Dark Side of the Ring season three to resume in September

Jun 13, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo

The popular Dark Side of the Ring series on Vice will be taking a break until September when it returns with the second half of season three.

The first seven episodes of the first half of the current season saw the show tackling subjects of Brian Pillman (double episode), Nick Gage, Collision in Korea, The Ultimate Warrior, Grizzly Smith and his family, and The Dynamite Kid.

Due to the closure of Showbuzzdaily.com, ratings for these episodes are not all documented apart from the Pillman, Gage, and Smith family episodes which did 272,000, 163,000, and 243,000 viewers respectively.

There are seven other episodes remaining when the show resumes in September featuring Johnny K9 aka Bruiser Bedlam, the WWE steroid trials, Chris Kanyon, FMW, XPW, Luna Vachon, and the WWE plane ride from hell.

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