and heads to the corner, throwing something out at The Miz. Hardy nails a Poetry In Motion but Morrison kicks out at 2.

Hardy tries to fight in from the apron but Morrison kicks him in the gut. Morrison scoops Hardy on his shoulders on the apron, then drops him over the top rope. Morrison follows up with Starship Pain for the fairly quick win.

Winner: John Morrison

– After the match, Morrison briefly celebrates until Cedric takes the mic at ringside, yelling at Hardy. He apologizes for not showing Jeff the respect he deserves as a legend last week. Cedric idolized Hardy. Cedric went back and watched their match and saw how Jeff showed him up and disrespected him. Cedric saw how Hardy was nothing but a sore winner. Cedric is only sorry he didn’t kick Hardy’s disrespectful ass into a retirement home. Jeff says he will retire if Cedric can beat him in a match right now. Fans pop and Cedric heads into the ring as we go to commercial.

Jeff Hardy vs. Cedric Alexander

Back from the break and the bell hits. Jeff Hardy kicks Cedric Alexander out of the ring. Jeff said he will retire if he loses this match.

Jeff brings it back in the ring but Cedric cuts him off and drops him for a 2 count with a Dragon Screw leg whip. Cedric works on the leg now, grounding Hardy with a single-leg Crab. Cedric keeps focusing on the leg but Hardy comes back with a jawbreaker. Hardy mounts more offense and delivers the double boots in the corner. Cedric kicks out at 2.

Hardy limps around and has a Twist of Fate blocked. Cedric comes right back with a Michinoku Driver for a close 2 count. Cedric talks some trash and goes to the top. Cedric misses the Swanton Bomb as Hardy rolls out of the way. Hardy has the Twist of Fate blocked again.

Cedric with a jumping knee. Hardy blocks Cedric again and this time nails the Twist of Fate for a pop. Hardy goes back to the top and hits the Swanton for the pin to win, and to avoid retirement tonight.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

– After the match, Hardy limps around and celebrates as his music hits. Cedric cries out on the mat while face-down.

– We get a video package on the events that have led to Drew McIntyre vs. WWE Champion Bobby Lashley at Hell In a Cell on Sunday.

Piper Niven with Eva Marie vs. Naomi

We go back to the ring and out comes Naomi for the next match. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Naomi waits in the ring as Eva Marie makes her way out for her return. NXT UK Superstar Piper Niven is with her. Niven rushes the ring as Eva walks behind her. Niven is stepping up, telling the referee she will be competing. She tells him to ring the bell.

The bell rings and Niven levels Naomi as Eva watches from ringside. Naomi was confused at the opponent change. Naomi unloads with punches but Niven drops her again. Niven catches Naomi and slams her in the middle of the ring, then drops a big senton. Niven with another big splash off the ropes as Eva looks on. Niven goes on and delivers the Michinoku Driver for the pin to win.

Winner: Eva Marie

– After the match, Eva takes the mic at ringside and announces herself as the winner. Niven rushes over and hugs her as they celebrate.

– We see Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke doing a backstage photo shoot earlier in the day. They were bothered by WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Tamina Snuka and Natalya training in a nearby ring. Rose and Brooke asked if they can keep the noise down. Natalya and Tamina knock them for worrying more about their looks than their in-ring skills. The two teams have words until the champs invite them into the ring. A fight breaks out between the two teams until officials arrive to break it up.

The New Day vs. R-K-Bro

We go back to the ring and out first comes The New Day – Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Kevin Patrick interviews Drew McIntyre backstage. He is hyped up and confident about challenging WWE Champion Bobby Lashley at Hell In a Cell. We go back to the ring and out comes Randy Orton and Riddle. Kofi and Woods get the upperhand on Riddle early on. Riddle kicks out at 2 after a double team. Kofi keeps control and flies off the top with a shot to the elbow after more quick tags. Woods comes back in and grounds Riddle. Riddle tries to fight free with strikes.

Woods takes him back to their corner but Riddle brings them to Orton, who tags in. Woods rocks Orton with a big elbow after Orton works him over. Kofi tags in and springboards off the top with a big crossbody to Orton. Kofi covers for 2. Kofi works on Orton’s arm now but Orton breaks free with a right hand. Orton works Kofi in the corner but Kofi nails a second rope dropkick.

Riddle and Woods run in but Woods launches Riddle across the ring with a big suplex. Orton and Riddle go to the floor for a breather. Kofi and Woods taunt Riddle and Orton as fans chant “New Day rocks!” now. We go to commercial with The New Day standing tall in the ring.

Back from the break and Riddle and Wood trade aggressive running strikes. Riddle drops Woods with a big flying knee. Riddle drops Woods with a Fisherman’s suplex for a close 2 count. Orton tags in for a double team move. Orton stomps Woods for a 2 count. Orton grounds Woods now in the middle of the ring. Riddle tags back in and keeps Woods down. Riddle with a Broton. Riddle mounts Woods’ back and works him over in the middle of the ring.

Riddle with an arm bar now but Woods resists. They tangle on the mat and Riddle ends up tagging Orton. Orton unloads on Woods to keep him down. Woods finally fights back and slips away to tag Kofi in. Kofi flies in off the top and decks Orton, then rocks Riddle on the apron. Kofi dropkicks Orton. Kofi counters a slam by Orton and decks him with a jumping right hand. Kofi with the Boom Drop now. Kofi rallies the crowd while he waits for Orton. Riddle gets on the apron to distract Kofi. Orton ducks Trouble In Paradise.

Riddle is legal now. He unloads in the corner with kicks to Kofi, then a running right hand, and another. Riddle drops Kofi and nails the running punt kick. Riddle levels Kofi with a huge Ripcord knee to the face. Riddle goes to the top for the Floating Bro and he hits it. Woods runs in to break the pin up but Orton knocks him out of the ring. Kofi still kicks out of Riddle’s pin. Kofi rolls to the floor to regroup with Woods as Orton and Riddle stand tall in the ring. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Riddle goes to the top but Woods crotches him. Woods climbs up for a superplex. Kofi tags in and the superplex is hit. Kofi flies from the other corner with a Frogsplash but Orton breaks the pin up just in time. Orton sends Woods to the floor. Orton tries to send Kofi out but he counters and Orton gets tossed to the floor. Riddle rolls Kofi up out of nowhere for a close 2 count. Kofi rocks Riddle and tags Woods in.

Riddle catches Woods coming in and hits a Northern Lights suplex for another close 2 count. Orton is back on the apron now, waiting for the tag. Orton tags in for the double team assisted powerbomb to Woods. They hit it in the middle of the ring and Orton covers for a close 2 count. Orton can’t believe it.

Orton takes Woods to the apron for the draping DDT but Kofi tries to pull Woods to the floor. Orton gets sent back away from the ropes. Orton comes right back charging but Woods kicks him from the apron. Riddle tags in and goes for a big German from the apron. Woods has Riddle in an Electric Chair now. Kofi tags in and leaps from the top, knocking Riddle off Woods’ shoulders with a big double stomp. Riddle still kicks out at 2.

Riddle blocks another double team and rocks Kofi with a knee to send him out of the ring. Riddle takes Woods to the corner on his shoulders. Orton tags in but Woods doesn’t see it. Woods still blocks the RKO outta nowhere. Woods and Orton go at it now. Woods goes for the Honor Roll but he rolls right into the RKO for the pin to win.

Winners: Randy Orton and Riddle

– After the match, Orton’s music hits as he and Orton stand tall in the middle of the ring. Riddle is having fun and dancing around but Orton is all business. Riddle drops down to pose with Orton but Orton exits the ring. We go to replays. Riddle joins Orton at ringside and tries to hype him up for their tag team but Orton just keeps walking up the ramp.

– We see what happened earlier between Nikki Cross, Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley. Schreiber is backstage with Ripley now. She knocks Flair for worrying about her ego instead of their title match. Ripley talks about beating Flair at Hell In a Cell and tells Schreiber to get out of her face so she can get ready for her match with Asuka.

RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Asuka

We go back to the ring and out first comes Asuka for this non-title match. Asuka hits the corner to pose as pyro goes off. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley as Asuka waits in the ring. The bell rings and they size each other up. They lock up and Asuka applies a headlock. Ripley fights free but misses an attack in the corner. Asuka taunts her. Asuka ducks a clothesline and they run the ropes. Asuka takes Ripley down and they trade pin attempts.

Ripley fights Asuka off with strikes. Asuka goes down in the corner. Asuka fights out of the corner but Ripley rocks her. Asuka jabs Ripley. Ripley drops her with a stiff headbutt. Asuka keeps fighting and applies the standing Octopus submission now. They tangle some more and Asuka gets on Ripley’s back with a Sleeper. Ripley slams back to the mat to break it. Asuka kicks out at 2. Ripley with a short-arm clothesline, and another. Ripley ducks a swing but Asuka keeps fighting.

Ripley misses a big dropkick in the corner and she lands hard. Ripley goes to the floor but Asuka kicks her from the apron. Ripley catches another kick and slams Asuka from the apron into the edge of the barrier. Asuka goes down at ringside as Ripley takes a breather. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Asuka mounts Ripley in the middle of the ring with strikes. Asuka with a dropkick. Asuka charges but Ripley knocks her across the ring. Ripley unloads with strikes while she has her on the top turnbuckle. Ripley climbs up for a superplex but Asuka knocks her back to the mat. Asuka flies connects with the big missile dropkick. Both competitors are down now.

Asuka and Ripley trade strikes from their knees to their feet now. Asuka drops Ripley into a big knee strike. Asuka keeps control and clotheslines Ripley for a close 2 count. Asuka with a Hip Attack to the face for 2. They get up and trade holds. Ripley counters and hits the Northern Lights suplex for another close 2 count. Asuka with a spinning back-fist, then a big suplex across the ring to dump Ripley on her head. Asuka charges with the sliding kick for another close 2 count.

Asuka with a big kick to the chest and more stiff kicks as Ripley is on her knees. Ripley catches a kick and delivers knee strikes to the face. Ripley with a stiff forearm. Ripley catches a Hip Attack and blocks a roll-up. Asuka breaks out of the Prism Trap submission. Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock now but it’s blocked as they tangle in the middle of the ring some more, back & forth. Ripley catches Asuka with the Riptide in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

– After the match, Ripley stands tall as her music hits. Charlotte Flair attacks from out of nowhere and drops Ripley from behind as fans boo. Flair beats Ripley around the ring as the referee tries to restore order. Ripley tries to fight her off but Flair stays on her. Ripley unloads with strikes now as fans pop. Officials hit the ring to break it up, keeping Flair and Ripley apart. They keep fighting free and brawling with each other. Shawn Daivari, Adam Pearce, Shane Helms and other officials get Flair to the floor but she’s irate as she fights them off, going back at Ripley again. Flair is backed up the ramp but she tries to run back down as Ripley is held back in the ring, laughing. Flair has a busted nose and is bleeding now. Ripley taunts her. Flair seethes on the ramp and promises to kick Ripley’s ass on Sunday.

– We see MVP and WWE Champion Bobby Lashley backstage drinking champagne and dancing with Lashley’s Ladies. Kevin Patrick walks in and asks Lashley about Hell In a Cell. MVP yells at Patrick and ridicules him, then interrupts his apology, telling him to shut up for making it awkward. MVP goes on about Hell In a Cell and how Lashley is focused on the match, where Drew McIntyre will finally run out of chances. Lashley stands up and snatches the mic, and goes on about how he will rag-doll McIntyre in the Cell. Lashley tells everyone to remember that Drew asked for the beating he will get. Lashley brings up McIntyre’s earlier comparison to William Wallace. Lashley likes that comparison because Drew has committed a capital offense and on Sunday, Lashley will publicly execute Drew, then mount his head on a stick.

Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax

We go back to the ring and out comes Alexa Bliss with her dark entrance theme. She heads to the ring and bounces around on the middle rope. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see what happened between Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley. Bliss waits in the ring now as her match with Shayna Baszler is confirmed for Sunday. Out next comes Nia Jax.

The bell rings and Jax charges but Bliss kicks her legs a few times. Bliss jumps on the back of Jax but Jax ends up tossing her to the mat. Bliss does this bizarre crawl and gets back on the back of Jax. Jax gets free again in the corner. Jax charges with a big boot but misses. Bliss takes Jax down to one knee and delivers kicks to keep her down. Bliss with a right hand now. Jax shoves her away but Bliss keeps attacking with strikes. Jax comes back out of nowhere and runs over Bliss in the middle of the ring.

Jax rag-dolls Bliss some now and shakes her head. Jax with a running splash while Bliss is down in the corner. Jax with a scoop slam in the middle of the ring. Bliss kicks out at 2. Jax grounds Bliss with a submission in the middle of the ring now, rag-dolling her a bit. Bliss fights up and out but Jax runs over her with ease again. Jax goes for the leg drop but Bliss moves out of the way. Bliss sits right up and stares straight ahead. Bliss rocks Jax. Jax shoves her to the corner but hits the ring post as she charges and Bliss moves.

Bliss is on the second turnbuckle now. Reginald distracts her from the apron but this leads to Bliss countering and dropkicking Jax’s leg out. Bliss screams in Jax’s face and drops her with a DDT as Reginald watches from ringside.

Bliss goes back to the top turnbuckle now. Bliss leaps and hits Twisted Bliss. Bliss goes for the pin but Reginald runs in and pulls her off for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Alexa Bliss

– After the bell, Reginald pleads as Bliss stares him down and backs him towards the corner. Bliss stares at Reginald like a crazy woman. He looks to be in a trance now, controlled by Bliss. Jax recovers and Bliss exits the ring, breaking Reginald’s trance at the same time. Jax tells Reginald to snap out of it as he comes to. Bliss’ music starts back up as she stares on from the ramp, backing her way to the stage to exit.

– MVP approaches Kofi Kingston in the locker room. Kofi asks him what he wants. MVP wants to know if Kofi has thought more about what he said last week. MVP goes on about tonight’s loss to R-K-Bro and says KofiMania is gone and it’s never coming back. MVP tells Kofi to look to his left for the blame, and that’s where Xavier Woods stands. MVP goes on and says Kofi didn’t even get pinned tonight and he’s still a loser. Woods knocks MVP and Kofi tells him to keep it moving unless he wants to lose his teeth. Kofi keeps telling MVP how he feels and says he owes his success to support from his family and friends in WWE, and nothing will change that. MVP taunts Kofi one more time about not having a match at Hell In a Cell. MVP leaves and it looks like Kofi may be thinking about what he had to say.

Elias vs. Jaxson Ryker

We go back to the ring and out comes Elias for a rematch against his former tag team partner. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Jaxson Ryker to a ThunderDome pop. We get a pre-recorded promo from Ryker, who says it’s fine that Elias now wants to walk alone because it was Elias holding him back, not the other way around.

The bell rings and Elias immediately drops Ryker. Elias unloads with offense and beats Ryker against the ropes. Elias drops Ryker with a back elbow. Elias keeps control as Ryker tries to fight from the mat. Elias with a big chop in the corner now. Ryker explodes out of the corner with a big double axe handle.

Ryker beats Elias around the ring now. Ryker with a knee to the gut and some trash talking. Ryker with chops and punches in the corner again, going from corner to corner. Ryker unloads with more strikes as the referee warns him. Elias turns it around with a big boot and another chop. Elias charges but Ryker catches him with a Spinebuster. Ryker sends Elias over the top rope to the floor. Ryker follows and keeps the punishment going, ramming Elias spine-first into the ring post as the referee counts.

Ryker returns to the ring and Elias is about to make it back in at the 9 count but he’s changed his mind. Elias gets himself counted out as fans boo.

Winner by Count Out: Jaxson Ryker

– After the match, Ryker’s music hits as Elias backs up the ramp, clutching his ribs. Ryker looks on from the ring, telling Elias that this isn’t over.

– The announcers send us to a promo for Hell In a Cell.

Drew McIntyre vs. RAW Tag Team Champion AJ Styles

We go back to the ring and out first comes Drew McIntyre. He poses in the corner and gets pyro as RAW goes back to commercial.

Back from the break and the announcers go over the Hell In a Cell card. Drew is waiting in the ring for his opponent but out comes WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, MVP and Lashley’s Ladies instead. They have couches and a table set up on the stage with rope barriers. They take their seats and look on as Drew waits in the ring. Out next come the RAW Tag Team Champions – AJ Styles with Omos. Some of Lashley’s Ladies flirt with Omos until AJ tells him to come on.

AJ hits the ring and pyro goes off. The bell rings and they lock up. AJ goes to work on Drew’s arm but Drew quickly gets free. More back and forth now. Drew with a huge chop to drop AJ. Drew then delivers a huge back-drop to launch AJ into the air, then to the mat. Drew keeps control and drops AJ again, then stomps on him and talks some trash. AJ kicks Drew’s shoulder and rocks him with strikes. Drew back-slides AJ but it’s blocked. They tangle and Drew nails the Futureshock DDT in the middle of the ring.

Drew stands up instead of going for the pin. He turns and looks at MVP and Lashley. Omos takes advantage of the distraction and pulls AJ out of he ring. MVP and Lashley walk down to ringside now, yelling at Drew. The music interrupts and out come The Viking Raiders – Erik and Ivar. They march to the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Drew continues to dominate AJ. The Viking Raiders, MVP, Lashley and Omos are all at ringside now. Drew catches AJ with a big tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but AJ kicks out just in time. AJ looks to mount offense but Drew drops him with ease and keeps control. Drew works AJ against the ropes but AJ jabs him near the throat, then dumps him over the top rope. Drew lands hard on the floor and clutches his ribs.

AJ follows and sends Drew into the ring post. AJ returns to the ring and works Drew over while he’s on the apron. Drew tries to suplex Drew in from the apron but Drew resists. Drew blocks it again and then drops AJ over the top rope. Drew comes back in but runs into big boots in the corner. Drew goes right back down as MVP and Lashley look on smiling. AJ keeps Drew grounded now as fans start to rally for him.

Drew fights up and out but AJ grabs him and tries to get on his back. Drew tries to counter but AJ takes him down with a headlock in the middle of the ring. Drew breaks free with a jawbreaker. AJ comes back with a pele kick. Drew comes right back with a clothesline to turn AJ inside out. Drew gets up first and goes to work on AJ as The Vikings rally for him. Drew drops AJ on his head with a big suplex but AJ kicks out just in time. Drew shows some frustration now. Drew scoops AJ for a big Michinoku Driver but AJ still kicks out. Drew is frustrated as MVP and Lashley pace at ringside.

Drew takes AJ to the top but AJ fights back. Drew climbs up for a superplex but AJ slides out, sending Drew face-first into the turnbuckles. AJ with the neckbreaker over his knee for another close 2 count. Drew blocks a Styles Clash and sends AJ over the top rope to the floor. Drew follows and rolls AJ back in.

Lashley approaches as Drew is climbing back into the ring but Drew turns back and rocks him with a jab, then sends him into the barrier to take the WWE Champion out. MVP stays back with his cane in hand. Drew returns to the ring and hits a big flying clothesline from the top to AJ. Drew kips up but Lashley enters the ring and levels him for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Drew McIntyre

– After the bell, The Viking Raiders also hit the ring to stand by. Drew sends Lashley to the floor, then follows for a big belly-to-belly suplex on the floor. Fans chant for Drew as Lashley crawls away at ringside. We go to commercial.

The Viking Raiders and Drew McIntyre vs. WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, RAW Tag Team Champions AJ Styles and Omos

Back from the break and a six-man match has been made. RAW Tag Team Champion AJ Styles and Ivar go at it. Erik joins in and drops AJ off the double team. WWE Champion Bobby Lashley has returned backstage to get his in-ring gear on. Erik and Ivar take turns on dominating AJ but he kicks out after Erik slams Ivar on top of him. Lashley runs down in his gear and takes out Drew McIntyre at ringside.

A fired up Lashley tags in and unloads on Erik in the corner now. Lashley dominates Erik with ease for a 2 count. AJ tags back in and takes over on Erik in the corner. RAW Tag Team Champion Omos tags in now, driving a big knee to Erik’s ribs. Lashley tags right back in but Erik fights him off. Erik drops Lashley for an opening. Lashley stops the tag by dropping Erik on his face as MVP barks at ringside.

Lashley knocks Drew off the apron again for boos. Ivar tags in to a big pop. He unloads on Lashley, driving him down and delivering a splash on the mat. Lashley counters but Ivar flips around him twice. Ivar and Lashley tangle some more but Lashley drives him into the mat for a 2 count as Erik breaks it up with a knee. AJ rocks Erik and sends him out. Drew comes in but Lashley launches him. Ivar with a big boot to Lashley. Omos steps over the top rope and Ivar attacks. Ivar ducks a clothesline but Omos knocks him off his feet with ease. Omos stands tall and beats his chest as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Lashley is working over Ivar in the corner. Lashley beats him down and stomps as the referee warns him. Ivar kicks out of another pin attempt. Lashley grounds Ivar with a headlock now. Lashley keeps Ivar down and walks over to flex at Drew. Ivar fights back but Lashley takes him down with ease. Lashley with elbows to Ivar in the corner now. Lashley laughs as the referee backs him off.

Omos tags back in and charges with a big back splash to Ivar in the corner. AJ tags back in and takes Ivar down for a headlock, grounding him in the middle of the ring. Ivar fights up and out. AJ stuns him with a pele kick. Ivar keeps fighting and finally levels AJ. Drew and Erik reach for a tag now. Drew tags in, as does Omos. Drew and Omos stare each other down in the middle of the ring. Drew isn’t backing down. Drew swings but Omos grabs him by the throat and brings him down, using one hand.

Drew kicks Omos’ knee but it does nothing. Drew keeps kicking the knee, then rocks Omos several times into the corner. Omos shoves him off. AJ tags in and springboards but Drew moves out of the way. Drew tosses AJ with two big belly-to-belly throws, then a third. Omos and Lashley drop Drew from the apron. Erik and Ivar run over at ringside but Omos attacks back. Omos sends Ivar over the barrier. Erik rocks Omos with a forearm but Omos tosses Erik into the timekeeper’s area with ease.

AJ tags Lashley in but Graves doesn’t think he meant to as he was stumbling into the corner. Lashley comes in off the tag but he looks back at AJ surprised and confused. Graves believes AJ meant to tag in Omos. Lashley turns back around to a big Claymore kick from McIntyre. Drew covers for the pin to win.

Winners: Drew McIntyre and The Viking Raiders

– After the match, Drew stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays. Drew poses in the corner and looks down at Lashley as he recovers at ringside with MVP. McIntyre yells at Lashley about how he can’t wait to see him in Hell on Sunday. The final RAW before WWE Hell In a Cell goes off the air with McIntyre standing tall in the ring.

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