Impact Report 6/10/21

Jun 10, 2021 - by Scott Porter

SUMMIT EDITION.. Tony Khan, Scott D’Amore, Don Callis.  This is the Go Home Show for Against All Odds

The show begins with a bang.  Scott D’Amore and Tony Khan are in the ring.  Don Callis comes out and Tony Khan, (playing the heel) helps Callis in the ring.  Callis starts bragging about all the World Championships Kenny Omega has in his possession.  He mentions that Sami Callihan is blacklisted in every promotion.  D’Amore mentions that The Good Brothers have attacked him twice, costing him a match against the “other contender”.. Moose.  Callis and Khan agree that Moose and Kenny Omega should fight alone.  In his opinion, this would be the best match.  D’Amore whispers in Khan’s ear.  Khan and D’Amore agree it should be a one on one match between Omega and Moose.  Khan mentions Daly’s Place is the top wrestling venue in the world and Callihan will not be there.  The match will be there on Saturday!  Sami will be at the Impact Zone, not Daly’s Place.   Callis says this is fantastic.  D’Amore says the winner will defend the world title against Sami Callihan at Slammiversary.  Callis is livid and exits.

Omega, Callis and The Good Brothers regroup in the back.  Callis says they need to put a hit on Sami.  D’Amore overhears this.  He  says you want Callihan so bad, Callihan will be in the Impact Zone on Saturday.  The Good Brothers will face Sami and a partner of his choice in a Street Fight.  This Saturdays PPV is shaping up nicely.

Up next, we get a vignette for Brian Myers.  He is teaching some rookie about promos.  He instructs his protege, Sam Field (I think that is his name) to cut a promo on a fictional on Matt Cardona. Sam talks about how hot Matt’s girlfriend is and how good of a wrestler he is.  Brian loses it and walks off.

Sami is apparently not happy he has to have a partner.  Nobody likes or trusts him.  D’Amore is listening when Tommy Dreamer walks up and offers his hand as partnership.  Sami says what the hell.  Sami then tells him he will beat his ass if he screws up.   D’Amore warns Tommy not to cross the EVP Don Callis.  Tommy says he is my enemy.

Match 1.  Rosemary (without Decay) VS Havok

The winner of this match will be in the Knockouts Championship Match this Saturday.

Rosemary hits two spears in the first few seconds and gets a quick two count.  Havok recovers and hits a suplex.  Havok then smothers Rosemary in the corner with repeated knee strikes, as we go to break.

Back from break, Havok is in control.   Rosemary fights off the attack and hits two consecutive spears and gets the win.

Winner.. Rosemary

Post match Impact Knockouts World Champion, Deonna Purrazzo, Susan, Kimber Lee and Fire and Flava (Knockouts Tag Champs) attack both Havok and Rosemary.

Havok and Rosemary then regain momentum and take out everyone.  Kiera Hogan is the last to feel the pain with a double clothesline.  Havok and Rosemary seem to be becoming a team again.

Josh Alexander, looking completely battered with black eyes, says he feels great in a interview segment backstage.  He says he will be ready for the Ironman Match this weekend.  Ace Austin comes out and says he will be the winner.

Match 2.  Trey Miquel and Petey Williams VS Chris Bey and Rohit Raju

Petey and Rohit start off.  Rohit takes a leg sweep and lands on the 2nd rope.  Petey then locks on the Sharp Shooter.  Rohit gets to the ropes.  Trey tags in and takes control.  Bey tags in and Trey has him tied up in the corner.  Petey tags in and they double team the solar plex of Bey.  He struggles to his corner and tags Rohit.  Rohit backdrops Petey to the apron and Bey jumps him from behind.  Petey gets tossed back in and takes a facebuster suplex.

Bey tags in and hits a suplex for a two count.  Rohit and Bey trade tags for a few mins and stay in control until Trey tags in.  He locks on a standing leg lock on Rohit while suplexing Bey.  Cool Stuff.

Trey hits a German on Rohit.  Petey enters and leg sweeps Bey.  He then misses a Destroyer.  Rohit hits a vicious knee strike.  Trey hits a code breaker and locks on a figure four leglock with an arm bar.. wow.  Rohit taps.

Winners Trey and Petey Williams.

Ace and Madman Fulton attack the winners post match.  Josh Alexander runs in to make the save, but is overpowered.  Then Bey and Rohit attack Fulton and Ace.  Petey and Trey join the fight.  They set up Fulton for a top rope Ultimate Canadian Destroyer.   WOW.. Excellent.  Youtube that if you can.  Very crazy.

Willie Mack and Rich Swann are interviewed backstage about W. Morrissey.

Back with another episode of All About Me.. with Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K.  Todays guest host is Rachel Ellering.  Jordynne Grace enters.  Kaleb and Tenille don’t want Jordynne there.  They try to give Ellering a Tenille Dashwood.  Rachel asks Tenille why are we here?  Dashwood disrespects Grace again.  Ellering has had enough and challenges Dashwood for a match.  Grace says it is her that will face Dashwood at Against All Odds.  This segment was not great.

Violent By Design has a vignette.  They talk about Deaner stepping up with Rhino to defend the tag belts at Against All Odds.  Joe Doering will face Kojima.

Match 3.  Joe Doering (with VBD) VS Eddie Edwards

Those who don’t know who Doering is, he is a modern day Stan Hansen.  A cowboy, who spent most of his career in All Japan.  He is a former All Japan Triple Crown World Champion.

He starts off manhandling Edwards.  Joe is methodical and plodding.  He uses power move sets and joint submission holds on Eddie.  He gets a few two counts.  Eddie can’t muster enough to even throw a punch.  Doering goes for a suplex, but Eddie reverses it out of nowhere.  He is still shaken.  Rhino tries to interfere to no avail.  Deaner does though, and the ref DQ’s Doering.

Winner by DQ, Eddie Edwards

Kojima makes the save.  The ring clears except Doering and Kojima.  Kojima hits a clothesline and Doering flips over the top rope.  The two have to be separated.  Doering is furious.  He had the match in hand.  He is being build as a monster.  The grudge match on Saturday between he and Kojima should be fantastic.

A Moose vignette airs.  He says at Against All Odds he will accomplish the only thing he hasn’t done in Impact Wrestling, win the Impact World Championship.

Main Event.  W.  Morrissey VS Willie Mack.  NO DQ.

Willie pleaded with Swann prior to the match not to be with him at ring side.  He wants to do this on his own.  Morrissey has been a thorn in both their sides.

Mack and Morrissey trade clotheslines and punches right off the bat.  This match will be a straight brawl.  Morrissey lays out Mack with another clothesline as we go to break.

Back from break, this NO DQ match continues.  Willie and W are on the outside.  Mack ducks a diving Morrissey and W lands on the stairs hard.  Mack gets a chain and works over W’s face.  He follows up with a chair next.  Morrissey ducks a second attack with the chair, and runs back in the ring.  Mack splashes Morrissey in the corner.  He then hits a senton.  Morrissey hits a big boot out of the corner.  He is in bad shape, but starts laying in the boots.  He then goes and grabs a chair.  He levels Mack, who is on all fours.  He hits him again with a bent chair.  Then W uses the chair to choke Mack.  W then grabs the chain and wraps it around Willie’s eyes and pulls from behind.

He then drapes Mack over the apron and pulls the chain down on his noes… Morrissey lays Mack on the top rope and clubs his back.  He grabs a chair and just lays him out with several shots.  Josh Matthews and D’Lo are selling hard that W has no mercy in his soul.

Mack crumbles and Morrisey goes for a splash.  Mack rolls out of the way and hits a slam, but he is hurt.  He hits a standing Moonsault, for a quick 2 count.  Mack grabs a chair and hits W with it.  He then hits it across the back again.  Mack heads to the top rope, he misses a splash and lands on the chair.  Morrissey misses a leg drop.  Mack grabs a chair, but W boots it in his face and gets the pin.

Winner.  W Morrissey

Morrissey stands over Mack with a look of disgust.  He drapes Mack in the corner.  He places the chair on him.  Swann runs in and kicks W several times, first from behind.  Security enters to try and break up the fight.

Morrissey threw the security to the side and levels Swann.  Swann grabs a chair and hits W as he had his back turned to leave the ring.  Both are livid.  This will set up the fight Saturday night.



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