Blair Onyx

Jun 7, 2021 - by Allen Rockum

Real Name:
Height: 5’6″
Date of Birth:
Hometown: Kirov, Russia
Resides: Chicago, Illinois
Pro Debut: October 27, 2018
Trained By: Black and Brave Wrestling
Finishing Move: Spider Lock


– Blair is nicknamed The Russian Spider & The Arachnoid.
– October 27, 2018, Blair would make her in-ring debut by teaming with Paloma Starr, Vega Venum & Big Mama as they defeated Charlie Kruel, Desy Des Lattimore, Nikki Victory & Livi La Vida Loca at BCW We’Re Taking Over! She would also compete in a Battle Royal at the event as well.
– November 17th, Blair lost to Paloma Starr at PGP Emergency Response VI.
– January 19, 2019, Blair competed against Laynie Luck for the vacant ZOWA Women’s Title.
– February 16th, Blair lost to Valentina Loca at the WPW Fox Hills Classic.
– March 16th, Blair lost to Elayna Black at BCW I Just Whooped Your Ass!
– March 29th, Blair lost to Stacy Shadows at WPW Break it Down!
– March 30th, Blair & Rockin Rivera lost to The Yacht Club (Brooke Valentine & Lil N8) at RUGGEDpro Oh, You Thought it Was Over?
– April 20th, Blair defeated Kara Noia at PWB This Means War ’19.
– May 17th, Blair & Savanna Stone defeated Heather Reckless & Miranda Rites at CSW We Are Chicago.
– May 18th, Blair defeated Heather Reckless at ZOWA Prophetstown.
– June 20th, Blair lost to Elayna Black at Zelo Pro White Castle Wrestling Thursdays 1.
– July 11th, Blair lost to Vanessa Azure in the quarter-finals of the ZOWA Zen of Women’s Athletics Tournament.
– July 12th, Blair lost to Marti Belle at the 3XW 14th Anniversary Show.
– July 17th, Blair lost to Tootie Lynn Ramsey at PGP Monsters of Mayhem.
– July 20th, Blair won a 3-Way Elimination at CSW All Day.
– July 21st, Blair defeated Elayna Black at the BCW Green County Fair.
– July 27th, Blair lost to Seishin at Showtime Rise or Fall ’19.
– August 3rd, Blair lost to Valentina Loca at CEW Countdown to MancountryMania.
– August 4th, Blair competed against Stacy Shadows for the vacant WPW Women’s Title.
– August 17th, Blair challenged Missa Kate for the CSW Women’s Title.
– August 23rd, Blair lost to Izzy B at SCWPro Hot Hot Hot.
– August 24th, Blair lost to Izzy B at the SCWPro – Show 1 & she lost to Heather Reckless at Show 2.
– August 29th, Blair challenged Laynie Luck for the Zelo Pro Women’s Title.
– September 2nd, Blair lost by DQ to Seishin at PGP GrappleMania IV.
– September 6th, Blair & Elayna Black lost to Izzy B & Heather Reckless at SCWPro Final Countdown.
– September 7th, Blair lost to Izzy B at SCWPro Hawkamania XI.
– September 12th, Blair defeated Zoe Sager at WPW Don’t be a Menace.
– September 13th, Blair lost to Elayna Black at MAW The Man Who Pays the Piper.
– September 14th, Blair competed in the Showtime Lake Hallie Rumble.
– September 20th, Blair competed in a 6-Way Scramble at Freelance I Want to Believe.
– September 28th, Blair & Valentina Loca lost to Izzy B & Heather Reckless at SCWPro Aftermath.
– October 4th, BlairWolf (Blair & Air Wolf) lost to Jah-C & Kenny Alfonso at Showtime Wrecked.
– October 25th, Blair competed in the Freelance Halloween Rumble.
– November 1st, Blair competed in a 4-Way at Early to RISE 2.
– November 8th, Blair lost to Seishin at Iron Spirit Pro Volume 7.
– November 9th, Blair lost to Laynie Luck at ZOWA The Ultimate Ultimate.
– November 15th, Blair defeated Shane Black at MAW The Rules of the Game.
– November 29th, Blair competed in the CWE Rumble to Remember ’19.
– December 12th, Blair defeated Sloan at WPW Pain Actually.
– December 14th, Blair lost to Heather Reckless at SCWPro Season’s Beatings.
– January 17, 2020, Blair defeated Izzy B at SCWPro Prestige.
– January 18th, Blair competed in the Greatest BLP Rumble.
– January 24th, Blair competed in a 5-Way at. SCWPro Genesis.
– February 1st, Blair competed in a 6-Way Elimination for the vacant KSMH Viking or Valkyrie Intergender Title.
– February 6th, Blair lost to Kenzie Page at IWA Mid-South Heartbreak ’20.
– February 8th, Blair lost to Heather Reckless at SCWPro Heartbreak ’20.
– February 15th, Blair defeated Heather Reckless at the WPW Fox Hills Classic 3.
– February 16th, Blair competed in a 4-Way for the vacant HOW Women’s Title.
– February 28th, Blair Blair lost to Skye Blue at FW Sky’s the Limit.
– February 29th, Blair lost to Heather Reckless at SCWPro Leap of Faith.
– March 1st, Blair lost to Kylie Rae at the Glory Pro 3rd Anniversary Show.
– March 7th, Blair challenged Hayley Shadows for the EMERGE Women’s Title.
– September 17th, Blair & Elayna Black defeated Laynie Luck & Missa Kate at Zelo Pro Wretling on Weed Street.
– September 19th, Blair defeated Valentina Loca at the SCWPro Epic Anniversary.
– October 10th, The Sisters of Destruction (Blair & Elayna Black) defeated Hyan & Laynie Luck at Glory Pro Are Ya Wrestling, Son?
– October 17th, Blair competed in a Rumble for the vacant Girl Fight Title.
– December 11th, Blair lost to Raychell Rose at MPW Run it Back.
– February 20, 2021, Blair defeated Su Yung at WrestleMax STL Episode I.
– March 27th, Blair lost to Devon Monroe in a No Ring No Rules match at Timebomb Here to Stay.
– April 3rd, Blair lost to Brooke Valentine at WrestleMax STL Episode II.
– April 25th, Blair won a 4-Way at F1RST Wrestling – Show 1, she would lose to Billie Starkz on Show 2.
– May 1st, Blair competed in a 3-Way at Zelo Pro Wrestlefest.

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